Sunday, October 10, 2010


The Congregation was born out of the joint work of the Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson messengers.

Each working under the guidance of their Master, Pórtia with the Violet Flame and Serapis Bey with the White Flame respectively, we were led by the Masters to unite our works in a single form of energy, which manifests as the Crystal Violet Flame.

All the work carried out today by the Congregation for Peace and Transformation, as well as the name, was guided by the Ascended Masters.

We work with all forms of energy, not limiting ourselves to any kind of belief or religion. We are the manifestation of a free work and that brings the breaking of mental patterns and concepts pre-conceived by the minds of those who have been reincarnating for thousands of years on this planet, just like ourselves.

We bring through the channels, the learning of each one of us, offering to all those who are interested in our work, our history as an open book, to serve as a way to the road that each one seeks for himself.

We both work on our material lives, we have our families and our professions, Thiago Strapasson as a lawyer and Michele Martini as a designer. Within our material routines of professional and family coexistence, we learn, like each one of you, to overcome our restriction points, to connect with our Higher Self and to leave behind more and more, the personality aspects that keep us together To the Lower Self.

Today the resources of the Congregation come from donations and therapeutic care. So that we can keep all the work done and hire the external services as: creation of graphic art for the site; Website hosting; Costs of editing books; Printing costs of books; Creation of videos for the Youtube channel. That is why we open the donation tab on the site so that if they feel in your heart they can help us in this purpose.

Anyway, everyone is welcome to the site, because what we seek, with the help of the Masters and through material experience, is to transcend everything that prevents us from being fully happy and manifesting the Higher Self in our incarnated personalities. Trying, every day, to transcend the Personality Self and anchor with more intensity the Higher Self.

We are not different from all of you, because together we seek the same goal, which is to live in full happiness and peace. Whereas enlightenment or ascension will only be a consequence of living free and radiating love. This is our quest.

We know that it is only through charity and the act of giving and multiplying the channeled energy of the Higher Self that we are purifying ourselves and bringing more satisfaction and balance into our lives.

And so we begin, listening to a call from the heart and under Lady Master Rowena's initial guidance, the work of the Ask the Masters.

This work began even before the birth of the Congregation for Peace and Transformation, and we have learned a great deal from the messages channeled from the masters to all those who have already been helped.

The work began in December 2016, and in the first 4 months there were more than 400 messages channeled from the Masters to help the people who sought this work.

This is a free job and we do with all our love in our spare time, reconciling with our personal lives and professions.

Unfortunately we were only able to answer the average of 20 to 30 questions per week.

With each question received, it is necessary to establish the connection with the Higher Self of the assisted and connect in channeling to the energy of the Master that will come to bring the answer.

We have already received reports from people who reported feeling the vibration of the Master even before they received the answer, for the Master acts by watching us and bringing the energy that is needed to work the healing and assist in the process.

All the questions answered through channeling, pass through the two channellers, Michele and Thiago, in order to bring some complement if necessary and also learn from the teaching brought by the Master.

The form to send a question to the masters, is made available every Monday at 8:30 am in this link. We close as soon as we receive approximately 20 questions, which takes approximately 30 minutes or less.

We started in April 2017, the aid work to guide therapists and people who seek to practice the techniques brought by the Masters in our channels, and also various other external therapeutic techniques through the FAQ.

We provide a form on our website to offer this assistance and guide people to apply techniques correctly and clarify doubts. This work is totally free, and we do it with love.

The questions and answers are available for consultation of everyone on the site through this link.

From the beginning of the union of the Violet-Crystal flames, we have channeled various symbols (codes) for healing. All these symbols we have applied ourselves to anchor these energies and we have studied the techniques of application.

As of April 2017, we started the therapeutic care work, where we used various healing techniques. The service is done by the two plumbers, complementing to form the Violet-Crystal energy, which is necessary for the attendances.

This work consists of completing a form where the person requests the therapy. Through this authorization received from the patient, we access the Masters and the Higher Self of the patient to make the Pre-care. Pre-service is free, and is the first stage of therapy, where the patient will be shown all the work that will be done in the care, which is specific and unique for each person.

According to receiving the service, the patient makes the payment for energy exchange, in the minimum amount of R$ 200.00 (Br currency) so we can schedule the day and time that the work from a distance will be performed.

In this work there is a need for energy exchange, as guided by one of our mentors Father José de Aruanda, because through the energy exchange there is the commitment of the patient to receive the service, following the guidelines so that the result is satisfactory.

We are, in parallel with this work, channeling the messages of the masters and making it available to everyone free of charge on our website.

We have the youtube channel available for everyone's access, where we publish lectures and some audio messages.

Today we would like to bring all the messages channeled as audio for publication in this channel, but we still do not have the financial resources to do this work, as we need to hire a third party service.

All the work published in English on this site is also published in Portuguese at, which we have been working to promote in Brazil for the expansion of the Congregation. The translation is done by us, as we do not have the financial resources to outsource this work.

We work in the administration of our Facebook Page, where we publish all the messages, FAQ and Ask the Masters for everyone's knowledge. We share the work in this social network in several groups, besides the Group of the Congregation, for the expansion of the work.


We are working on the construction of a book with all the therapeutic technique that we perform, to offer people, as well as in the book Ask the Masters, with the work organized in a practical way for consultation of all. The Ask the Masters book is currently being edited.

The book with the therapeutic technique: "The Simplicity of the Purification Process", is under construction.


All the value collected from the services and also from the donations received by the site, are used to maintain the work of the Congregation for Peace and Transformation.
Are they:

- creation of graphic art for the site;
- website hosting;
- costs of editing books;
- printing costs of books;
- creation of videos for the Youtube channel.

The Congregation for Peace and Transformation is in the process of expansion, and all the new work begun by us comes gradually, to reconcile with our lives and individual learning paths, so that it is a process that brings only joy, love and peace.

May we do something with balance and allow the future to show itself gradually, but with harmony between our material lives and the work of the Congregation, which will eventually unite in one.

We thank all those who participate and contribute to this work and also thank you for your trust and love.

Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson