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Friday, May 12, 2017





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Dear Masters, I understand that you can not give me a ready answer, because it is part of my evolution to learn to listen to the heart, to read the signs and to be responsible for my choices. However, I would like a direction. In 2013 a beautiful soul who is also in this earthly plane, was responsible for my awakening. Since then I receive signals, synchronicities occur and there are symbols that seem to be sent telepathically. Have I worked with this brother in other lives? Do we have a mission to be held together in this lifetime? Gratitude! Love and Light!


Beloved daughter. In earthly life there are no random encounters or disagreements. Every soul that crosses its path has a divine purpose in its life and can be seen as a master to bring something. For reasons of energy affinity, with some brothers we have a greater resonance of purpose, where we identify with the way we act, think and, therefore, come to admire it. But that does not mean that anyone has a greater purpose in our life, because deep down the road is to find and love for yourself, to walk towards what the heart calls you. See all material experiences as transient, some will resonate for a while, then it may be that you stop identifying yourself and continue on your way. There is no single learning because the creation is constantly changing and friends are gone and others come here in the earthly experience. There are still those who create a deeper bond, but it is still fleeting. And on this journey all these experiences that are brought to you, leave you closer to yourself. Observe daughter, how beautiful is walking and do not hold anything, just allow life to flow in confidence, for you are also a beautiful soul in all its essence. Be in peace.

I am Rowena



Masters, thank you for the opportunity to be here with you and to hear your wisdom. I have been through disappointments and sorrows in the professional area of my life for some years now. I have always been a dedicated professional and value my career, but today I am completely lost. I ask your help to identify my internal barriers, which is putting me in this situation, and in what direction I should invest my efforts. I want to find my true purpose, fulfill myself in my job, and have financial stability. Thank you, gentlemen, for your love and light. 


Beloved daughter. Be in peace. The anxiety you feel for acting is what blocks your way. He enters with much anxiety in the options that he takes. And that prevents her from feeling the situations and seeing the opportunities. It is a cycle that presents itself before your life that needs to be broken, broken, so that you can act more easily. Whenever opportunities appear to you, you observe them with the eyes of material life, walking the path of fear, the fear that generates expectations of results in you. This is the blockage you need to transcend. You will do this when you begin to feel the situations of your life. And this will happen naturally in your life, when you transcend this cycle of anxiety and expectations as to the results that present themselves. From the moment you remain in peace in the face of situations, you will see the signs and you will be open to feeling them, and this will lead you to the smoothest and lightest path. The breach that needs to transcend, however, is interior, of the energy resonance that vibrates before the situations. Be in peace.

I am Lanto



Dear Masters and channelers, my deep gratitude for this serious work that supports us so much. My question is about my connection to people. I am an introverted person, but in spite of this, sometimes I feel a great difficulty connecting with other people and at the same time I know that I have a great mission to serve. What can I do to develop? I do not know if it is a perception or a reality, but in any case, we can always learn and develop. Gratitude.


Daughter, I'm Clara. Each soul has its own way of recharging its energies. Some need more solitary time, others may do this more quickly and even in the presence of thousands of people. It does not mean that one way is better than another. There is just the way that your soul feels more at ease in anchoring the energies necessary to your day. Being introverted does not mean that you do not know how to relate, but only that you need more time in your solitude to nurture the energies necessary for the relationships that arise in your day. Each being in its essence must learn to respect itself in this aspect. But see that we are all one with the planet and nature. So relating it is something that will naturally occur in your life from the moment you find the necessary balance between anchoring the energies needed for your day and being in the midst of all. By seeking this balance, learning to feel your body and respecting yourself in its limits, without guilt, but only allowing it to be as it is, will be contributing to its development. Be in Peace.

