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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

FAQ - What is the most effective way to work with your Higher Self?

Within spirituality one of the most important things is our connection with our Higher Self, I would like to know what is the most effective way of working this connection. Through meditation? What kind of meditation would be the most effective? Throughout the day how can we connect, only through thought? To speak to our Higher Self we have to make some preamble, or we can just talk to it as if it were our invisible friend. What is the best way to strengthen our Higher Self? Thank you.


The Higher Self is not something external with which you can connect as if you were a spiritual mentor or other energy
The Higher Self is yourself. You can not talk to yourself as you look at this Self as if it were something external to you.

The inner cleansing work, the improvement of restriction points, the lighting of these points, the subtleisation of the chakras, the cleaning of the density and the connection with the heart, will make it clear the paths for the connection to be established.

It is not something that turns perfectly and purely on the first try.

Teachers, spiritual guides, archangels, as well as all therapeutic forms are here to help work on this cleansing. When you are sufficiently clear of constraints, connection with the Higher Self is possible.

Notice that this connection is free from the human personality, for the personality is only a manifestation in matter to have the experience. Experience is agglutinated in your akashic record and embodied in the higher self as wisdom.

As long as you look at yourself as a Personality Self, you will not be able to establish that connection. For the I Personality is only a representation. You will find the Higher Self within you when you allow it to manifest to the detriment of your own personality.