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Saturday, May 6, 2017





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Dear Masters, it's been a long time since I've been suffering, the biggest trigger was a relationship that lasted a few months and that brought me a lot of pain, and I can not take it anymore, because I can not see what this suffering wants to tell me, I would like to know If I have any energetic connection with that person, and I ask you Masters, to help me to see the reason for this suffering and how to transmute it. Gratitude.


Daughter. Everything that is part of the physical matter is susceptible to have sensations of matter. And that is why you are suffering. For it initiated a relationship based on the joy of matter, in the constraints that are only manifestations of matter. Attachment to something of matter and its consequent detachment process generates pain. For this is how things in matter work. The pure feeling for someone, connected to the heart from which nothing is expected in return and no expectations are created in the material mind, is not accompanied by suffering and pain, even if at a loss, for it was not a feeling created from Illusion of matter. Just as you are feeling this pain, you are expending strength on something that does not contribute to your own evolution. It is inserted in its own reality of illusion, the same one that created to initiate the relationship that lasted little. Celebrate daughter, for such a relationship has lasted little, for the feeling and the union were created only as manifestations of their fears. Notice at this stage what your fears are. Forget about the relationship and bless it with gratitude for showing it to you. Shown that you are not the illusion of addiction of matter that you created. Detachment from material illusion is painful indeed, but realize that it is a pain created by yourself for yourself, as one who creates one's own suffering. Do you realize daughter, who is someone who creates her own suffering, without the help of anyone else? When you realize this, you will be free. And you will not repeat the same lessons. Stay in peace daughter. Hail!

Father José from Aruanda and Lady Master Pórtia



Beloved Masters, gratitude for your support on this journey. I am in a process of full self-acceptance and unconditional self-love that has been very empowering and revealing, about who I am and my shadows. But I came to a dilemma: how to balance this full acceptance of my being with my evolution, with the changes that I need to make to be a divine instrument on Earth for the greater good? I have sought more silence and connection with my heart and with my instincts, but I still find it difficult to discern mind / ego / heart. I have avoided judging and criticizing myself when I do not follow the standards of behavior considered ideal, I have avoided feeling guilty for not being as I thought it should be, and I want to get rid of these illusions. Basically I think I'm following my heart, but am I too indulgent with myself? Have I given myself over to my worldly desires? What subtle and delicate labyrinth is evolution! Gratitude to all lightworkers who allow us these invaluable clarifications.


My daughter, greetings! Rejoice in your question, for it shows sincerity of one who wishes to anchor the balance in your life. What you feel is a common process when we begin our openness to the I AM presence. It is when the old one begins to be transmuted to the implementation of the new. But I would like you to know that in life everything is always well. And we do not say this just to relieve you, but this is the truth of life. We say that it is, because what experience is a process where it begins to detach itself from the old and anchor the new. This inner conflict is natural in your life. There's nothing wrong. What you need to do is to no longer fit standards. There are no standards, daughter. But there are human feelings that begin to be cleansed and should not be blocked to fit this or that pattern. Human feelings are there to be lived and felt. Human emotions lead us into our own interior, just as you do in that moment. Do not worry so much. Release and let the purification process flow lightly. Just continue with this intention of purification and transmutation of the constraints that in the most everything will come naturally. What I ask of you is to let the process unfold naturally. Be in peace.

I am Serapis Bey

Dear daughter. The simplicity on the road to evolution is full reality. You misunderstand the evolutionary and ascension process, creating inner methods, challenges, and battles. But the truth, my daughter, is that the process is simple. Only the silencing of the mind and surrendering to the experiences will bring its purification. The surrender to the experiences of the incarnation with the silenced mind to hear the heart, will bring the possibility of taking all the learning that is contained in these experiences. And so you can go ahead light and free of any charge. Material experience and living in matter in true and present form is your goal, my child. It's part of the game. And therefore, freedom is only of not charging for itself an immediate result. For you have set out to be here to live the experience and not to run away from it. That is why my daughter, true learning, is only living lightly and connected to the heart, which will make you understand everything that happens to you, that understands why these experiences come to you and awaken such feelings. This is to live life in an integral and true way. My dear life is only an experience, so do not underestimate the capacity for evolution it offers. Watch yourself every minute and watch only with your heart. The mind dear daughter, is just something that distracts you from the connection with your inner, and is an obstacle you will overcome with experience. For the love of life and the planet. 

I am Kuthumi



Good morning, beloved Masters. This week I decided to harness the energy of the end of Lent to plunge into deep pain. I think you know that I mean the sense of rejection that is a constant in my life. I understand it to be my own rejection. My non-acceptance. I have constantly tried to work this out, but to no avail, or maybe I have, but because it is something so deep it still exists. I can not feel it anymore, stand up with this emptiness, wait for something that does not arrive. Feel this loneliness. This feeling of abandonment. These feelings are so ambiguous. How to work this? How to resinify? What do I need to understand? How can I welcome myself? What do I carry so hard in my records that I do not allow myself to be happy? What fault is that? Why can not I claim my right of abundance in love, in prosperity at all? The further in, the more I find myself without a way out. I want to forgive myself for any harm I've done, consciously and unconsciously. I truly want to accept and accept what I am. I want to take responsibility for my choices. And take on my mission. Without fear. Gratitude, Beloved Ones!


