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Monday, May 8, 2017





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Beloved Masters, I have been in a transition phase in my life for many years. As a young man I studied, I met people, I lived a normal life, I got a job and I got married. After finishing this relationship abruptly, I began a period of few achievements and few relationships. This period lasts many years. All the people I know end up being a burden to me. They do not mind living together and it's a big disappointment. In everything I get involved, I try to start new activities and they end up in this cycle of discouragement, and I can not change my life in any sector. I ask the Beloved Masters if I can overcome this phase and change the course of my life, have a relationship, some activity that can accomplish me, very grateful.


My daughter. You are not allowing the free flow of your heart. It forces itself to maintain a life that it considers normal, and that it took before, but no longer adjusts to this routine. Just let the free flow of your own free will. Not covered. Abandon rational thinking. Let go of relationships that no longer fit your new way of being, and which do not give you full satisfaction. Respect yourself and your own wills. Listen to your heart, for by filling your mind with charges, trying to fit into life in society, let go of your truth, to be what others are. There is no way to find yourself trying to fit the outside. What you need is to just listen to what your heart says, hear what your body says, and what the silence of your mind brings to you. Engage only in relationships that are joyful and engaging in pleasure, and also in activities that bring joy and peace. The inner silence has been jumped by you, trying to fit into the middle of society, and thereby does not allow the free flow of your life. Just allow yourself to be silent. Remain alone when you feel this way, listen to your inner Self, watch for the signs that your body brings to you, the sensations, and follow your intuition fully. The right people and perfect places will open to you, if you will allow yourself to listen to yourself. Invoke the golden flame to remove any internal imbalance. Let the free flow of the golden light and silence in that peace.

I am Constance



Beloved Master, who now reads my message: I am very grateful for the response of last week and I want everything but to overload the channel with one more question. Only one question that I consider fundamental, related to my family nucleus, which is a home of much light and love that still cares very much of me. I have a younger brother with a "neurodivergence", was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at age 8. He is one of the most incredible people I know, precisely because of his way of living, which is difficult to accept in society. He, who is 17 years old now, will soon become an adult, and we do not know how his path will be, whether he will achieve the autonomy we want for him, whether he will work like other people, etc. This doubt always troubles us, because we want it to be free and happy in its own way, but we do not know how to unite this and what life demands of work, responsibilities, in short, material life. What can I know to understand my brother and his soul more, and to be able to help in some way in his way?


Beloved daughter, Greetings! We would like to tell you that your brother does not have any syndrome in our eyes. On the contrary, it is a self-centered being who finds so much beauty in his interior that he feels bad when he looks at the outside. They are people who are within themselves and who do not need to live next to the normal world. They become complete in themselves and are enough for themselves. Society does not understand this because it requires patterns of behavior, accepted and not accepted, normal and abnormal. But not to anything abnormal or to be accepted. What they need to understand is that their brother is a being with innumerable capacities that can expand, which is enough to be allowed with confidence. He may have his life yes, though he always needs special care to live in the world as he is made. It is as if the world were not for him, for there are many patterns in his surroundings, which he does not recognize. You need to get out of the common material patterns as a family so that it can develop. They must grant the freedom of activities that satisfy them and draw their attention to the external. It will be a joint work of discovery. But they need to trust that God always gives us the best when we give up our yearning for results. But if he does not follow social standards, break those with him, so that he can find out how to get out of the beauty in which he lives his days. Be in peace.

Serapis Bey



Dear Masters, my heart is tight, and I am sad and anguished. I'm single and 47 years old. After many years I met a person who awakened in me feelings of liking someone, of wanting to be around and wanting to talk, feelings that were very much asleep. We know each other through volunteer work with animals to which we are a part. At first it seemed that he was interested, too, but with the passing of days I feel him withdraw. At the same time when he is close he is considerate and kind. With that I do not know what to do, I do not know if I keep investing or forgetting, leaving only the friendship. I've already asked the universe for a sign, but I can not see the signs it wants to give. I can not understand why these feelings make me so confused and I'm almost in inertia, letting the days go by without taking any action. Please, I would very much like an orientation.


Daughter of light and love. We are here to help you in this journey of discovering your inner faults, which are generating in you some forms of thoughts that are often not real. The free feeling of being, which does not expect retribution or return in relation to an offered act of love and charity, is the nature of being freed from attachment and material form. This was the path she chose for herself. The act detached from expectations of retribution, which devotes to animals, is their true search and what makes them feel complete and in line with their true essence. This reality may sometimes seem disconnected from what much of mankind understands as a life and acceptable trajectory in matter, but it is real and complete in heart, and therefore perfect for you. Daughter realize that the charge that is absorbed in you, to think unconsciously that it is necessary to establish some bonds that are understood as standard, and normal for society, are what often generate the expectation of something, retribution of the donated feeling, and Who is fed by that one who delivers to you nothing more than you have tenderly and selflessly offered to animals. Realize that the feeling that attracted you is the same as that which you dedicate to others, and it is offered to you in the same self-denying and unselfish way, just as it is the true and pure feeling. You, daughter, donate love and gentleness in a self-sacrificing way and also receive the same feeling from another medium, so the cycle of energetic exchanges of experience as incarnate forms. So let my daughter absorb the feeling that is given to you in a way that is detached from expectations and retributions and allows life to take all events naturally. For when you give love, love will receive. And so it is.

