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Friday, May 19, 2017





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Masters, thank you for listening to me and always answer me. I am involved with the planetary rise, thank God, and this is good for me. From a very young age I have studied on the subject, and I try my best to follow the teachings. I am 54 years old, I have no children and I am an independent person. Currently, I am not working and I am not involved in any loving relationship. For years I have been feeling my life totally stuck and I'm not interested in anything. I have no motivation and I'm not willing to start anything in my life. The only thing I really want to happen is the arrival of a love in my life. I want to find a man who respects me, loves me and walks with me. I'm willing to give all my love to this person. I have the feeling that only then will my life begin to move. I know I should not link my walk to anything, I work hard inside of myself to eliminate that need. I deeply long for this new love. My question: At which point of my life am I? Why am I so long stuck where nothing happens? Why do I have such lack of disposition and motivation? Will I find a love and get back to work? Please, I ask for directions. I am grateful.


Daughter, anchor the feeling of gratitude in your heart. You have all the tools to attract all you want and materialize them in your life, you just need to let go of the emotional that prevents you from using your own strength and knowledge for your happiness. You have remained for many years with a sense of emotional frailty commanding your life and masking what you really wanted. It turns out that, in the position of passive, you can't act in the control of your own life. You need to take the position of being active and release yourself from emotional frailty. This is an exercise for your own evolution. But know that this incarnation is only an experience, and that you can walk through it with all the resources you desire, and that will contribute to your walk if you look at it that way. It just so happens that you lose your power of creation when you are led by the emotional fragility. You have spent a lifetime preparing to materialize your own reality. You only need now to put aside the thought of suffering, and manipulate the energies for your benefit and happiness, you know how to do so. When it is for the good, daughter, we are together with you to promote the materialization of everything you desire. It's in your hands.

I am Lady Master Portia on behalf of the Karmic Board.



Hello, Masters. Lately I've been seeing flashes when I close my eyes, even briefly, when I blink. I often see a pair of large yellowish eyes, I sometimes see other shapes, other eyes, faces, scenes, an eagle, everything in a fast and clear way. When I was a kid I used to have dreams about a very handsome boy, it was on a beach, he played with me, I do not know who he was, I know I liked him very much. And when I was awake I used to see him in flashes, just like it is happening today. I would like to know what it is, if you could clarify me, since it intrigues me. I'd like to know who that boy is, as well, I remember his face until today, after all this time. I am grateful for your presence in our lives. Namaste!


Daughter, realize that you live simultaneously in multiple dimensions. You are materialized in different manifestations according to each dimension, in different bodies simultaneously. While you are living here amid the experience of matter, in this physical dimension, you are also in other places. What you understand as time is not real. Time is present, it is simultaneous. In each dimension it is understood differently and so it turns out to be simultaneous. When you rise in connection with the I Am, you need to go through several layers of self-surpassing, and you gradually contact your other Selves, but you can not remember, because it happens in millionths of a second in the earthly time. Therefore, daughter, there is nothing to worry about. This is completely natural and only indicates that you are in contact with multiple dimensions, just like everyone. It just so happens that, gradually, everyone will have this understanding, for the moment only a few can perceive it; this will become natural and will be part of your days, which is the fact that you are aware that you live in multiple dimensions. Establish contact with the I Am, and keep aligned with the Central Planetary Sun too, so that you live this incarnational experience on Earth, and thus absorb the learning here from the Earth better, without being carried away by the reveries of the mind that may arise due to such visions. Stay in peace, daughter.

I am Melchizedek



Hello, Masters, my gratitude for being able to speak with you again, it's been years that I have been reading and learning a lot about spirituality and this has freed me. Masters, I am trying to cleanse negative feelings, I am seeking to know myself so that I can fulfill my mission in this reincarnation. I have a wonderful family and I care a lot about my parents, I feel that I have to rescue something with my father, I often try to make him see the world in a different way because I feel he is trapped in his own world and a little alienated, and every time I try to talk to him about a situation I get irritated and I can never have a healthy dialogue, which could help him, after that I feel frustrated and remorseful for having argued. I have tried not to get irritated and not impose my opinion, and just talk, but I still have not succeeded. Masters, how can I change this situation? My father is also depressed and has diabetes, it seems that he has closed himself to the world, he is going through financial difficulties and this makes him feel even worse. At home we are trying to help him treat depression and diabetes in an alternative way with herbal remedies and healing touches at the spiritist center, but we can not have him to go there, he thinks he does not need help and that everything is okay. At home, we are distressed, we want so much to see my dear dad on his joviality of yore. Dear Masters, what is the matter with my father and how can we help him? My gratitude.


My daughter, how easier your world would be if you understood that this Sir, your father, raised his children, had his family, always doing the way he felt good and the best way possible. He fought like everyone else, with his own inner restrictions that still continue to be purified, now with physical and psychological symptoms due to age. Daughter, do not miss the blessed opportunity you are given to simply stand beside your father, asking for nothing, just accepting him the way he is. For throughout his life he has acquired wisdom, he has learned a way of living, a pattern that will not be broken except by himself. What makes you think you're wiser than him and so help him choose a better path? Realize, daughter, that it is your ego shouting for thinking you can solve everyone's problems, when there are situations that need to be solved within you. Before thinking you know what is best for your Father, learn to be affectionate with him, daughter, to listen even if you do not agree, because it may be your mission with him - to be understanding. Realize, my dear, that there is a trigger within you that brings you back to past situations in these conversations. The imbalance you feel has nothing to do with your father, because if you seek truthfully you will see that what you feel is not external, but inside you. And the situation your father lives only helps you awaken this trigger inside you. Your father, as an old man, will not accept to be told about his life, since he has his own wisdom. Instead, try to look inside yourself for what detracts you from the balance you need to maintain the dialogue, and then you will see that it is not about your father, but yourself. Be in peace. I'm your brother.

