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Tuesday, May 16, 2017





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Gratitude dear Masters, Angels and Guides for your love, protection, guidance and blessings that bring to my being and my life. I am at an important moment in my life when I have the possibility and support to create the dreamed life, but it seems that I am stuck, I can not act, choose or decide, I am not seeing my true path, I am not seeing people And situations with which I can co-create a new life, and I do not know how and what to do to move forward and in what work and place I can fit in. I really like to live a true love and sharing, I still have a person in the head, but I think it will never come to fruition, is it better to let this person leave my life instead? Why did this person appear in my life? Lastly, is there something important for me to know right now that I can not see and understand? Very grateful of heart.


Daughter of the heart. The answer is yes. There's something you can not see. You can not see with the eyes of the heart. You're just looking at the eyes of matter. And the image is different when you look from both angles my daughter. You are inserted in the reality that creates with your mind, which is only of confusion, where nothing materializes and there is no way established before you. You will begin to notice the way of the heart when you stop thinking "with the mind," when you stop looking for something, dreaming about something. When you are centered on your gift and begin to cultivate the most important feeling to establish balance, gratitude, you will see how you can gradually find the feeling you seek, of satisfaction and joy with your own life, just as it is now. And this joy will keep you burning more and more the Trina flame that is the connection with your most subtle Self. You will cease to hear the callings of the lower self that pulls you down, looking only at matter, and thus will remain more and more stable at this level of understanding, the Higher Self, through only the feeling of gratitude. The future of peace, love and happiness manifests itself in his life in this way, without waiting or searching for him, when he realizes, he is simply there, and his life is already different, he will already perceive the transformation taking place. But for this you need the plowed soil, the prepared ground, which is the gratitude to radiate from your heart, which prepares the ground for the planting of the seeds by God in your life. This is the feeling of devotion. It's Hanuman's energy. Jay!

I am Hanuman



Beloved Masters, all my love and my light in gratitude for the guidance and love of all of you, all beings of light, guides, teachers and angels. Many changes have occurred in my life, but there are times when I feel that I am accommodated in my relationship and in my work. I fear it is a lack of courage to be more bold and try to listen to my heart. I would like to fulfill my divine purpose in this life and not be accommodated. On the other hand, everything seems so good and I imagine it to be just a daydream of mine and a dose of fantasy and romanticism. Thank you with all my love for a word of light and clarification. Thank you. Love and Light.


Daughter. For so long you have been suffering, you have doubted the fact that you are well and in peace. But to really be well you need to understand that life is to be lived. You do not have to search incessantly for nothing. Just live and feel satisfied with what is necessary in your life. This is the state of those who gave themselves, satisfied in life, who learned the lightness of breathing. For what would be his purpose but to remain at peace with his life. What would be the greatest purpose of every human being other than to be well with his own life. When you feel that you must seek for something more daughter, it is the ego that does not understand the state of completeness in itself. This is a feeling the mind does not understand. So be in peace daughter, for this is your only mission. All else is mental demands that say nothing about you. Of your loving brother.

Chico Xavier (Master Gregório)



Beloved Masters, again receive my love and my gratitude for this opportunity. Grateful also to the dear brothers, Michelinha and Thiago, for such a donation. Masters, this past Friday I have completed another year of life on Earth, and I am very grateful for this opportunity to be here growing so much, and learning. However, since my childhood in this life I feel a very deep sadness, something I do not know where it comes from, but it seems to me to be very old. This sadness paralyzes me in many moments, I do not feel the desire to have a social life, to go out, to walk, and many times, it is accompanied by a very intense physical fatigue as well. Masters, I feel that I am wasting precious time in which I could be living experiences on Earth with greater intensity and involvement and could be contributing more as well. I would like to know what sadness this is? Where does it come from? I really want to heal from this Masters and I do not want to stay in the house while it seems like life happens outside. I wonder how I can get out of this sadness and lack of courage, what do I need to understand about it? How do I bring more joy into my life, more lightness and more disposition and energy to live all that a life on Earth can provide, and also so that I can contribute more? With all love, again I am very grateful, Beloved Masters!


United in peace we will bring more light to this planet. This is a phrase that says many things, is not it, daughter? For then you may realize that "united" does not mean "united in flesh" but united in Soul, united in one energy. And so that energy is a good daughter, that it is balanced and can bring peace, sometimes the union of the flesh disrupts. Each one has a road in this life to tread, but in the end, all will be united in one. This feeling of emptiness and sadness, daughter, is the call of your Soul, of your heart, for this union to occur. For within you is the truth that knows that you are One with the whole. But you feel disconnected from it all just because you are not physically participating in experiences of matter. But realize that everything has its time, daughter. What good would it be to throw yourself into the experiences of matter so that it becomes unbalanced, and then fails to promote unity in One as peace energy? Realize that each stage of life contributes to the realization of learning, and that will result in the same end. Just accept each phase as it presents itself. If you are now at a stage where you feel best within your truth, and limited in the excess of experiences of matter, then it will be good for you. But if you need to live experiences more intensely in the external environment, then you have to be prepared for that, so that your peace will remain, and that you will encounter new experiences in peace, free of anxiety or expectation, so that you do not initiate something With the basis of imbalance. Therefore, daughter, be at peace that the old will be with you in energy. Hail!

