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Wednesday, May 10, 2017





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Good morning, masters. Thank you for your attention. My outburst is the pain I feel for not feeling accepted or loved within my own family. I am 53 years old, I did not get married, I did not have children, I always worked to support myself, I am independent, I love traveling, and from a very early age I am a spiritualist and I knew all the beliefs I could. I was well raised by my mother (who was abandoned by my father) along with 2 other sisters. A very Catholic mother, moralistic and tough. Lots of fights and misunderstandings during life. She gave me what she could give, she gave me what she could give. I believe that in her eyes I have become nothing of what she would like. I have always felt that my mother does not accept me as I am and does not respect me. I have a 19-year-old niece who has serious relationship problems with her mother, my sister. My niece shares spirituality with me, just me and her, and we get along very well. My doubt, my pain: I have always been much criticized and judged by my mother, but from time to time my sisters share this with my mother. In a way, my mother grew stronger. Before, my problem was only with my mother. Now why do all three despise me? Why does my mother and my sisters show so much dismay for me? Are you so angry with me? Why am I not accepted as I am? Why are my sisters doing this too? At the moment, I feel totally apart from my family. I only have a good relationship with my niece, who fully understands what I go through and in a way, she goes through that too, to a lesser degree. I would like to understand why my sisters are feeling this for me. It hurts a lot in my heart. Gratitude to hear me.


Daughter. Understand your answer from your question. Why do you need to be accepted in your family environment? Why do you need to be understood? Because it simply does not go its way letting each one follow yours. People, daughter, are afraid of losing us to something they do not understand, and thereby tighten the siege to hold us together through the energy of judgment. But when you accept judgment in your consciousness you are energetically linked to the situation. If you really want to be free, go your way with freedom, leaving inwardly those who do not understand you. And so leave the trail of light for them to follow when they want, when they are ready. You are not required to carry or to be charged. You are free to follow your path, but for this you must have the courage to abandon yourself inwardly, freeing yourself from the need to be accepted, failing to accept the judgment you place on yourself and just follow your path with the lightness of the one who follows the heart . When you are ready you will see your life change and you will be free to go your own way. Be in peace.

I am Serapis Bey



Masters, I split up almost twenty years ago and basically went through two things. On the one hand I saw myself rescue questions like who I am? How can I be better? What can I do to improve? And I ended up doing therapy, I knew practices like complementary and energetic therapies that helped me a lot. On the other hand, I also selfabout a lot, and I experience a lot of loneliness, a lot of erotic reading, masturbation and visits to erotic blogs. I live a duality in self-love and wanting to be someone else, because I do not want their own self. Between wanting to rise and sink. And often I feel aimless, without plumb and without deserving. Divided between helping, doing good and living the joy of this practice and discrediting myself and finding myself unworthy. How can I beat myself? I really miss being with someone I trust and who welcomes me. But sometimes I feel like I'm a manipulator and I do not deserve it. Thank you for your words.


Self-love, when raised to the level of I AM consciousness, will gradually free itself from those bonds that still hold it in duality. These feelings are only the manifestation of the lack of self-love. It is not enough just to seek who you are in yourself without cultivating self-love. Because that way you will not find out who you are in this quest. You will always be living in duality. Judgment and lack of love for yourself means that you remain in a vicious circle of self-punishment and pursuit of pleasure. That it will only be found if it is steadfast in its purpose. Realize daughter, who for a long time lived a reality different from the one that seeks to live now, but will not at once achieve the desired result without seeking hard to repeatedly affirm her new purpose to herself, surpassing even her lower inclinations. Sexuality is something sacred, but it has been corrupted for a long time and still is today, causing you and so many other women to feel lost in the pursuit of themselves, leading them to think that they are still moved by sensuality in order to seek pleasure In inferior connections, where there is no cultivation of self-love, you see yourself as an object and thus see those who seek with their eyes to feed your pleasure. You are only putting on the outside what you feel for yourself, for you will only be able to attain the state of looking at others in a loving way and not turning them into objects of pleasure when you look at yourself in that way. For this you need to be firm, if you are willing to change, because you need to identify the first impulse, the one that generates the first physical sensation of need, and that turns into fuel to move you to the next actions. Identified impulse, so work in meditation asking for the energy of the sacred feminine to enfold you in love. Bringing the powerful energy of woman, of feminine love. Go radiate that light from the point where the need for physical sensation departed, expand and observe the radiance of this love and the power of the sacred by the energetic thread that observes to form, from the point connected to your physical body, and that will take To the point of departure from which the memories that make her think she is an object of pleasure are registered. Brighten up this whole place, being shown or not to you, but command that the energy of the sacred feminine illuminates all these records, involving forgiveness and love. Let them be bathed by my light, command and call for my presence and the beloved Master Jesus, we will bring the closure of the work up to this point, which must be repeated every time you feel the first impulse. Let go of judgment my child, love yourself, and in a short time you will be free of these impulses when you will become a new woman free and loved for herself. I love you, daughter.

