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Sunday, May 7, 2017





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Dear ones, I recently asked a question here and I felt in peace, in light. My gratitude is immense. Today, if possible I would like to know about my maternal grandmother. She is physically very weak, her age is very advanced too, almost 92 years. We do not know exactly what she has. But what really leaves us, (grandchildren and children) without being able to help, is that she is very depressive, with that she has no other subject than contemptuous talk about herself and her body, where she says every day she wants die. How can we help you? Great gratitude, beloved!


Dear daughter of light and love. I am Hilarion and I bring you, the light of healing and truth, I bring to expose the causes of physical suffering, and thus enable you to proceed with the help you desire. My daughter, when she is present with her beloved grandmother, bring her subjects and memories of a happy time. Ask her, reminisce about the days of joy she spent in life, a life that has been filled with many challenges and learning. Explain to her that she would like to know what she thinks about something that happens in her life, preferably in matters related to family relationships. She has much to bring about this subject, and this conversation will bring to mind some facts that have remained in the past, and which are the root of the present suffering. That way my daughter, throughout the conversation with her beloved grandmother, proceed radiating the green flame mentally, and request my presence, the presence of Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, and we will be with you to bring healing to your grandmother. Without the exposure of memories and feelings tied to the present suffering, it would not be possible to reach the goal of healing. But in this way, daughter, realize that it depends on your help so that she begins to see life with other eyes, and thus free herself from some restrictions that bind her to matter. This will serve your experience, to realize the power that love has in your hands, promoting the healing and transformation of suffering into joy, health and peace. We will be with you, beloved daughter.




Hello, my beloved. Without further ado, I come in the name of the Light, ask for clarity and understanding of what is happening in my life. As I know that it will not be possible to go into detail for now, what I would like most is to ask for an explanation with possible details. There is a spiritual entity that I will call M, who has been looking for me for months, claiming to be the "M" that I thought I was. And the entity I will call O, who told me to be the "O". There was surgery (what they wanted with the surgery?) With both of them and others of the team, and then they drove me almost crazy, and during this time I was hospitalized, they talked things and stories ... There were interesting episodes in the hospital . I think they were witches, right? Why did they want to drive me crazy? Was it revenge for my mother? If I'm not mistaken, they would say I was dangerous. Because? And there is a C entity that I believe is important for me to become aware of. I realize that she was with me longer than M and O. Who would it be? And why are they with me? Why did I attract you? Another question that to some extent has something to do with Team X above. Since I am willing to work with sexuality, I have a feeling that if I start working with the liberation of the repression of sexuality, Team X can approach these delicate moments. And I do not like this. Is there anything I need to know? How can I deal with the difficulties of sexuality and, at the same time, not open gaps for these entities? It is out of love that I come here to ask clarity, to deal better and to work, to free myself. Thank you, my Masters! With love.


Beloved daughter. You have been involved in situations where you have established connections, with those you want to free yourself from today. It so happens that only release without changing the tune of your thinking will not cause that connection to be interrupted. Proceed by changing your interior, observing yourself and purifying your restraints, changing behaviors that will no longer add growth to your walk, and we know that you have very clearly what points are to be released in your behavior. In this way, like the law of attraction, you will attract nearer beings of light dimensions, which will resonate with your energy, which would be impossible to do if you did not vibrate in lighter energy. Seek to be observant, and if you are willing to break with that self that still presents the restrictions, in the form of behaviors and thoughts, these can be cleaned and transmuted. Their only quest, by the hour, is for their self-transformation. Stay in peace daughter.

I am Pórtia



Beloved Masters, grateful for availability and how blessed I am for this opportunity. Dear Masters, I am completely without axis, and I do not know in what moment of life I lost the way, and I lost my mission. I am that lost sheep, the hope that the beloved Master Jesus will rescue me, I have faith. Dear ones, I feel in a body that does not belong to me, because I do not recognize it, in a house that is not mine, I feel an immense longing for a home that I simply do not know where it is, homesickness of a house that I do not have today, , But that brings me sweet feelings. I can not fit into this life, even though I'm fully aware of the need for it, I can not develop my work, my relationships, my family that I love, it's strange for me. This feeling of homesickness haunts me for years, and it's like being in the wrong place, with wrong people, in the wrong body, in the wrong life. I need help finding me, but I look for myself and find nothing, only empty. I love my children, but my husband suffocates me horribly, his energy knocks me down, but I depend on him financially. What to do? I can not walk, I can not change things, fear paralyzes me and sadness and anger consume me. How to get rid of the fear that will not let me go? And the people who suck my energy? My great gratitude, beloved Mother, Lord God and most beloved Jesus.