Father José from Aruanda



Dear Masters, about two years ago, I left some jobs I had. At the time I did not quite understand what was happening to me, even though my professional life was stable, I felt tired and with a strong desire for change. After I had my children, the desire to stay with them, and more at home, was greater. I keep working only that much less than before. It was not an easy change, I felt a lot of fear and insecurity. Today I understand what happened, it was a request from my soul so that I had more time for myself, more time to internalize, to follow my heart. I feel light, in peace, with time to do what I like and stay with my children and my husband. But I confess that from time to time I charge myself to work more, I know that they are thoughts of the ego, because in giving up work I also gave up being, having, a way of living. When I feel my heart, I see that it was the best choice I made, because I feel light. But I ask for guidance from the masters, because sometimes I get confused. I thank the answer.


Daughter. You put first your own peace at the expense of material distractions that do nothing to your spiritual evolution. And so he feels happy. But realize that you still live in the midst of society, and it does not conform to the standards accepted and respected by a large part of society. It is unconsciously induced to think that it is displaced, estranged, and not part of this whole, because it follows a path adverse to that of most people. You daughter, you must silence within yourself, understanding that there will always be times when you will return to the memories of former times, where you lived in a very different way from now. But just what makes you miss the old, is the healing of the wounds. You no longer have painful and difficult memories, even if you remember in thought, but these memories no longer have an abode in your heart. You are free to follow the road you choose. There may be a time when your heart will take you to resume some work, but it will not be as it was before, for it has passed through experience. Just allow your heart to guide you in peace, without expectations and without mental creations. Follow in peace daughter.

I am Pórtia



Hello beloved, gratitude for the help. My life has changed a lot in the last three years. It changed for the better. But there is an issue in which I still have difficulties, I know that our happiness lies in us and not in the external. But while in this address, I would like to start a family, have someone to follow the walk, share the good moments of life. But it is a part where I encounter many barriers and I do not know what to do, because they are always problematic people. I am getting involved with a person at the moment, and I do not really understand what the person wants, and why so afraid to try, because so much hindrance. I try to help from afar. I've been through a lot of things in this life, but I wonder if this is some kind of ransom I have to go through, and what I'm not seeing at all. I ask for guidance so that you can see more clearly the why of so many barriers when it comes to affective relationships. And as for the boy, I feel there is something wrong with the person, he is a good person, but he has something and I would like to understand. I ask for your help to help understand why it is so complicated when it comes to affective relationships.


Daughter of my heart I am your sister, Mary Magdalene. I have come to tell you that you have achieved the autonomy you wanted, but that you still have many wills. It is attracted to those who cultivate hope in you. Instead of indulging in feeling, listening, you cultivate the hope of a good relationship and that is what leads you to the repetition of the same inner patterns. By cultivating hope, it creates expectations, which makes you enter into relationships without feeling something else, without actually getting involved with the one at your side. Look for a daughter, develop habits that make you well, meet people with similar tastes, and participate in groups of common interest, but do not seek for anything, without creating expectation and let it naturally be attracted to someone who has the same interest, who has likes Related to yours. By creating yearnings, expectations, ends up looking for the meeting and does not allow him to give himself to his time, without charges, without demands. You need to get rid of the need to have a relationship, find yourself as you are, and then of course, by searching for activities that touch your heart, you can exchange ideas with people who will feel good in their presence and then, who knows, find someone to Share your days. Be in peace.

I am Mary Magdalene



Beloved Masters, deep gratitude for everything. Since childhood I have suffered from alopecia, and in recent years this has been aggravated by the hormonal change of the menopause, and also for a few years I have plunged deep into my pit to turn there into a well of clean water, Feelings, negative thoughts and attitudes and transforming everything into Light. I think I have already cleansed the feelings and attitudes that gave rise to this problem, but I am not sure and would like to know about the beloved Masters, what else do I have to do to heal this Problem and return to having a full head of hair. I ask you to ask if in the medical treatments I should do the suggested hormonal replacement, I am afraid because I think it is against nature since my body was made to stop producing certain hormones at this stage of life. Beloved Masters tell me what I need to know in order to be able to heal this problem at once, and tell me what else it is important for me to know at this point in my life. Thank you. Gratitude.


Daughter. There is a proposal to go through misfortunes, which eventually lead you to your own interior. It was necessary for this to happen, because when he saw the physical symptoms of his restrictions, he forced himself to seek, to improve. From the earthly point of view were hard tests, but on a larger view, much transformation took place inside. That was the purpose of the experience that is fulfilled every day. Now forget the physical problems, look at what it was and what it is today, how much gained in understanding, in humility, in love, how much has it been cleansed within you? As you look back to this daughter experience, you would most likely be asking to go through it all again. For in the material life everything is transient and passes, nothing endures, not even life. So you went through your own hard cleansing yes, but that was the way your Higher Self found it to show you the truth. The physical problem will not be day to night that will heal, but you may feel better, worse, until all the reflexes of your actions are totally clear both in your mind and in your soul. You should have patience and confidence in the process, knowing that it is the best for you, even though at that moment you do not understand everything that has happened and lived. But one day you will know how enriching everything has been. Do not worry so much about your body, let it flow naturally, with confidence that God is at the helm of life and the best will always come at the most opportune moment. For to God, daughter, there is not a leaf that falls without his taking notice. He is everything, just like you. Be sure of that.

Master Kuthumi

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - April 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.