Lady Master Mary Magdalene



I'm involved in an extramarital relationship, and I'm filled with guilt. We have tried to separate, we know that it is not right, and we suffer a lot, we can not separate. I would like guidance and a light on how to deal with this situation with wisdom and love. Everlasting gratitude!


Daughter. Experience a material relationship, bound by human pleasures, but that does not complete you in sentimental terms. It only functions as an escape valve to fill your days, without an involvement where someone has to share a life. This relationship is based on a carnal connection, on the connection between the lower chakras that cause a sentimental confusion, where they think they are connected to something else. But you see, daughter, they both use this relationship as a valve to escape the real camouflage feeling. For both, this is an escape to not be seen in the lack of sentiment of both. We do not say to be right or wrong, for there is no guilt here, but if you look deeply you will see that there is no involvement of division, of understanding, but only something fleeting so that your days will be softer when you are momentarily filled. Meditate on these words and do what your heart says does you good. Be in Peace.

I am Rowena



Hello dear brothers of the light. Firstly, I want to thank you for the guidance and help that comes to me in many ways. I am more and more aware of myself. I always felt like a fish out of water. I often feel that I do not fit into society. I am often sad and lonely, even jealous of people's ease of relating. I feel that I have an energetic sensitivity. Sometimes I feel exhausted and in pain. Mainly the left side of the shoulder. I have a beautiful son and I feel he has the same sensitivity. But sometimes I think it can be my influence. I would like guidance on my journey. About why I feel this. Am I influencing my child in some way? Love you. I have a great affinity with Archangel Michael. I feel like I've been a warrior in your legion. Eternal gratitude, my beloved. Namastê!


Greetings my sister. It is a beautiful angel to occupy a physical body. Do not doubt it. This feeling that carries in your heart, not to be part of society is because it still looks at everything as if it were not one to the planet and the people. You still look at the experiences and you do not understand them in your heart. All these are forms of thought, however, sooner or later, will lead everyone to that lighter understanding that carries in their aura. You need to understand that you should not feel bad about these feelings that you have inside you, to look at the world and in a way feel the need to isolate yourself. This is an energetic phase that experiences and will gradually integrate naturally and begin to feel more comfortable observing the experiences. In isolating myself, my sister, only seeks a way to keep in her inner energy, but gradually do so even in a crowd. You will be able to remain protected and isolated as your auric field gains protection. Ask for my presence in the mornings and at bedtime, and how often I need it a day. I will be radiating you and this help will form a protective cover that will allow you to feel integrated to everything, but keeping closed in its essence. Now you can understand the sensitivity you have, for the will to isolate itself is nothing more than the contact with the energies of lesser dimensions that damage you in your auric field. See this as a phase. Gradually you will feel more confidence in yourself, close your field in protection through the blue flame and you will be able to maintain your truth without this dense connection in your humeral chakra. This chakra expresses precisely the contact with the energies that do not resonate, and then comes the will to isolate itself. Everything is connected, including you and your child by love. By protecting yourself you will be protecting him as well. Apply my armor daily, wrapping your child in a protective field, that progressively that sensation will diminish to the point of being in places with many people and simply no longer feel the energy difference. Be in Peace.

