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Saturday, May 6, 2017

FAQ - Why does not the holistic therapy center I created thrive?

I created, along with two other people, a holistic therapy center. We love what we do, however, it has no flow and I do not know what to do because I am sure that this project is my purpose and mission of life. What is the mistake I am or are making? How do we make the project thrive?


If we could recommend something to you, we would take the liberty of saying the following.

Every center of healing or holistic treatment must be based on charity, giving. The purpose should be a center of love, a channel of joy and recovery of people.

Any spiritual work without this premise will not succeed because it is disconnected from Source energy.

From the moment that transforming charity as the purpose of course the energy exchange will come, it will arise, within the time needed for it. Because this is how therapists turn into channels of love, and that feeling brings the necessary help.

We know you might have costs, bills, etc. But a healing center is a building, which should have charity and donation as its pillar. It is best that this transition be smooth, migrating gradually, until it is sustained by itself.

It is the very energy of the donation that will be the cure of the therapist and that will move the energy necessary for the maintenance of the activity.

Gratitude and be at peace.