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Friday, May 26, 2017





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I would like to know if deserving, why I do not have money to live without depending on children, I already sent this question, but I do not know if it was possible for you to receive so very grateful return. Due to the situation we are living, I ask: What will happen to Brazil? Can we save ourselves from all this? Thank you very much.


Daughter, Brazil is beautiful. But you can only see that beauty, those hearts devoid of ego and fear. Notice how much she must seek within herself for her own beauty and acceptance of life, so that at last she can take away the veil that hides from you the beauty of life, and from every environment in which she lives. This cradle of experiences is as splendid and perfect as it is. Seek this vision so that your heart is filled with love. Follow in peace sister.

I am Kuthumi 



Masters, I do not quite know how to express these doubts that are here inside me. My life changed a lot from two years ago and things happened that left me confused and saddened. At that moment what else have plagued me is the professional issue, because I do not feel good in the place I work today. It has never been easy to work there, since the beginning that place has always been difficult, especially in the issue of coexistence and relationship between people. I tried to stay neutral and not get into that heavy energy, mainly because I was in a good moment of mine, I was fine with myself, I was happy I felt lighter, but unfortunately for my carelessness, I ended up losing myself and I got into the energy I was trying to And it made me very bad. So much damage has caused me that until now I could not recover and I'm not sure how to do it. I do not know how to develop and regain my self-esteem. Because I miss the girl I was becoming before everything back down. I took more care of myself, I was happy, I felt calm despite the turbulent moments that we also end up passing. Today I feel very bitter and tired and quarrelsome and this bothers me a lot. What I have felt in my heart is the desire to permanently disconnect myself from there and cut off the bonds I have with that place and those people. Why being there makes me suffer and the effort I have to make to keep me there, honestly does not make sense to me. I do not know if it is my exaggeration, but I feel that part of me dies a little more each day that I stay there. Because I do not understand what happens there or the behavior of the people with whom I live professionally. It gives me revolt and anger the things I see and hear there, and I do not know what to do with those heavy and spoiled feelings that are hammering in here. I want to get out of there, but I do not know what impact that choice can have on my life. Is it wrong to want to move away from a place and people with whom I do not agree and do not feel affinity? Is it wrong to want to go the other way, even if other people close to me see me as crazy for abandoning what they consider to be stable, but which for me has become a daily torture? Please, I ask for guidance on this situation that I have lived. I am aware that it is my choice as to whether to continue at work or to leave, but I would like guidance on these bad feelings I have for that place and those people. These emotions have hurt me, but I know it does not have to be this way. Gratitude for the welcome!


Daughter be in peace for a brief moment. Just breathe, closing your eyes, calm down. Feel your own peace now. Breathing calmly. Stay in that state for a minute, quieting yourself. Now calmly read these words by feeling the energy that emanates. This girl who was becoming, who did not get involved, and who accepted and was at peace. Is that you! The other, who struggles, and who enters the energies, is the character who created, and who now does not know how to dissociate. In your mind, daughter, you have created a way of acting, a character, where you think people expect a certain reaction from you. You need to humbly detach yourself from this character, lowering your forehead and accepting differences. But now there's something deeper you need to observe. There is something inside that creates this revolt, which it does not accept. This something is a look that desires justice, that believes in what is right. You should not create another character and stifle these feelings, for they are part of you. And to feel is to be human, there is nothing wrong with that. What you need is to learn to have balance in feeling. And let the emotions pass you by, but do not control yourself. They will pass, for so it is you, and without judgment on your part, they will go. So is the process of inner purification. It is to create the acceptance of ourselves, and with that we accept all. This is the way. Now look, on the other hand, see how good the environment is for you to develop that balance. It's hard, yes, but if it were soft it would be simple and would not cause you that feeling that you want to transcend today. You see, daughter, how good is it to you? How does it do you good, though your mind does not understand? You have a tremendous opportunity to seek your own inner peace in the midst of adversity. And the day you do so, for a vibrational issue, that environment will simply cease to be a part of your life. Be in Peace.

Serapis Bey



Dear Masters, thank you for the opportunity once again, thank you also to the channels. I need to know what I could do to eliminate the scarcity in my life, the one that lasted so many years. I am studying for contests because I want my financial independence and together the affirmations of the Golden Book of Saint Germain. My question also is whether I should study hard for the contest I desire, or whether I should only make a few statements, a few specific numbers, or I'd better take some time and study the 301 statements by slightly lowering the study hours for the contest. And also what am I doing wrong in my life so that I have stagnated in this way? Gratitude with much love to you all.


Daughter. Do you see the mental process you're in? Where you still believe there are a number of statements you need to make to get a success that your mind desires. It's a lot of mind, is not it, daughter? You mentalize the goal and the path to reach, and so it creates a lot of expectancy inside you, that does not let the knowledge that already brings flow and that will lead you to the path that needs to go. There are no number of statements. What there is is a vibrational state of understanding, acceptance and peace, where it is detached from this process of mental control that is found. By leaving this state you will realize that you will not need as many hours of study to reach your goal. Knowledge will be much more easily absorbed and you will have peace in the tests you will face. Get out of this mental process, and study lightly, focused on the goal that is to get the desired result. And the day you get look for other ways to lighten up your day. But do not mentalize the daughter's path, let it unfold.

