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Friday, May 5, 2017





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Beloved Masters. I have always wanted to be an instrument for spirituality. I would like to give myself more, to be able to help my brothers much more than I do now. I am married, and my husband is very controlling, does not allow me to develop mediumship. I wonder if I'm on the right track. Spirituality moves me, I wish I could serve more, what can I do in that sense? With all, joy is in the name of mine. Am I on the right track or are my ideas just illusions?


Daughter. I'm Hilarion. The question to ask yourself is: Why do I need someone to control my life? Why did you accept this control over you? For if you are sincere, you will find that you have sought for this encounter in the difficulty of making your own decisions. It's simpler to have someone to control you, than to take responsibility for everything you do. You're free, child. Was always. There is nothing to hold her, other than her own behavior. Not only so that it develops in the spiritual scope, but in everything that wants. But you need to be aware of something: It is not enough to ask for freedom in some respects only in those that interest us, and to keep ourselves trapped in others because it is comfortable. Freedom presupposes giving up everything so that we can find our own inner confidence. Be in peace.




Beloved masters, what can I do to be more useful in this planetary transition? I feel like I can help a lot more than I'm doing, am I on the right track?


Daughter. The planetary transition is life. Life passes through the transition and not the planet. To be more useful, it is enough that you seek your balance, your heart, your happiness and nothing else. In doing so you are doing all that is necessary. Live life and let it lead you. Be in peace.

I am Rowena



Infinite Gratitude Masters, for the opportunity to address to you! I feel honored with this opportunity and I vibrate with all the messages of love and light that they transmit to us all. I feel, at this moment, in a mixture of emotions. At the same time, I feel that I am very close to achieving the change of city that I so much desire, I feel trapped without concrete possibilities for that to happen. I'm 40 years old this year, I live with my parents, and I have not had any loving relationships for years. I think of living only from my new profession: Coaching. But at the same time, a new perspective on Advocacy appeared to me. But I feel lost, because I'm always starting it all on my own, with no partnership, and I feel tired of doing everything myself, especially in the city where I live. A very small city, with no prospects for growth and friendship. I feel sucked, without energy. I really want to move to Curitiba, where I feel free and happy, and I have family and friendships. When I imagine myself living there again, my heart rejoices. I feel alive and confident, because today I am a new person, different from the one who lived there 12 years ago. To have the security I want to move, I play lottery games every week. That would bring me financial security so that I would make this transition process. But I never have the results that I hope not even trying to use the law of attraction in my favor. I feel that I still have some blockage, a fear that prevents me from fulfilling this desire. I would like to start a specialization, very interesting for the Law Firm. At the same time, I would like to know if I should insist on Advocacy, or work only as Coaching, a passion in my life. In my love life, I do not have much progress either. I've never had a long relationship, but I always believe that someone special may appear. And I try to nullify some negative beliefs that family or other people say to me, that I am old and can never be a mother. I know I've neglected this part of my life a lot, but spent years and years of my life studying for public examinations, and always postponing my happiness to after approval, which has not yet come. Today I love the idea of ​​being emotionally involved with a man who loves me, who embraces me in these moments of so many doubts that I have and say: I am with you; And give me security. I always think of a person I staged years ago, and who we sporadically keep in touch, but I never know if it's imagination or if we could really be together. I know he's alone too, and I know I'm a good company, because in those years alone I learned to be happy and to enjoy my own company. Sometimes I think it's the illusion of my solitary mind, and that there's going to be a nice person who will prove to everyone that love happens to everyone, and that I deserve it too. For this, I ask you with great gratitude, faith and hope, a message of light for my journey and my life, both professional and loving. Should I insist on my change of city? Which way to choose? I continue in the Law? How to live a love? Do I have a chance for this to happen in my life? I want to live. I do not want to look back and think about how much life I lost without any positive results. Today, I recognize these mistakes, and I have changed a lot with suffering. I have always been at the disposal of everyone in my family who needed me. Today, everyone has their own families, and I'm alone. Therefore, I count on the help and the noble advice of you, who have been a consolation and light in my life. Thank you all for listening to me, I cry with emotion. A great kiss of light and infinite love. Love you.


Beloved daughter. From all that has lived must have learned a lesson, that we should not stray from our path because of the impositions that have brought us. By bringing you the obligation to care for another, you have realized that all have gone their own ways, and that now you seek to find yourself in your path again. You put a lot of energy into taking care of everyone, and with that you strayed from your path. This is showing you the importance of always putting our own path in the first place, of reaching out to those who seek us, but as long as it does not imply letting go of what our heart asks for. In life he took on responsibilities that were not his, he stayed to take care of those who desire his affection, who learned to live with him, but who did not need him as he thought. You will see daughter, how liberating will be the moment when we simply follow her path, in the confidence that all are supported, but knowing that we must be well for when they really need us. We can not give in to something where there is no pre-eminent need. Now you have doubts about your way, where to go. But the answer is very simple, you must go that route where you see yourself happy, without guilt, without charge, and just follow the road that makes your heart vibrate. I also say that it does not have to be this or that, because it is capable of developing in various activities. It is enough that, for that, look for what makes you happy, leaving the commitments you have made, so that the only commitment is your own happiness. Be my daughter well.

