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Saturday, May 20, 2017

FAQ - How to use a green flame to heal?

What is the most effective way to work with the green flame to heal? 


There is no need to use the green flame to heal, the green flame is an anchor, where there is a team directed to the work of ransom from truth to healing, exposing what you are keeping inside and outside so that it is healed.
The work done with the green flame is the ransom of inner truth, the cause of pain and suffering. But for this there is a need for total surrender with love.
The green flame is a complement, but that comes only to contribute to something where love is already manifested.
The cure fuel is love, with or without green flame, healing happens. And without love the green flame does not have the necessary means to work for the benefit of healing. In this way it can be understood how cures happen.
But the work of the green flame comes only to complement a work that is already done by the heart delivered with love and open to receive healing.