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Sunday, April 30, 2017

FAQ - How to invoke the Violet Flame, and how to use to transmute the karma?

Dear Thiago and Michele, Thank you so much for this wonderful initiative you had.
Reading the message of Master Pórtia "How to clean with the Violet Flame" would like a clarification, what is the best way to do this? What is the best Invocation to activate the Violet Flame and the visualization is just the Flame in the heart? All over the body? Should it be directed to a specific situation?
As I do not know what I do not know, how can I use the Violet Flame for the Transmutation of Karma that I do not know to have. Would you have some simplified text to serve as a guide for the Invocation of the Violet Flame?
Thank you


You can manipulate the energies of the flames for all environments and for yourself whenever you need them.

But for this you need to be centered in yourself and with the feeling of love in the heart.

Where to look, you can materialize the violet flame to act in that place, whenever you wish, to help the people around you, to clean the environments, or for yourself.

There is no need for an Invocation to use the violet flame. The invocations are only to become "familiarized" with that energy, learning to feel it and to times when you can not concentrate to materialize the flame through the thought, because we know that moments of difficulty occur, when you can not focus And remain in peace to invoke without repeating the invocations.

Learning is precisely to invoke with the call of your heart, to learn to be your own source of violet flame, when it will cause it to be born of your heart and will radiate throughout your body and also to the external environment if you wish. It is only about learning to manipulate the energies, which will be achieved with balance and practice. That way you can direct that energy to situations, places, people, and yourself.

Speaking now about Karma, we know that there is no more Karma, but only the mental state to which we are attached by thinking that there is still karma and that we are here to "settle the accounts." What happens is that, living for so long engaged in the thought of having to pay a karma, we create illusions in our mind. What there are are only reflexes, restrictions recorded in our Akhashic Record, that make us repeat situations of suffering in our lives.

How to transmute these records with the Violet Flame? At the smallest identifying sign of the appearing symptom, a feeling, a discomfort, sadness, irritation, or whatever "emotional trigger" you can silence and meditate, focus on that feeling and ask the Source of All That Is, so that Show him the root cause of this feeling, and then yes, you can use the violet flame, or any light energy you want, to radiate that point, and go through the energetic thread connecting to your Akhashic Record, commanding it to be transmuted and Let the cause of suffering be shown to you.

Realize that we are not always ready to transmute such restrictions, and even though the akhashic record is illuminated, yet many continue to repeat the standards simply because they have become accustomed to their own suffering.