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Sunday, May 7, 2017

FAQ - How to work forgiveness in therapeutic techniques?

Forgiveness is one of the most important things in the path of spirituality, I have come across many people who have a great deal of difficulty forgiving, I wonder if there is any technique, meditation or any effective way to help these people forgive, and how we should approach This subject with people. Thank you.


There is no single technique for working with forgiveness.

Forgiveness is something that will come only with experience. The being begins its journey on earth with a packet of information stored in its akashico record and that will culminate in manifesting itself in attitudes and behaviors, these at the same time cause pains in others, because earthly experience is something that gradually makes them more And more exposed these restrictions. In this way, beings gradually adjust to each other. We're setting ourselves in the middle of where we live. And it is natural that, having built our personality on the certainties we have brought into our records, they will ultimately be different from all other beings, for each collection of records will create a specific Personality.

This personality, when faced with a different one, will enter into conflict, for it is the nature of the ego to defend its own personality, to keep the truth of its records, and to strengthen its own illusion.

In this way, enemies are created and then the hurts and then in the future the need for forgiveness.

Realizing this chain and how enemies are born and then sorrows are created, you can see how forgiveness will come.

Without the liberation of restrictions, without the subtilization of the personality, there is no real forgiveness, for that illusory inner truth that the ego sustains still exists, since it comes from the history of Alma.

Therefore, as the incarnation occurs, as wisdom increases, the being is freed from these certainties, gives space to love, through charity, and only through charity, which is when it begins to leave aside those certainties that Were sustained by the ego.

At that moment, cleansing begins to occur in the records, for no longer does the person resonate with that incoming information, it no longer corresponds with what wisdom has brought through the incarnational experience. And then love takes place of the record, enlightening it. In this way yes, all the enemies that were created based on the support of these certainties, will naturally be forgiven and released.

That's the way to forgive. To awaken love, and to bring this illumination of the records that form the human personality, releasing the being, techniques such as hooponopono, access to akashico records, and others for lighting and cleaning can be used. But realize that only these techniques will be effective when love is already awakened in this heart, for only then can the person sustain the new, ego-free look at life, at least in that respect.

And so there is forgiveness.