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Thursday, May 11, 2017

FAQ - Why do my clients be indisposed during therapeutic treatments?

Greetings beloved Masters, I do therapies with quantum and multidimensional healing. And it has happened three times that people feel a sense of vomiting, and the last one even came, to vomit a bit during therapy. I wanted to know if these phenomena were produced by my sent energy, or by the consequences of the process of cleaning and catharsis of the person. Gratitude for all Masters.


Son, I am Lord Maitreya. When we offer ourselves to the service of the other as instruments of the transmission of love and healing, of the possibility of regeneration of the being, we must first of all understand our place in this process. You are involved in various forms of work simultaneously, and that are conflicting with each other. It channels energies to a particular end in your physical body as well as channels different energies to promote healing through therapy. When we give ourselves to work in an integral way, we establish a goal and a unique route of elevation, and then we donate in full awareness to the chosen work. If you choose to be working with healing and with this line of lightworkers, do not get involved with other energies, which can hinder your attendance. I do not say here that energies are good or bad, but I just say that the responsibility of the therapist is first, to remain clean so that it is a perfect channel of transmission of the energies to the other being, without transmitting his personal vibrations of diverse encounters in other aspects Of spiritual work. Choose the path you have next. Look inside yourself for the answer, for it is up to you alone to decide which connections you wish to pursue on your journey and to which you wish to break. As long as you are involved in various means of spiritual work, you will be without a definite path and allowing diverse energies to interfere with the attendance, which is detrimental to patients as they enter into an internal imbalance. You are a being of light, you are here to convey goodness and love, healing, but for this you need to detach yourself from some bonds that you have established only as part of a process that is now no longer necessary. Establish contact with your higher self and ask the Source to be shown to you which are the links you have established and are interfering with your calls, and decide when you are ready, which way to go. Be enveloped in the Christic light and the peace of my energy.