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Monday, May 15, 2017

Fear of Pain - Mother Mary

Music to listen while reading: Schubert - Ave Maria

May the blessings of love bring peace to their bodies, minds and hearts.

Beloved children, I come to bring you my mantle of light and love, to surround you in peace and protection.

Be assured, beloved ones, that I am always here for you, along with all the angels of green light, to show you the truth, that truth present in your hearts, which you avoid looking at, but that is where the key is For its healing.

Within their hearts, we have already said, is the channel that unites you to the Divine. And suffering is only the consequence of brief moments in which they close parts of that channel, preventing the Divine energy from manifesting and working on their bodies in balance.

I bring to you the energy of love, so that you activate in your hearts the revelation of the truth, that long forgotten, but that is the remedy that will bring healing to the physical suffering, which no longer bear to carry forward.

You children have transcended the experience of matter, but you are still attached to small feelings of fear, which keeps you repeating illnesses, pains, just because you cultivate the fear of getting rid of that feeling within you.

You get used to the pain, get acquainted with this routine of suffering. And they no longer believe that it is possible to live free of all this dense energy that is no longer part of you.

You are manifesting in your physical bodies only the reflections of a vague remembrance of what suffering was, which is registered in you, for the suffering and cultivation of the thought of suffering is creating a mental programming that causes them to pass To believe that this is part of you.

Beloved children, I come to bring you the truth, which is the hope that everything will be better. When you no longer endure this suffering, you yourself will break the energetic threads that bind you to the very creations of mind that you suffer, for they are all physical manifestations of your own thoughts of fear.

The fear of suffering, the fact that you do not allow yourself to taste the good moments of life, precisely because of the fear that comes back to suffer, is what brings back the suffering for you again.

It would not help, children, to tell you that you are healed, for you must find this affirmation within yourself, decreeing the definitive closure of the pattern of suffering.

For this, beloved ones, I bring to you a new schedule, to perform daily, as soon as you are in peace and balance with yourselves, and that you will record in your records, under my protection, a new truth, which is the only truth, And that will overcome all the pattern of fear created by you.

Establish your own form of energy cleansing, which may be as you sound better, energetically, free choice.

After working on the cleaning of your auric field, bring the following words into your lips and your minds:

"I manifest full health"

"I am a channel of the Divine in perfect balance"

"I am the manifestation of courage and material surpassing, to unite myself to the I Am"

These codes, children will bring you a new reality, as you do, in a period of 21 days, for the new programming to be established. They will feel how their lives will change gradually, no longer identifying the old patterns of pain and suffering, they will no longer manifest the diseases that once existed only manifested in matter because they were sustained by their minds.

This form of cleansing of records of suffering, children, can be done by each one of you with yourself, without needing to seek external help. I, like your mother, will wrap you in my robe of love, working to calm your hearts and lift you energetically to receive the work.

Go in peace and in the fullness of your Being, recognizing your true nature and filiation, and your origin of the Divine.

I am Mary, your Mother.

Messenger: Michele Martini - May 11, 2017.