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Wednesday, May 24, 2017





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Beloved Masters, there is something that disturbs me and much. A year ago, I fell in love with someone else and since then, I can not forget it. I've been married for 19 years. I felt that the person had an interest, so did I, but nothing happened. No physical contact. We no longer live in the same professional space. What bothers me Masters is that I can not forget it, and I come to think that it can be love even 7 months ago without seeing it. Why can not I get this person back? What does he teach me in this walk?


Honey. The space that inhabits this planet is yours and also so many others who decide to follow the same journey of learning. So it may be that the feelings that are aroused in you are often not just your own but rather the result of a great form of thinking created by the great mass. What happens to you daughter, is that she has the sensitivity that has intensified in the last year, and that is why she has the most intense emotion, which she calls love, but in fact it is just something she already felt, but in proportions Much smaller. Everything you feel is multiplied when in contact with planetary energy. What you feel is not yours, daughter. It only needs to learn to identify the sensations and feelings that are born within, those that come to you from the outside, which are only superficial. The way you find this balance is meditation, focus on your inner self, and seek your truth. Set aside time for yourself, and devote your efforts and thoughts only to bring more peace and happiness to your life, doing what pleases you and brings the sense of balance and protection. Your development is just beginning, these are the first sensations, and over time you will learn to differentiate energies and also to work with them so that you can help yourself and others.

Archeia Hope



Beloved Masters, my gratitude. I come again, with some issues that bother me a lot. I am away from work because of the issues I have already mentioned. It happens that I do not feel good about the medications that the specialist who is assisting me prescribes for me. I do not feel well taking these drugs. I feel like I should not take it. And they do more harm than good. Why do I feel this way? I really want to give another career to my life, my heart no longer resonates with this function that, one day, I embraced. I'm trying to listen to my Higher Self, and some ideas about other work that does me good, are already taking shape inside me, I'm excited. I'm in the right way? Another question that I would like to understand is the claustrophobia that has been with me for some years. The dream I had as a child, in which someone very close to me locked me in a closet, has to do with this? This claustrophobia is sometimes so intense that I clearly feel my spirit as if it were suffocating inside the body, a will to leave, to be free. It hurts! What do I do to heal myself of it? I want to travel by plane, but with this problem, I can not. Still has the question of phobia with some animals, especially with grasshopper, what is the origin of this? Could you help me? And those pains that I feel mainly in the arms? What am I doing wrong to keep them going for so long? What is the way to heal them? Is it something energy-based? And, finally, if you can give me some more light on this question. What happens between me and my last relationship, why is this man always seeking me if he does not intend to stay in a relationship? If you do not feel love for me? Why do you insist? Just for opportunism? Have not I done my part with him? And that feeling for him, because he insists inside me, even though I walk away and be working, waking to myself. We are soul mates? My dear ones, once again I thank you immensely. From this daughter, who loves you. My respect with tenderness.


Hail, daughter! The old father comes this time to help his daughter clear up her ideas. Everything in your daughter's life is wrong, daughter? Is everything wrong around the daughter, or is this daughter who does not let things get right, remaining in the old thought of always? Is not that right, daughter? The daughter, in the first place, needs to look at her daughter's life. Look at what you have, look at what is right, what makes the daughter earn her daily bread, what makes the daughter happy, and is heading for that path, daughter. Stop filling me in the head, daughter. The daughter can not come to me for help because she begins to put caraminhola in the head of the daughter. The daughter's life is perfect and the black man has nothing to do to help her. The only thing that is wrong there is the head of the daughter who needs to leave the problems aside, and who were all created by the mind, and start to cultivate the feeling of gratitude. You know how to do this, daughter? To practice charity, but without argument, okay, daughter? To practice charity and simply to give in love, without expecting anything, and to thank the opportunity to help and thank for everything that has in life. Hail!

Father Benedito from Angola



Energies that hinder. I was informed that the lack of energy and the feeling of fainting that occurs very frequently, and for a long time, is because of contacts with a certain type of energy that accompanies me, with the purpose of disrupting my daily life, and for Block my development. I suppose there are currently human beings who dislike the success of the project that I, my husband, and my daughter have just begun. 1. Is this type of energy that disturbs me or is there other energy? Am I the target of black magic or just the energy of people's thinking? 2. Are my husband and two children also affected? 3. When it is said that there are energies that are intended to block my development, do they refer to spiritual development or to abundance and prosperity in earthly life? 4. If it is a matter of spiritual development, is it that in order to halt my development I am the target of fear energies launched by beings of other dimensions? Thank you for another clarification.


My beloved sister. When we are good with ourselves, in balance, and firm in our purpose, there is no energy that can reach us. He lives in a world of free will, where no being is allowed to interfere with his life except through his own permission. He could say, then, that he never allowed anyone to interfere energetically in his day. But look at your thoughts, your emotional state, and try to understand the kind of energy that draws into your life. Be honest with yourself and you will see that if there is something that interferes and attracts your days it is solely for the sake of resonance. If it vibrates in fear, in lack of confidence, in the energy of control, of scarcity, it attaches to energies anchored in this world and it is they that affect its state of equilibrium. But there is nothing capable of attacking a master in balance. It is full in itself, and does not allow the mind to lead it to the doubt and energy of scarcity. There is only trust and acceptance. Practice love, through giving, become a channel of love that will block everything that can reach you. Practice humility and gratitude, be kind to your brothers. I assure you there is no greater protection than this. Be in that trust. Your love brother.




