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Monday, May 22, 2017

FAQ - My patient feels nauseous and stinging during therapies

In a therapy, the lady of my patient, felt a lot of dizziness, and a stab more or less on the chest. I just wanted to ask what it could be. She says that sometimes when she is standing she feels a pressure on the abdomen, but when she lies down it disappears. And the next day she said she felt the same, but by the end of the day she said she was fine and that she did not feel anything anymore. But some time later he says that he is feeling quite dizzy. I think she may be in imbalance. In other therapies, other people rarely feel anything, but this situation is constant in this lady. Gratitude.


When you engage in spiritual work, you need to be free of all and any kind of connection where your energy remains attached and also drained to another job.
When you choose to be part of a group where spirituality works are done, your energy remains connected to that group, and even though you unconsciously end up signing a type of contract, a commitment to that group.
To keep the work of this group in progress, the egrégora uses its workers who sometimes have no knowledge of being workers but ended up connecting to work to carry out the work of the group. And so the energy is distributed and used for that purpose. This occurs in several groups.
When it is connected in this way to some group, and yet it connects with its patient, it ends up transmitting, in becoming a channel of that energy from the group to its patient, mixed with its energy. This can often cause physical symptoms and imbalance in patients.
Therapeutic work is a lot of responsibility and it is up to the therapist to choose which line to follow in order to be more aligned with just one work front to assist patients.
Your patient feels the physical symptoms of that energy she is receiving that is not aligned with just one work front.
You become a channel of energy for the group you are a part of and also of your own energy that comes from your spiritual team, and those are divergent. You have to choose one path to follow and then give up the other.
There is no better or worse, but only one is aligned with its true purpose, and many times therapists attach themselves to groups on their road of self-discovery to seek growth, but the time comes when they are mature and Knowledge to create your own method and then no longer need to be connected to multiple connections.
Choosing a path forward is healthier and also a mature decision for a therapist who wants to deliver the best to their patients.
Realize that connecting multiple work fronts is not always harmful. It is beneficial as long as the energy worked is the same. What does not occur in your case, and that eventually causes symptoms in patients.