Father Benedito from Angola



I have come to ask for help regarding my financial situation. Whenever I look for a way out, nothing works. It's like all the doors are closed. When I get some work, there are charges that I have to honor. I can not help my expenses, I can not help my children, because I do not have enough for my personal expenses. I feel ashamed, I feel a burden, and this whole situation, which has persisted for so long, has made me feel paralyzed on my journey. I've done all I can to deal with, and now I come to ask for help because I feel like I'm reaching my limit. What do I do to relieve this burden? Why does not Matthew 7: 7 work for me? What is the cause of this situation? When will this end? Please help me. I do not want to lose my balance. Gratitude!


My dear brother. I come today on the wings of infinite abundance to bring you a noble message of faith, of love, of hope for life. But do not think it will be smooth, for that is not what I came for. What holds you brother is the fear of scarcity, and fear breeds more fear. Whenever you enter into a venture, or something new with the fear of scarcity, it blocks the flow of abundance of your life. This is because you see the financial life through the mind, which makes you have no confidence in life, have no faith and hope in the future. This discouragement that manifests is the fruit of your own imbalance, which is not capable of presenting you a soft and smooth transition, from fear of scarcity to confidence in life. You are the builder of your own life, and the magnetism of your soul resounds that which vibrates. Be aware of your inner self, the pain that brings in your heart that unfolds in fear of the future and makes you feel a burden to all. Your great challenge, my brother, is to vibrate faith and courage. It is to let the challenges come without shaking you, keeping faith on the path that will be your own inner cleansing. Be in peace.

I am Saint Germain 



Good morning, masters! First of all I want to thank you for the call and the awakening of my mediumship, for the liberation of cigarette addiction and drinks, eternal gratitude. Masters, because of my anxiety, I am having difficulty in my development, because my desire to be able to help is great, I know that they need reinforcements and I feel tied hands. I have done many meditations, but at the time of development, anxiety screams. Could you help me in any way? Is there anything I can do to get this veil out faster? Because I want to have direct contacts, to be able to see them, so I can help more, and I can know more about home. I miss something I know and I do not know what it is. I imagine being from home. Help me Masters, I need information. I love you all, eternal longing.


The opening for awakening is only the first step in the journey of a new life. This journey begins, leaving behind everything that its ancient personality brought as a limitation and cause of suffering, which in its case was represented by the addiction of the drink and the cigarette. But notice daughter, that addiction still needs to be observed. Because you are still a patient in treatment, and the addiction still exists in your mind, it is what causes you to feed the anxiety. The cause of his search for the drink and cigarette was anxiety, and through the use of these substances it softened the symptoms. But now you have exposed yourself, what should be treated: anxiety. Anxiety can bring in this phase an exaggerated attachment to a religious doctrine, it can bring suffering to you. That is why everything must be taken with caution. The mediumistic development is, first of all, something that comes to help her balance, and ease the symptoms of this anxiety. You will only be prepared to help, my dear, when you are sufficiently treated of yourself, finding your balance. And this is for your own protection, for when you silence your mind and do not give room for anxiety to manifest, you will find within you what is your true quest, and that gives you that sense of longing. For you have not yet found your true identity. Slowly cleansing happens subtly and lightly so that you do not suffer, but rather you need to balance, overcome anxiety, and thus find your own inner truth, so that you can share some of this truth with others if Dedicating to the mediumistic work of attending to the people. For an hour dear, follow the guidelines you receive, because however it does not seem to you, it is doing its part to help, because when it helps itself, it also helps the planet and contribute to the enlightenment of an entire energetic network That connects all of you. For we are all One.

I am Pórtia



Enlightened Masters, I am going through a very difficult time. My sentimental life is unsatisfying and chaotic. I've been using dating sites for almost two years and so far I have not been able to start dating anyone. The vast majority of the women I have met there are troublesome, self-seeking and cold. Before trying to use this tool, I spent many years alone, because whenever I was interested in someone, that person did not correspond to me, and I had the same reaction when another woman showed the same for me. I'm beginning to lose hope that one day I'll meet someone to marry and start a family. In relation to friends, it has been disastrous too. Over the last twenty years I have been disappointed in this regard. The amount has been gradually reduced, to the point that nowadays the only real friends I have are my father and my sister. The relationship with my mother is very bad, as soon as we have spoken. I believe she is undergoing a great spiritual and psychological imbalance (I suspect that my aunt, sister of her, is also). I wish I could help you in some way. Two or three weeks ago I began to feel a presence close to me at different times. Could you tell me if this entity (s) intends to harm me, or is it just my mediumship that is expanding and I am feeling the presence of the most disincarnated? Finally, I'm looking forward to a musician's career (a dream I've had for a long time) but sometimes I doubt my ability and talent or if I'll ever have any recognition. I have had great financial difficulty. I am aware that I have many faults and still enough to evolve, but I need to know what is happening and how I should proceed so that my life is prosperous, happy and constructive. Grateful.


Greetings my brother. You are going through a moment of revelation, you know you are not aligned with someone material, embodied in that plan. It's time to open your eyes to the new. The new one will present to you in a gentle way. But for this you must surrender to what resonates with your energy, be true to yourself. Being aligned with yourself, you will see how everything will fit into place. You will not find what you are looking for the way you think. And yes, it will attract with your energy that which resonates with your truth. But for this, you should not fear your truth. You must free yourself from your own judgment and allow yourself to be. You will see how this will transform your life, and draw energies compatible with yours, bringing innumerable possibilities for relationships. Today is like this because you need to be alone to find yourself. When surrounded by different energies, he tries to fit in the middle, but he already notices, yet he does not find his place. For the place to look for is its interior. All energies, spiritual guides, beings of light or even incarnate people who come to you, will be consistent with your truth, so there is nothing to fear. It's always something to contribute to your evolution path. Remain seeking your truth, and living your truth within your reality.

I am Saint Germain

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - May 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.