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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Life and reincarnations, an arrow in existence - Lady Master Nada

Children of my heart,

Planetary life is made up of nuances, where there is no pattern, because just as it was built today, tomorrow it is destroyed. What exists today can no longer find, after a brief minute, the way they experience.

Material life, beloved ones, should be lived as something fluid, transient, light, never like what we transform as our own existence. Human life is a school of the soul, a school of learning and experience, and like everything in creation, it transforms, modifies, and vanishes. Nothing is fixed, everything is constantly changing. For it is God who learns from the experience of his children and also transforms himself.

I know, my beloved brethren, that this is not the way they live, that they cling to their relationships as if they did not exist without them. They live to build a safe and quiet life, and they do not remember that life is gone, just as one's own experience on earth will one day end.

But mankind still does not see life this way, as something transient, that has diluted like dust in the wind, like the river that renews its flow with the rains to again finalize its experience in the ocean.

How much easier would life be, my beloved ones, if you saw it from this perspective, of renewal, of transience, of passage. It would become lighter and you could be enchanted by the beauty of this experience, look at the beautiful details of life, feel the aromas, taste the flavors, everything as if it were the most beautiful experience that your soul has ever experienced, but conscious that it is transitory .

Relationships would come and go naturally, goods would be a constant flow in their lives just to bring well-being to the present. Everything would be transitory and fleeting and nothing would catch them.

But this state, beloved ones, is not something for them to understand, but for them to feel in all their beauty. To experience life as something transient without being attached to relationships that become the roots of their attachment, of their suffering, without perpetuating situations that have already closed in their cycles and are maintained only to satisfy the ego.

You know, children, this material and relational detachment is the goal of each of you in the material experience of the one who already sees life from a higher perspective, who feels the soul and looks at the body as a wonderful instrument that God has given them to Experience all the nuances of creation.

But men, at some point in their existence, have forgotten their divine nature and have come to experience these experiences as if they were all that creation can offer them. Oh my children, how shallow that vision! Because God in all his greatness has built the whole cosmos in his infinite experiences of the soul, where every child of yours will one day find his abode, his place of rest and integration.

And for this they need to be mature, wise, ready to savor everything that creation can offer them. For I tell you my brethren, there is nothing that binds you to this reality but your own attachments, your fears, your uncertainties, and difficulties to open yourself to the greater reality of life. It is so simple, simply liberating for life to be lived and experienced as something transient and fleeting, which must be felt, with human emotions, imperfections, displeasures, and why not, even with pain and suffering to enrich them To leave this experience larger than they arrived, more bright and wise.

This is the only purpose of this experience, to acquire wisdom from the soul in a transient way that will lead them to the deeper love of creation, to the discovery of their self-love, their self-transformation, the radiance of their essence in the hardest environment that exists, So shine forth in love in the arms of the heavenly Father and Mother.

Life, children, that's it, this transitory experience. That to the human eye appears to be something so long, but that in the eyes of God is a breath, a blink of the eyes, almost insignificant in the eternity of the soul.

Try, beloved ones, to question a man or a lady who is old enough to see life go by. They can tell you that everything went very fast and they do not even remember very well how it all came about. In this terrestrial age the incarnate being is conscious of the transience of life, though not always able to, in the brevity of a breath, to live life with detachment, without beliefs, without deep and deep-rooted inner struggles that are nothing more than the origin of Our pain.

I would like to conclude today with an empowering message. With something that nourishes the soul with depth. I would like to bring you an experience where for a few seconds you can see the brevity with which life manifests itself.

Imagine an arrow in the air toward your target. Imagine that this arrow from the archer's exit to the target was his whole life. And in this passage you are able to resume every experience, every taste, every joy or sadness you have carried. When you reach the target your life is gone and you are free to return to the eternity of life, from where you never really left.

But life is this arrow, thousandths of a second in the archer's life, which represents nothing in all its existence. What I bring to you, children, is this allegory, an arrow is your whole life. A breath, a small signal of light that vanishes in the blink of an eye.

But the archer continues his existence despite the arrow, he is born from the detachment of the arms of his Father / Mother and also ends its existence returning to the arms of the same lap that came out.

You know, my beloved, so is life, a diminutive existence for so much attachment, so much suffering, so much to want for itself and little to give. Because to live for unity, for love, with freedom and without restrictions, requires this self-liberation of everything that restricts you. For true charity is free, loose, detached, and free. It is made of the purest love, which liberates and does not bind. This is the only possible charity that exists.

This is how life is, and so you should feel it. There is no need for so many fears, so much mistrust, so many games and simulations, it could be simpler from this perspective. For those who already feel life as this rapid passage more easily reach their peace, their tranquility, their well-being. They live with a smile on their face, releasing everything that is in their life, because they are aware that it is transient, letting go with confidence.

That is the challenge, children, of life on earth, to live this passage of immersion of the consciousness in the planetary environment, which transmits itself from fear, euphoria, attachment, to acceptance, inner peace and greater trust in God.

Everything, children, absolutely everything that they experience is planned precisely so that they let go of these fears, so that in a superior vision of the life they feel this transitoriness, that something temporary, then they can be released in absolutely everything that they feel like to experience.

And when they reach this state, of that peace, of that inner love that overflows, they will naturally tell this to all others, in a simple and personal way, but always through donation, charity, because the one who does not hold, who does not cling , Neither does he suffer, nor pain, for he is free and understands life as it is in all its nature and perfection.

Be in peace.

I am Lady Master Nada

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - May 21, 2017.