Dear daughter. You are bound to illusory thoughts that you are to blame for feeling this way, which is not true. The truth, my dear, is that you are a resplendent being of light to experience a brief experience on this planet, which will not exceed a few earthly seconds when compared to what is understood as time in the place from where it came. My beloved has come here, to live the experience. Feel deeply the pains that afflict humanity, and show the way to transcend them. It is not easy when you are in the experience, my daughter. But you have watched the suffering and decided to enter and be part of that story of overcoming and deliverance that humanity on Earth is going through. You are here, my daughter, to remind everyone that suffering, the feeling of abandonment, is just an illusion. You have this feeling because of your unconscious remembrance of disconnection with the divine. But this disconnect is not properly yours, my dear, but of humanity as a whole. This connection is slowly being resumed, for you know well that many thousands of people on the planet still do not understand what the spirit is. Everyone is embedded in this material experience thinking to be reality, but you know it is not. You know the truth of the spirit. And the anchoring of that truth in your heart is that it will heal this feeling of pain and abandonment. For you know that it is part of the whole. That there is nothing that is unique. That there is no self personality. That the self personality is illusory and created just so that you live an experience. An experience where it will show the path of Unity for all. It will show that there is no One. That there is all. And this is the great battle of your life, my daughter, to bring this truth. It's all clear to you, my daughter. It only lets oneself be involved in the suffering and feeling that plagues humanity, precisely because it is inserted in experience and part of it. But that is not your truth is not even your burden, my dear. Disconnect yourself from this thought just by remembering what you are and what you represent here on this planet. Bring into your inner self your true identity which is the whole, and remember it repeatedly my dear, for it is precisely the detachment from that remembrance that brings this feeling of emptiness. Activate the flame of the connection to the planet in your heart. Radiate love, pour light and charity on all, it will fill your heart, for it is your truth. Stay in peace my beloved.

Lady Master Pórtia



Hello Masters, I would like to know why I have so many fears and restlessness and in my life. Thanks.


Fear is the fruit of the mind that moves away from the truth of the heart. By carrying a life with attachment, accepting the obligations imposed upon us, we sustain fear. This fear generates the restlessness of a restless mind, which is not silent. Fear comes from our stubbornness, from not trusting in eternal life. Unrest comes from the fear that does not allow us to be silent. Trust in life, accept it. Do not let them make you compromises. Free yourself so that life may be lived according to the will of God. And everything will be simpler. Be in peace.

I am Hilarion



Beloved Boy. That day that completes more than one hundred years of your passage through the Earth. Teach me, my beloved master, how it is possible to live only to give oneself. How can you find motivation to live the routine of working and making money, and not dropping everything to do just charity work? How did you get loved brother, work and still donate yourself in charity?


My dear sister. We are all here watching you, you and Thiago, in the work of love you offer people. And we observe the when it hurts in their hearts to have to close the form with only 30 minutes of open stay. Knowing that so many people could be helped if you could handle a larger number with more time. But my daughter sees this stage as just a workout. You are still finalizing some releases that are necessary for you to have maturity to move on to higher levels of the Congregation. You are still apprentices, and you will be to the end. Just as I was, an apprentice who found in the work of charity my own breath, for life in matter was already too hard to look at without charity. Charity, being present in your lives, brings lightness and surrender. It will cause you to become more and more detached from the fear that leads you to have a double life. Just as I, too, lived my daughter, for much of my life, to have a double life. Where I worked during the day, and donated in charity at night. I gave myself heart to charity, and I no longer had personal life, but I found my truth there. That was my personal life. I was for a long period of my life, working like you, but detached from problems and worries, which made the routine lighter. For when we are inserted in the work of love and charity, we no longer see problems in small things. We know the causes of pain, and therefore we do not engage in the consequences of suffering. In the environments where you are inserted, my children, you still have a role to play, which is to show the way of love. Show this vision in relation to life and how to take the daily routine. Showing what it is like to let go of that which does not lead to the evolution of the spirit, and stick only to what matters to the heart. This learning is still part of your children's school, and so you still remain in the experience. In the future you will look back and understand how important this period has been for your growth and to make it what you will be soon. But for that, stick to the present moment. Look at the experiences as they come, and learn to look out of matter for all that is set before you. Bringing the understanding of how life is and the grandeur of the universe. With this look, you can bring a new way of living for you and show everyone how the New Age is. Be my beloved children in peace.

I am Master Gregório 



Good morning everyone. I have a friend who studies spirituality a lot, and she told me that each person has a Soul Master. If this is indeed true, I would very much like to receive a message from mine. Thank you very much in advance.


Daughter. Your true master can only be found by yourself, for it is contained in your heart. It is part of its essence. Your true master is your conscience taking light paths while your mind leads you down rocky paths. Your beloved daughter life is the quest to unite with this master who is yourself, who is your divine I Am presence. There will be many other masters along the way, some incarnate, other beings of light not incarnate on the planet, who can receive teachings through various means, through readings, study, conversations. But none of them daughter, will replace her true inner master, and are here only to guide her in this individual pursuit. For only with your inner master will you get the answers, the right guide to the journey of life and full wisdom. Only through the connection with the divine I AM presence that you will perceive the world and the experiences as a school, you can feel one with the whole and make unconditional love in your heart. Each one traces the road towards this connection that is marked by the release of diverse beliefs and illusions that matter affirms them all the time. The liberation of the illusion of matter is the gateway to this connection. The release inside only. And from there, you will see how all the beings that have passed through your life, from an Ascended Master, a saint or a guru, to a plant, an object and an animal, will be masters who guided you in this quest. There is a master, yes, my daughter, one who is needed to learn the lesson of the present moment, and this master then gives way to another, who can manifest as your worst enemy or even someone you love. All are masters, all are present in their walk to show you the way of your connection with the I Am. Stay in peace dear daughter.

I am Kuthumi 

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - April 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.