Hail, daughter of the light. It's time to tell the truth to her daughter. It's time to show you something, and Exu Wind is here to show you what life is made of. Life is made of the law of attraction, where we attract all that we radiate. And the daughter has stopped to think what attracts to you with this lot of complaint? Because it's a daughter, it attracts energy that does not contribute much to its growth and then we have to run to help you. Do you understand that, daughter? Now answer one thing. Why do you think you're trapped in life? I answer you. Because life is asking to be free, but the freedom we say here, daughter, is not of people, of situations. But you need to free yourself from the mind, from this process of complaining and looking at life from what is not good. Have you noticed that nothing is good? But if it is not good is because it is blocking this with judgment look, to impose the guilt of what happens to you often, in people who loves you. You must free yourself from this process, and Exu Ventania is here today to tell you this. To tell you that liberation occurs from the inside out, and that it is no use changing situations if our inner energy does not change. Daughter, I speak firmly, so I'll be direct. Either he anchors compassion for everyone, or he will not break free from that process. It is you who bind yourself and bind life, so it does not develop. When we have sincere love in our hearts, we become softer, and then we look at each with compassion. In this, life loosens and changes. Are you sure, daughter? It is you who needs to change and not the experiences around you. As you change, the energies you attract to your life will change, and then everything will become softer. And before you criticize everything, look first at yourself and take care of your inner cleansing. We, with the strength of the exu, and the old black brothers, will be protecting you, but will need to contribute with us. Stay in peace daughter.

Exu Wind



Good Morning brothers! Thank you for the opportunity to be here. The doubts about the walk are so many that I did not even know which question to ask, relationship with the mother, sexuality, daughter, city change, business. But let's go the last two. I live in a small town that I do not like and I have a business here, for food. They know the seriousness and the respect that we have with the customer, we are recognized as the best food in the city, but even so we still do not take off, we do not see the money. I think that if I moved to a bigger place, it would be better for everyone, including my teenage daughter, but I do not want to run away again, start something and not finish, even if I were against my will, case. Masters, before you tell me to listen to my heart, you see, that's what I try to do most of the time, but lately I only have doubts about which way to go, and it seems that nothing else gives me pleasure, it's strange. Thank you for the affection, for the support of always, because I am sure that they are always with me. Thank you for the stars. Doubts on the way.


Greetings daughter. May the Christ light shine on you. They go through a delicate moment collectively. And the problem you face is not yours, but collective. Do not think that when you leave this place you will find it easier, because this is the situation you are experiencing. You go through a time where the collective is being cleaned in this country and it affects everyone. The difficulties he faces are no different from those of his brothers. Now I'd like to tell you something else. Experience a moment of deep doubts and uncertainties. This is a fact. But how about trusting and allowing everything to flow? You have already thought that the lesson that needs to be anchored is to be in this medium in confidence that the best will happen, and that what you experience is only a phase. Liberation is mental, not material. You are freeing yourself from the certainty of life, and when you anchor this lesson you will open the doors for the new to manifest. All that lives is a preparation so that it is willing to walk, what will happen at the right time, without anxiety, without having to pass the front of life. Continue with faith, but observe the signs, and to observe them you must be in trust, and with a clear mind. Although in the midst of countless situations, stay within the larger reality, that the signs will lead to the best to all involved. Be in peace.

I am Maitreya



My question is about the suffering of the Negroes of our ancestors. Why so much injustice, slavery, differential treatment, racism, cruelty just because of the tone of the skin? Today this has already improved and much, much more has not been extinguished. In Africa there is much suffering, hunger, plague, sadness, scarcity of everything. Beloved, why? Because it is a people so marked by pain and suffering?


Hail, daughter, save the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ who in his suffering gave the example of love. Does the daughter think that the blacks suffered? But what about the Jews, the Palestinians, the European peoples of the past? Every people has its history, daughter. Each people has its history of suffering to free itself from material life and fulfill its purpose of elevation. The big problem, daughter, is not to look and see the suffering. Because when we were in the senzala, how many of the negroes, who anchored the necessary lesson, and of their suffering obtained their liberation? Many of the masters of the slaves, the foremen, failed to achieve this liberation, and were trapped in the karmic wheel of suffering and reincarnation. So instead of the daughter looking at the suffering, look at the opportunity of redemption that is offered to this people, who from their pain frees themselves from all that holds them, to shine in the light. Today's suffering, daughter, is often the freedom of tomorrow, because that's life. In the time of mother slavery, daughter, this father here, who speaks to you, saw life as such, as an opportunity for redemption, and then passed through the door of light into eternal life, becoming a master of humility. Then he had no suffering, but liberation. And the father here is grateful for all that has gone on, and for the people who have helped in the path of suffering, because without it, the father would be like that, wondering why the suffering, instead of looking at the light that shines today your eyes. Hail, daughter, save the light of faith and strength.

Father Benedito from Angola



First of all I would like to thank the brothers who are willing to be channels. To the Masters for this wonderful work. And ask forgiveness for the often obvious questions. Thank you for your patience and love in dealing with each issue, and relieving us both with the answers and with the care that I know you have in each job. The relief of sensations. Thank you very much for helping to remember the love, care and providence that always works for the greater good. My questions are a few. First, in relation to my purpose here, I always drew and loved the arts, it is something that gives me immense pleasure, but I had some reprimands for drawing, and that gave no future, nevertheless I insisted and I graduated, but I never could act of one I was a professional, I mean, I even left it aside when I finished and I could not continue to improve myself, and my mother needed me, I went to help her, but I always felt very much, even leaving aside, because I Suddenly it was not to do any of this. Another thing, it was about being a veterinarian, now I'm doing this course, but I've always seen something like joining the holistic view to physical science, I love animals, and I care about their well-being, but this course seems to focus more on misfortunes That may occur and are occurring than in well being. How much microorganisms can be harmful. I do not know how I can do it and live holistically with it. And going back to art, I did not do it, but the art has come, is it for me to be an artist or a veterinarian or to put it together? The people around here say that I am very human, and sometimes I wonder if I will handle it, because I feel my hands tied sometimes, especially in the matter of having to sacrifice, I am still studying, but I do not like it very much. But if you create so many questions to ask, but for me life happens and I'm not the one to decide on this, to abbreviate or not. Before I was seen as insensitive because the suffering did not really affect me, I was indifferent and so much fighting for it, because I was so insensitive now I'm too "sensitive". I got tired, I saw that regardless of what I do, I will bother anyway, because for them my view of life is distorted and very radical. For me, there is not much problem, but my purpose is to follow with art and veterinary in a holistic way? The other issue is that I dream I have a child. I've tried it once and it was not possible, and the doctor said that if I have it it will be born "crazy" for my "problem" home, but the truth is that I'm without anyone either, or partner I have. I think I'm going to be without a partner, but how will I have a child? And I feel that it comes in this expression of reality itself.In this body.But I can be wrong and be a memory of another life knows there.And I know that Of course, but those were the questions about my purpose, and if you are a part of it, as well as being a holistic veterinary artist, being a mother.It would be the greatest of all miracles for me.Because for me to give birth is one of the most But it's okay if it's not for me, I do not even relate, I've always seen it as something sacred, maybe that's why I do not stop in any relationship, I do not want to get in touch with each other, maybe people are right and I take certain Things too seriously and others do not. Of the rest, now I'm tired of all these questions, and I just want to follow. Even though it is seen as strange and radical. Well that's it, thank you from the bottom of the soul, I admire you a lot, sometimes I want to work, but I can not choose just one energy, ray or conscience, I love you all and I'll call everybody. One for each moment and sometimes even combine, and I thank you for patience, love and care, and this inspires me a lot, that I can live that daily example that you give.


Daughter. I am Lanto, and I come to radiate balance in you. Before anything in your daughter's life, notice how silencing the mind and listening to your heart leads you to situations and experiences that give you deep satisfaction and joy. How many times have you gone through situations where you are not aligned with the ideas of others around you, but still, when you follow your heart, you are bringing joy to yourself, you feel it. Everything that starts, all the sensations and intuitions in relation to the activities in which it is involved, are correct. What causes it to fail to give continuity is just the imbalance. In you daughter, the imbalance is caused only by allowing the energies of the people in your return to interfere in your walk, listening to the opinions of others, guiding your life in the doubt of following in the right or wrong way, considering what others Think they are right or wrong, but not what your heart says. Just stay in balance, focus on your truth. Silence. Do not you need the approval of others, and if not, what is the need to share your ideas with those who are not aligned with your purpose? Refrain from taking your subjects, your ideas, the people who do not share the feeling that comes from your heart. There is no need to bring to the notice of everyone what you think and plan for yourself. There is only the need to be silent, to remain in balance within your own energy, and thus to allow all your gifts to flow, will open your vision so that the road will form before your eyes. That road that will lead to full happiness.


Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - March 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.