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Friday, May 5, 2017

Do not give up on your parents - Master Serapis Bey

For so many times the sorrows have taken hold of their hearts, so often have they felt the pain of the unconscious relationship in the physical body. The pain of biological relations, of the records of the familiar constellations they receive in their akashic records.

That point of connection, which connects each of you with your biological roots as beings embodied in this plane, is right there for a purpose. That purpose, my brethren, is to emphasize something that they already had within themselves.

As multidimensional beings, you follow the very paths of learning, disconnected from those points of connection with the biological roots. But as incarnate beings have to deal with all energies accumulated in their records and one of them is the layer that connects them to the family constellation, to the family that received them in this material plane.

This is one of the plans contained in your records as incarnate beings. And it exists precisely for you to demonstrate the mastery of overcoming yourself. For when they came to the particular family constellation, they chose very carefully the one that would help them to accentuate precisely the fear they needed to transcend, the purification they had to face.

But a time has come when they have acquired maturity and consciousness to face these relationships, and this time it will be light and sweet. To heal all the wounds that were left there, recorded as the result of a battle that they created within the minds of each one of you, and which did affect your physical bodies.

So many of you manifest these wounds in the form of diseases, traumas, and even certain types of cancer, tumors ... but all come from those wounds, where there was not the balm of love and sweetness, with the wisdom to be healed . You reacted to these situations, the emotions that your family generated in you because it was a way to deviate from what you would not like to observe within yourself.

You have traveled many avenues to gain the wisdom needed to deal with these obstacles, which have physical consequences in your lives. For there is a time when the wisdom necessary to transcend the situation is coalesced in the ninth chakra, and you are able to promote not only your own purification, but the whole constellation through your example of deliverance. You teach the way those who are trapped within these energies and no longer see how to get out of this process that restricts access to your records of light.

So many manifest in the physical body the result of relations not understood between the parents, when for a moment they felt abandoned, retaliated, badly loved, but that in fact it is only a relationship being worked, like all the others, but that left deep marks In their hearts. These relationships are present in their lives only to show what they need to work for the purification of their records, so that they become the example of wisdom to show others the path of their own deliverance.

The hard heart, the closed shield of the ego and the personality embedded in a planet that is only the manifestation of an experience, often blocks the natural flow of these relations. Where each of you come with a basic package of soul information, and here represent the manifestation of your records in the form of behaviors, manias, in construct a personality. The family constellation highlights these points precisely. And this is the opportunity they have asked to transcend yourselves.

As you clear the restrictions contained in your Akashic records, which are subtle and enlightening, these manias and behaviors that manifest a personality, cease to exist, and you begin to become empty. This emptiness is filled, little by little, by its I Am, by the Higher Self. And fail to connect with the Lower Self, which is constantly reminding you of the painful experiences that created the wounds, but which were actually just healing forms.

As you clean up, children, you also clear those forgotten relationships of the past, those that were no longer part of your daily life, but which represented in you deep pains and sometimes illness in the physical body. Anger manifests itself by forgiveness, doubt by gratitude and compassionate gaze manifests itself in relationships.

We all know the real causes of illness, and we know that any imbalance in the physical body is the consequence of an unworked relationship in the emotional field. When they free themselves and allow the records that store traumatic memories of these relationships to be illuminated, they gradually heal their physical bodies as well, and are surprised by the cure of their illnesses.

Realize, beloved, that family relationships, between biological parents, are the cradle of experience on Earth. It is where you will at some point have to return to work cleaning the points that have remained connected and that have caused consequences that have accompanied you throughout your life.

Try again to establish the relationships left in the past, the misunderstood ones that touched the heart to cause pain and suffering, but now, with the clean and enlightened records, you can already allow yourself to experience, to illuminate also the life of the one who provided it The biological life and this earthly experience. The one who always prevails love, but not love that is responsible, who blames himself for not being able to help or for not knowing how to help.

The way, first, is of inner liberation through example, through self-purification, so that they can return to these already free, gentle and compassionate relationships without any compromise, only with their own inner peace.

Realize that you are together because you have points that complement each other in learning, even though you awaken in suffering form the wounds that cause illness and traumas, yet it is precisely these wounds that open the possibility of you to look at a point of imbalance that needs to be Looked, and thus treat something even deeper, which is in his soul record.

Biological parents come to show you, through the points of discomfort and suffering, those aspects that you should look at in your akashic records, and which should be treated and enlightened. Looking at these relationships and not running away from them, you begin to realize where the emotional triggers are and to identify in your records what should be enlightened. This will contribute to a free walk towards ascension.

You will know when to resume calls. You need to be mature enough and access the wisdom gained during a lifetime of experiences so that you can definitely complete this process and free yourself and those who depend on that mutual relationship for their own cleansing.

And so it is

I am Serapis Bey

Messengers: Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson - May 04, 2017.