I am Michael Archangel



Grateful immense for the words that comfort our hearts. I feel, in the professional field, at a crossroads, always. Today it has improved because I can sustain myself by leaps and bounds. This runs in parallel with the rescue of my self-esteem. I think it has a relationship. But I do not know. I had problems in one of the jobs that I have, I thought about giving up, I faced the situation and I feel that this strengthened something in me. I am grateful for the experience. However I have felt a lot of desire to do something that is good for me, in which I feel more valued than in this work in which I am in the evening. I did a great university, I love to study, to teach, I love work in my office, but I still need extra income to keep me going. Doing work that did not require intellectual effort never seemed to be a problem for me, but now I feel it's time to look for something else. I really wanted it to be my office, but I understand that the walk is gradual, that I still have a lot of learning to do. I teach English too, I like it a lot. I thought about sending projects to large companies offering service packages and things like that. But I do not know loved ones. Whenever I think of the professional field, I feel my hands tied. I need money to move on the subject, to take courses, to learn more things so that my work can grow. Please, beloved ones, if you can, and if it is of my merit, give me a light? And if this is all just my ego's move, may you also point that out to me. Gratitude, I love you!


Daughter. All the roads we ride in this life are part of building something bigger. Each day, with each new experience learned in different performances, it adds a little more wisdom in your luggage, and that when the time comes, it will be necessary for you to follow something more aligned with your heart. All experiences are necessary, but provided they are carried with balance and peace in the heart. Add love in all your activities, just waiting to be shown at the right time, what learning you had there that will be carried forward to new opportunities. But realize that the transitional phase is the one you have the most opportunity to add wisdom, as long as you take it with balance and living with the thought in the present, without feeding illusions or escape from learning. Every change is made in a gentle and loving way, as long as it allows it to be so. The addition of too many activities and loads in your walk or even the abandonment of experiences prematurely will cause you to suffer in the process. But remember, the natural process is always without suffering, as long as you accept living in the present and accepting the experiences that are presented in order to build your baggage of wisdom, which will be necessary for future experiences. Stay in peace daughter.

Lady Master Pórtia



Dear Masters, I have dreamed the same kind of dream for almost two years now. I'm single and I have no relationship. But I've been dreaming a lot about motherhood, pregnancy, babies and twins. In the last dream, in January of this year, I saw myself pregnant with a huge belly, and then I saw the moment I gave birth to the twins. I appreciated his baby faces. At the same time, I have also dreamed of the same boy, who is always the father of my children and with whom I live a relationship, as a boyfriend and / or husband. I also often see signs, such as repeated hours and numbers, that somehow relate to the date of birth of this boy. I wonder what that means. Am I living just a romantic fantasy fruit of my imagination or do I really have any kind of connection with this guy, from past lives? There are times when I feel like communicating with him through the dreams and signs I see often. I often dream about him, as if we knew each other and lived a relationship and felt very happy. Gratitude, Masters! Love you!


Daughter. It brings in these experiences, opportunities for inner healing, crystallizations of misunderstood feelings that are part of its history. It is undergoing an inner healing process that causes it to have visions where it blends past with the future, the way it understands how incarnate on this planet. But what is shown to you are only possibilities, parallel timelines that exist yes, in fact, but which will not necessarily manifest in matter. What my daughter needs is just focusing her energy on the present moment. Anchoring with your divine presence I Am in your heart, so that it balances these scattered memories of parallel realities and centralizes everything in the connection with the I Am. In this way, it will allow the flow of life to occur naturally. For these visions are only due to the imbalance which, coupled with his greatest fears and emotional traumas, brings some parallel forms to his vision in the now, unbalanced and misaligned. When you keep your balance, focusing only on the present, you allow the manifestations to occur only in order to bring peace and fulfillment, without the suffering of feeling unhappy with the present life and with the current experiences. Just get balance, daughter. Follow in radiated peace in my love.

Lady Master Mary Magdalene

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