I am Lady Master Clara



Dear Masters! Great gratitude for the opportunity! I have sought to accept and ascend spiritually. Sometimes I still fall into the trap of discouragement, despair and depression. I've always found myself an odd person with a sense of non-belonging in this world. I am grateful to God for my physical beauty and perfect health. However, I never realized myself in my personal and affective life. I'm old enough, I did not get married, I did not have children, I've been alone for a long time. I've gotten used to it and I really enjoy my company. I went back to live inside with my family and I'm not happy here. I am grateful for all their love for me. I love them so much. But I can not adapt. I'm known as the crazy family. I do not like to leave the house. I prefer to stay with my animals and nature. Always feeling strange as if I did not belong to this world. But I am studying and seeking my ascension. I ask the beloved Masters: Am I on the right track? Am I being selfish? How to improve myself and not fall into depression, do not let me carry the dark energy? I do not know if the questions are right. But it's in my heart. Many doubts about my walking. Thanks. Namastê!


Daughter. See yourself as free in your walk. Like the air that passes through the cracks to enter all environments. You are free to do what you feel and there is nothing that requires otherwise. The physical life imposes us many duties, obligations, weights and charges. But this only affects us if we resonate with that energy. Otherwise not, because we are aware of our truth and happiness. If you say it like crazy, ask yourself sincerely. Are these healthy? Realize that everything depends on a point of view and what we accept that impose us. It's very simple. The sadness you feel is simply because you accept the imposition of these obligations, these social duties. Just follow your daughter life, the way you do well and do not care so much about the vision they bring you. There is only the truth of your heart and nothing more. So that you are always in that confidence, come to watch the moments that fall into sadness. Meditate on the facts that lead you to this. Ask for my presence that I will be radiating you with the golden flame of wisdom to illuminate your thoughts. Be in peace daughter.

Lord Maitreya



Dear Masters, first of all I wish to thank all the love that has given us, when I think of you, I feel sweetness and Peace. I have been trying to stay awake, but sometimes it is difficult to understand and listen to my Higher Self, or to understand the true message, and many Sometimes I feel confused. I need you to help me look at this relationship more clearly, one hour I feel I must go on without looking back, other times I feel that I must stay and persist, other hours I do not know what to think. In fact, I feel that I need an external look like yours to help me clear this situation, to seek to understand better to what I feel, so that I can follow. I ask: What does this relationship mean? What have I yet to learn? If I can, it also clarifies what I see in the letters and in the pendulum, to what extent it is induction or intuition. May I be a being of Light and Peace on earth. Love you!


Hi, my sister, I'm Clara. Today I come to tell you something simple, but subtle and simple. Instead of focusing only on the mental process, learn to feel your body, to search for the energies that attract you to the thought forms. Human language is manifested only through speech, writing. But in the ascended realms, we have many other forms of communication besides the verbal one. Telepathic manifestation is much deeper than thoughts that pass through your mind in the form of words. And as you learn to feel the thought-form that permeates your mind, energetically, you will be able to distinguish what comes from the I AM presence of that matter anchored in the mind through human traditions. Seek in your body for the broader language that will become a subtle form of intuition and then you will see clearly the distinction and origin of the forms of thought you hold. Be in Peace.

I am Lady Master Clara



Hello dear Masters. A few months ago, people working channeling beings of light told me that I had an important job to do, and that "it's late, but it's never late". I was very surprised and I do not know what this work is. Lately I feel a warmth in the region of the heart, solar plexus and hands. I also constantly see a blue / violet shadow in the mirror. I would like you to tell me what these sensations mean, and if I am in the way that should be, and what work that is. Thank you so much.


Greetings daughter. The greatest work you can do is with yourself. Understand once and for all, there is no help greater than your self-help, because only then will you be freeing yourself and allowing yourself to leave your trail of light that will help many. The work you must do is to free yourself from forms of thought that somehow bind you to material commitments. Feeling loose and light, you will feel a deep peace in your heart. This state will allow you to hear more clearly your intuition, which is nothing more than the irradiation of the I AM presence in your life. Just look for that silence, for these signs that you identify at present are only your heart calling for liberation. By anchoring this feeling you can then free yourself to discover the real purpose. But child, you will not do it mentally. Remember that there is much benevolence around you, and the freedom of the forms of thought that bind you naturally will lead you to anchor a purpose of helping the liberation of those who will knock your door for clarification. Be in peace.

I am Saint Germain

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - April 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.