Hello my dear Masters! I know they've heard me complain, but it seems like I've been doing so much evil in past lives. I think I'm starting to wake up from the nightmare where my ego put me, right after such a beautiful awakening. Now I begin to see beauty again behind so much suffering, everything now seems to make sense. But sometimes with so much available to guide us, it seems that I still can not find a way to bring me to be again, that bright light of pure love. What should I do? I know they might tell me to "suffer less." But where can I focus to free myself from this cycle that seems to catch me? Thank you for being with us and a thank you for those who have your time and energy, to channel you, and to help us.


Namastê daughter of the light. It is natural to feel that you belong to nothing, or that you do not identify with any spiritual line, for none belongs. What is engraved in your DNA, daughter, is non-adherence to rules or beliefs. You came to show the new. To be free and to walk among so many means without being deceived. You are free from the emotional attachments of matter. But as it is incarnated in this physical body, it feels the reflection of this non-belonging to something. For it is human nature to belong. Therefore, daughter, your quest should be to just live the experiences in the way that you understand to be best for you, but allowing experiences to occur. There is no need to get involved like other people, but rather to follow your intuition. What makes you feel bad, is just that you can not be like the others and end up charging yourself thinking that there is something wrong with you. But there is no daughter. What there is, it is only your own self judgment because you are not walking according to others. Without realizing that this is your natural state. Just respect yourself, trust your intuition. In time you will gain confidence in yourself and then those feelings will no longer be part of your life. You are a beautiful representative of the light, and you are free on this planet to follow your experience lightly.

I am Hilarion



Good morning, my dear ones. I wanted to thank each one of you for all the changes that have taken place in my life. I feel myself growing up every week, I feel lighter, more connected with love. I would like a vibration of love that comes out of my heart to reach each of you and my beloved Master Pórtia, who has been so close and has brought me so many keys. May the mediums of this work also be involved by this love. The question I bring today is this: I fell in love with a person I do not know personally. It was an identification, a very strong affinity and I dare say I feel love. Something pure and unlike anything I've ever felt, because it comes wrapped in an atmosphere of trust. I feel understood. That person is in a relationship. We talk about, and we will not do anything until a decision is made. Everyone involved needs to be respected. However we are very afraid. And doubt. What did we feel? Is it just an illusion? Something from the ego? We are afraid to find ourselves and dissolve all this feeling that exists, to see that it is nothing like that. On the other hand, finding before the end would not be right. I have other fears as well, which you know. Beloved, pardon. I feel that there are so many people in need of help, and I bring this question from the heart. Unfortunately it was always something that weighed on me. And I trust you and your guidance. I'm afraid I can not stick to my principles, and hurt someone else. I've been in this situation and I know how much it hurts. It would be incoherent on my part. Gratitude, dear ones!


Daughter. When you seek your evolution and delivery to the connection with the I Am, there is no need to feel loved by another. You are complete and only attracts to you the perfection and the vibrate with your energy. We took time to answer his questioning, so that some facts unfolded, and then he would better understand our words of love, touching his heart. Realize daughter, that what is yours vibrates with you in resonance, there is no reason to question, for there is certainty within your heart. So it is with all the characters that are part of the experience. What may come to distance you or those who vibrate as you, of your true purpose, is only fear. They are the traumas stored and then exposed in relationships. Notice what happens in your heart. You no longer feel yourself fit into the means where you used to fit in, and therein lies your dissatisfaction with the I personality, who wants to belong to something. So the search for a relationship. Realize my beloved, that the energy that vibrates, is not compatible with the means where you lived previously, and gradually you will realize how you will open new opportunities for you, new paths, both in relationships with people, and work. But for this, remain only in the inner search, where you will find the means to strengthen yourself, for truth will only be exposed to you when you know that you are. As long as the quest is external, daughter, it will only postpone its true purpose, with the distractions of matter, and eventually distance itself from its state of fullness. Stay in the inner quest, there will be no doubt, daughter. The doubts are only of the character who wears this material body, but realize that this yes is provisional, and the only truth contained therein is that which is within, and the true search is for its identity. Stay in peace daughter.

Lady Master Pórtia



Good morning everyone. Thank you from the heart for having answered my previous question, and for having arrived on my birthday. I was very happy. Today I ask you to explain to me why it is necessary for us to be initiated to have access to the energies Reiki, Seichim and all the other energies? I have learned that the energies are different and that each symbol also has a different energy, but I do not feel that difference, because the energy that flows from my hands is the same when I use the symbols of Reiki or Seichim, and even when I do not use any Symbol the energy I feel flowing from my hands is the same. During my Reiki initiation, I had a thought that this would be how I would practice unconditional love, but I stopped participating in Reiki donation sessions and I have used very little in myself, I use only when I am not well. Was this thought a message I received or was it just my desire to feel important? Gratitude to all.


Beloved daughter, the attunement of symbols and codes are energetic adjustments that are realized and tuned to the auric field of the being, so that it receives a certain energy, as well as that it is potentiated and can flow with naturalness. Tuning can take place through a channel of fraternal love. This is why you are often tuned in by other siblings. The master uses the other being as the anchoring channel to perform the job. All of you, however, daughter, are channels of love and do not need anything external, except what is stored in your heart. Tuning is a facilitator, so to speak. But nothing prevents the attunement to be made directly from the Master to a being. This can be done for innumerable reasons such as karmic merit, soul mission, energy work adjustment. Finally, tuning is not a mandatory ritual, but rather a facilitator, where the master uses an energetic channel to perform the work. What is important, daughter, is that once tuned do not stop using these energies, you have to give vent to that, otherwise it accumulates in your auric field to the detriment of your being. Once attuned to a certain energy, it is important that you give vent to this through personal giving. There is a purpose in attunement that must be fulfilled through the work of love. Be in peace.

I am Hilarion

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - May 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.