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Monday, May 8, 2017

Out of charity there is no salvation - Taurus full moon - Cosmic Christ

Dear children.

The unity and oneness of the physical body coupled with physical experience, with the external environment, is not what one thinks or imagines. There is no separation when they are represented in their physical bodies.

I am here talking to your Higher Selves, which are manifested in matter in the form of the physical body, which are dwelling at that moment, but only as an arm of a much greater force than is your I Am.

When I was among you as Jesus, I was the representation of Christlike love, which I radiated all over the planet, working in my restraints, in my mind, silencing the ego to the detriment of the connection with the I Am.

I have been connected to various forms of energy, in various media, where people were feeding their own ego, and where I sometimes let myself be carried with the waves of the ego, and which you also allow yourself to carry so many times during Experience.

You, children, are simple representations, little symbols manifested in the experience of matter, but which are only pieces of your I Am. The abundant energy of love, of healing, of light, is all the time being channeled to you, and this is what sustains your own lives, the health of the physical body, the well-being.

It happens, dear children, that you, for many ages, through so many incarnations in which you have deeply experienced the ego and its manifestations, named after the seven deadly sins, have obstructed the channeling points of this energy. The abundant energy of the Divine, the Christ energy. The Christ that is contained in you, has so often been prevented from manifesting, for you have allowed your lives to be directed by the ego.

You are here manifested as physical bodies, which serve as channels of transmission of the light of the Higher Self of each of you, and which, in connection with the Christ energy, would spread that light on the planet, just as it occurs in the celebrations of the Full Moon of Bull.

Realize, dear children, that the emanation of Christ energy on this full moon will promote the possibility of breaking the "knots," those points that have become obstructed in their physical bodies, and which prevent the emanation of Christ energy.

In this period you will be provoked, you will feel pains, physical discomforts, symptoms of illnesses to manifest themselves, precisely so that you are led to observe what prevents you from letting flow from that point the Christ energy, which flows through your bodies so intensely and causes These sensations.

The Christic light, which runs through their physical bodies as channels of this energy, must come out. And only the physical body is the appropriate instrument for emanating this energy between you, forming a grandiose network of planetary connection, which unites each one forming a new energetic mesh, which is the crystal mesh.

The aquarium age is upon us, let the energies flow within you and let them be released in every pore, through all the cells of your bodies, to bathe all mankind.

Out of charity there is no salvation. You have kept with much love this phrase spoken by me while in the skin of Jesus, but that was misunderstood, since it was said not by the personality Jesus, but by me The Cosmic Christ.

This phrase means something much deeper, and it is not limited to religious understanding, but rather indicates to you that you have come to this planet. It indicates what happens physically with their bodies and the purpose of their existence.

The emanation of the energy of your Higher Self, through the cells of the physical body to the outer, is what they call charity. And you emanate that energy every time you do not block it by the ego.

Realize, children, that every time you look with love, every time you give yourself in charity, you allow the flow of that energy, and therefore the total balance of your physical bodies, which are working and being stimulated by the flow of Energies that allow its perfect energetic functioning.

All the functions of the physical body remain in perfect harmony if the energy of the I Am is allowed, and not contained by the ego within yourself.

Realize that the uncomfortable physical sensations, the fact that you remain in some environments and feel uncomfortable, feeling the desire to leave these places, is precisely your Higher Self showing you the points to be overcome. Meditate and observe how you block the flow of Divine energy through you into these places. You close yourself in ego, in fear, and you do not allow the natural flow of your energy of self, for you forget that you are merely material representations of the Higher Self. And the function of this physical body is only this emanation of energy.

Realize the exercise that charity promotes in your lives, teach you to work with the emanation of the energy of love, forgiveness, light. They allow you to gradually learn what it is like to work with this energy, which comes to you all the time in abundance, but is caught within you, and causes blocking points, which ultimately creates illnesses in the physical body, pains and Even tumors.

Realize, dear brethren, that Jesus, the body in which I was manifested, was here to show you this. But that was not understood at the time. Which does not stop them from understanding now.

Allow energy to flow naturally from the Higher Self and out through the cells of your bodies through charity.

Is charity the only form of salvation? Yes, my brethren, precisely because that is the purpose of each one of you to be here. The natural flow of the energy of the I Am through their bodies and allowing it to go out to help their brothers, is precisely the release of the points that the ego has closed, and which have caused their restraints, traumas, fears, illnesses.

The nature of the physical body is the natural flow of energy, realize that in this way salvation will come. The salvation I say, children, is precisely the understanding of this teaching, to allow the flow of the I AM energy, which frees them from the energetic matrix of suffering, from the ego, and from the seven deadly sins manifested.

Through charity there is salvation. Through the natural flow of the energy of the Higher Self through the cells of their bodies, to unite them all in a new planetary mesh, the crystal mesh, the crystal energy web.

In this Full Moon of Taurus, allow this flow to take place, so you will have the opportunity to unlock all the points that were closed by the ego, and allow the Christic energy that comes through the Higher Self in this time of unification and connection, Unlock those points that were closed to manifesting diseases, tumors, pains and suffering.

The liberation from suffering is precisely in looking at all as One. It is not allowing the natural to flow from the Light of the I Am through the physical body to all the outer, uniting you in One.

Your protection, children, will be the energy of light emanating everywhere, for I have already told you: There is no shadow where light is emanated.


I am the Cosmic Christ

Messenger: Michele Martini - May 08, 2017