Lady Master Rowena



Dear Masters, thank you for the opportunity. I am 49 years old and unfortunately I started to wake up a little while, trying to improve, evolve, learn, but I do not know if I'm doing what should be done correctly. I would like you to guide me. I feel like a fish out of the water in my family, more specifically with my husband. What should I learn from this coexistence with him? I long to pursue my life with my daughters in another direction, to begin again. I'm studying for competitions, I want to spend, start working, move house, city, own my life, be authentic again. I am grateful to my husband for all he has done for me and for having learned so much from this painful union, but now I want another way. Am I being ungrateful or breaking some karma? Is it too late for me to change the direction of my life or am I letting myself take for illusions? Thank you very much.


Daughter. Life transforms, modifies, and this is natural. Perhaps it is not normal for you, for each of you is very sure of the ways you have learned and become accustomed to living. The correct word is this: habits. How hard are the human habits of being broken, for they bring us the comfort of apparent security, of knowing how it will be the next day. Or at least we think we'll know. It is something that binds them, that which they get used to and then bear. But how much easier it would be if they simply let go of the need for that security and risk living the experience. At this point they would stop asking themselves if they have commitments, if there is karma. They would just let go of life to let it flow. But we return to habits. They are the ones that bind them to a routine that often leaves us on the edge of the unbearable in exchange for an apparent security in life. But life has been made to experience what the soul asks of us, and for this we need to be free of beliefs, constraints and just move on doing what makes us happy. Live your life, my sister, as you please. Just allow yourself and be at peace.

Serapis Bey



Good Morning. First of all I would like to thank the opportunity. I am a resident of the city of Campinas-SP, almost two years ago. I came here to carry out a chemical dependency treatment. For 10 years I was a crack user. In my early months here were discoveries and knowledge. The treatment lasted five months. It ended in November and 2015. Since then I've been regressing. I was unemployed a month ago after going through five jobs in 17 months. I'm always dissatisfied, I end up sabotaging myself. I am a cook and I like to cook, but this profession requires sacrifices of working on weekends and holidays. I am looking for a job that is free during these periods. And I often believe I'm not fit for that profession. I also started a relationship with a boy, the first relationship of my life. I do not trust him, I do not know for sure how he feels about me. I've been thinking a lot about finishing. I have cried several times, thought a lot in my past. I miss. I feel a lot of desire to go back to using drugs. I have no friends here. I sought psychological help, but it is difficult. I got discouraged. I'm very sleepy. I lost faith. I can not change, evolve. I always end up going back. Back. My life does not go forward. All very confusing in my mind. I do not know if it's going to be worth it to stay here. Continue my relationship. I do not know what to do. I liked to ask your advice. Where am I going wrong? What can I do to win the peace and the life I long for? Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day everyone.


It is with great love that I enfold you in my mantle of protection and peace. And reaffirming to you that I am with you, yes at all times. You, my beloved son, are a handsome worker of the light, a great warrior of love, who chose to be inserted in the most dense and inferior energies, so that there may be light there. We greet you for taking your life with courage and faith, within the possibilities of your restraint of matter. But knowing that within it shines light and peace. A new era is already forming in him and the eagerness to see, the eagerness to see materialized in his life this era of peace, is what torments his heart. That is why he seeks a relationship that does not complete him and also through experiences that do not complete him. Then I bring to you a less painful way to lead life, and I guide you in your true purpose. It was necessary that you lived the experiences of pain, so that you perceive the suffering of others, so that you are prepared to take your example of overcoming others who also need. You will find your inner peace and connection to your purpose as you work assisting those who are seeking. Ali will relieve your heart and you will find comfort so that you will always feel involved in my love. I will introduce myself to you in the form of opportunity that will come to you, perceive my signs, and follow the path that I will show you. I will help you, connect with your heart, and guide you in the opportunities that will bring you the possibility of working on your purpose. Follow my signals, my son. I am with you to take my love through you, to so many others who also need it. We will work together in the name of love.

I am your Mother Mary



Greetings Masters. First of all I want to say that I am grateful for helping me and for being with me to orient myself whenever I need to. I have several questions that are as follows: Why have I become skeptical in the last few years? And although I believe you exist, it's hard for me to talk to you and ask for help? And every time I'm well, and my life improves, I forget about you and my spiritual part? Why is my life marked by periods of loneliness? So much of friends and / or boyfriend, suddenly I lose this and I'm alone again and without anyone and the worst part of being the fun and wonderful person that I am when I have friends or someone who likes me, I happen to be a sad and lonely person . I am in my last year of law and it has been quite difficult, not only the course, but also the relations that I had there and always felt that I am not part of it, but the truth is that this experience helped me a lot to find my Voice and realize that I want to change, I do not want to be quiet or quiet anymore, this personality that I have always, but that does not correspond to who I really am and for that reason, I have tried to overcome my greatest fear of public speaking and still believe That I can help others because I really care about people, but the funny thing is that I never imagined in my whole life to go straight and I do not know if the obstacles I have had is a way of telling me to change my way. Thanks.


Greetings daughter. You find yourself in a stage of discovery of what it is in essence. For many years he has undergone a process of mental immersion in matter. And the oscillation he feels is precisely the duality between the essence, the heart and the mind. It is like a process of expansion and retraction, where the energies expand and retract, so that you can discover what you really are. It begins to enter into the mental process, to flee from your heart. And when you stray from the path, you feel the sadness of the way out of authenticity. This feeling makes you go back so that you can search again. But it is a path that will naturally lead you to break away from this cycle of retraction and expansion, so that you will increasingly discover yourself, so that you become authentic and have wisdom to no longer escape from what your heart asks of you. It is a natural process that describes and gradually will become softer, as you are more secure than you are and how to react to the situations that present themselves. Be in peace.

I am Kuthumi

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - April 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.