Saturday, April 29, 2017

FAQ - The Threefold flame Expansion

I would like to know if there is any technique and / or that is suitable for the balance and expansion of the Threefold flame.


With the palms of the hand facing the cardiac chakra, we recommend Hanuman's invocation through the JAYHANUMAN symbol.

This symbol promotes the expansion of the heart chakra, bringing the feeling of joy and unconditional love. When applied on the heart chakra, it promotes its expansion and activation in an intense way, to heal the feeling we often have of pressure and heart pain, during the processes of cleaning and treating our restrictions.

The application of JAYHANUMAN 3x over the heart chakra clears all the pressure felt in the heart, allowing it to loosen and expand, to feel in the palm of the hands even during the application, gradually withdrawing the hands as the chakra expands. And finally ending with the expansion of this energy throughout the auric field to make the closing.