Master Gregorio (Chico Xavier)



I have always complained about a lack of vitality. I've always felt weak, fragile, although they say I'm strong. I often have large variations of energy during the day. I sometimes feel my energy draining away and I don't know why. It feels like fainting. At other times, when I decide to do a task that may not be difficult, I immediately feel discouraged and lacking in strength. It seems as if the execution of it required an effort that is beyond my reach. Are they memories? Currently I am going through a phase in which I feel better. I would like you to explain to me what is going on with me, and if the spiritual work I have been doing fits and is appropriate in order to overcome the problem. Grateful for the opportunity.


Hail, daughter. Hail the strength of Ogum, hail Iemanja and the kingdom of the Orishas. Hail mom nature, the four winds and Iansan. Hail!
The feeling of excessive exhaustion and fatigue comes from the energetic gyre of the chakras, which are paralyzed when the daughter makes contact with certain energies. It is the feeling of the closure of the chakras; it gives the sensation of collapsing the auric field. It is as if, for a moment, you, daughter, had your chakras closed, and then, through your light, they started vibrating again and resumed the natural spin. Those are energies that accompany you, daughter, in order to disrupt the day, to block your development, daughter. Seek the elementals of nature, daughter, by eating vegetables, fruits, juices, then the energy will remain in your auric field, which will keep you revitalized. You, daughter, are going to ask for protection to the Orishas everday, Mother Iansã will be with you, daughter, protecting you against all energy that comes in contact with you, daughter. But the main strength you, daughter, will have to have is to watch over your thoughts, maintain inner peace, not get involved in petty things, avoid talking about people, and keep the energy high. Otherwise, you, daughter, will not keep yourself protected. Hail the strength of Ogun and Oxala. Hail!

Father Benedito from Angola



Beloved Masters, how to overcome fear? I am awakening and following the spiritual path that my heart indicates, and I have already achieved some valuable experiences on the physical and astral plane. But fear is blocking my progress. I am terrified of the brothers of the stars, I do not know if it is related to childhood traumas, but I do not understand why I am so afraid of what exists on the other side of the veil and its manifestations. I need to get over this because I feel like I do not move, I'm parked on the same level of consciousness. Gratitude Beloved Masters! Namastê!


Greetings daughter. Today I come to tell you that the soul is the abode of our Father. We keep in our heart the primordial energy of God, which shines in the certainty that he is in the control of all creation, where nothing happens without his knowledge. What you feel is only the contact with your awakening, where you will slowly release yourself to feel what you hold in your heart. When we begin the path of awakening we focus on the external world, we search for that which is external to us and that resonates or causes us fear. This process is natural, a process of detachment from the judgment that for a long time has separated us from that loving energy that we keep in our heart. Gradually daughter, you will realize how all those longings, fears, will no longer make sense. Much will cease to make sense in your life. But precisely in this absence of purpose, it is that you will have to seek, you will have to look for what causes you happiness. And on that day you will have no doubt if you are on the right path, for the questions will cease and from your inner stillness the greater light will shine, God who is kept in your heart. Be in peace.

I am Lady Master Nada



Greetings to the Masters! I would like to ask you if I will be able to start medical school in this lifetime. I've been trying for so long. Meanwhile for financial reasons, I completed another graduation that does not satisfy me completely. Will I ever get medicine in this life? Was it written in my Plan for this Incarnation (in my Destiny) that great waiting for the realization of that dream? I love to study. Why have not I realized this dream yet? I would also like to ask about my love life. I do not easily like guys from my daily life, because I have the impression (strong!) That I made an agreement with another soul. I do not know if that makes sense, but I feel deep inside that I must wait for this soul, and I feel that it is very far from me, in another country. In fact, I know who that person is, and I'm mentalising her now. Should I trust this intuition, this feeling? Should I wait for this meeting, or am I being fooled by some mechanism in my own mind? Is this bond of commitment that I feel real? Is this person waiting for me for some spiritual agreement we made before we incarnated? With Love and Gratitude!


Hello daughter. He realizes how much he enters into a mental process, where he plans the future, the profession, idealizes the relationship that he most believes would be salutary, but forgets to live. Simply living in a society that imposes standards, customs, yearnings and that lives within the mind of wanting and wanting, always struggling to stay in control of life. See that there is nothing wrong with simply wanting something good in your way, wanting the profession you want, wanting the relationship that in logical terms would be most appropriate. But the daughter life, was not made to live this way, with so many yearnings, with so many wants. It should be lived with feeling, not with the mind. Closing in these aspects is caught in a process that blocks their feelings, stops being in contact with the heart. For if I listened to your heart I would not have so many questions, I would know what is good for you, and I would be sure that you have always been on the right path. The mind, daughter, creates idealizations that experience will inevitably bring us disappointments, for no plan, perfect as it is, will replace the experience of a life in integrity to the Essence that flames in your heart. Do not tread on this mental path, instead, be silent and allow the answers to dissolve in your mind, like a syrup that flows through the haunting thoughts that does not allow you to settle down to simply live life. Be in peace.

I am Serapis Bey

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - April 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.