I am Isis



Gratitude loved Masters. My life is a total mess. I'm not meeting in any area of ​​my life. On my spiritual side, I was Santo's daughter for 20 years in a Terreiro de Umbanda, being scraped for the saint and everything. At one point, I no longer felt in my heart the desire to go to this place, so I left, and since then I have not been part of any charity. I have found the White Brotherhood, and I have dedicated myself to studying about it, and trying to welcome the beloved Masters. But I do not know if it's enough, since I'm not doing charity. I miss my spiritual guides, the incorporation with them. In financial life everything is in chaos. I am a financial manager, and the company is not well, can not pay the bills, and I feel very agonized about it. Inside me I feel that I no longer want to work with finances, control everything, but I'm already 48 years old. The company belongs to my husband. My story with him is not good either. But he is already my third marriage, and I feel ashamed and guilty for not being successful again. I went into menopause and I have symptoms of depression. I feel inside my soul that I should change my profession, I have taken a REIKI course and I think I would like to be a therapist, but I feel insecure. I have a 13 year old daughter to raise (which is the blessing of my life) and I'm afraid I can not get money as a therapist. Anyway, I feel very alone, with nobody to talk and very lost. I have been very scared of everything since I was a child. I ask for help from you all. Gratitude always.


Dear daughter of my heart. What you did not realize in the midst of all this, is that by leaving aside the umbanda, you also left your individuality. She dedicates herself to her husband and daughter with love and also to her work. But expect to find in the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood the welcome of mother to cherish her heart, as she offers to her loved ones. But my daughter, the Great Fraternity of Masters is here to show the way to personal mastery. To show you how to learn self-love. To find their own truths and to cherish their own hearts, through the connection with the I Am, which is their essence. We are understood by masters, yes, but only because we tread this same path, and reach the connection with our inner truth. So will you. As you left the umbanda, you left behind something that cherished your heart, to find your own truth. But you immersed yourself in the material life, leaving aside your individual quest. And you have placed in the Masters the expectation of having a heart cherished. We are here, my child, all the time at your side and enveloping you. Your spiritual guides are part of this Great Brotherhood and will work with you. Therefore, my daughter, just find your inner peace and strength. Knowing that we are here for you, but to show you the way of your own strength and self-love. We're always here for you.

I am Lady Master Mirian



Dear Masters, thank you for the opportunity. I want to understand my path, my mission. After years of working in a stressful area, I decided to drop everything. It was good, because I could be with my mother, take care of her until she passes away. Endless longing. It was just me and her and after a year and a half, I feel like looking for me, my new self. What made sense before, do not do it now. I feel totally different, seeking a simpler life. Nature, especially plants, has brought me joy. I want to work with plants, but I still do not know how. I have taken courses to learn and I have enjoyed it very much. I spend a lot of time alone. I feel disconnected from family and old friends. I miss my mother, not the others. But at the same time, I'm not afraid, and I do not feel alone. I have the feeling that everything is on the right track and that new people, with the same vibration as mine, will arise in my life. I wonder if my mother is well and if she forgives me for everything I've done, my career path, and if I will find compatible people and even a new relationship. Gratitude!


Daughter. In this life, you walk through the experiences and gradually learn that the intuition and the heart will always lead you on the right path, along the shortest road, towards your evolution. You receive signals, pushes, intuitions, but your individuality and your free will is always preserved. Some experiences could not be experienced without going so far as to understand some things, to mature some thoughts and to pass through some experiences. Therefore, daughter, it is that the future and the way are never fully revealed to you, so that you learn to live the present moment and listen to your heart that will show this path. But walking to a road without hearing your own heart would not lead you to a happy experience, but to suffering, for you would not yet be prepared to absorb the experience. Understand my dear, that experiences come at the perfect moment. Your work in an area you left behind was necessary for you to enter a stage of understanding that you no longer need to go through that experience. The situation with his mother was necessary for him to end a cycle in his life to start another. And then to turn within herself, to find the way and the answers in her heart. Often, my beloved, we must learn to listen to the heart through painful experiences that draw us from an illusory life that we created in matter, and which prevented us from establishing that connection. The suffering, the situations that happened with the loss of your mother, were the ones that brought you to hear your heart again. It was only something that was part of its history, and for that reason, what was was only part of the past, which contributed to its evolution. Therefore, looking back will not allow you to continue on this walk. It is to absorb experience and the new, and to look forward, connecting with your inner truth and allowing the new to manifest. Realize, in the way that I have put all the experiences you have gone through, and as they are gone, many will come and go again, but if you remain attached to those that have already been, you will not allow new ones to arrive, and will remain parked in your process Of learning and evolution. Let the past go your way, to be part of your experience just to bring you wisdom, and free it to absorb the new in your life today and forever. Stay in peace.

Lady Master Isis



More than once I have heard that I have "credit" with the High and that the suffering I carry is mental, that I am in this life to experience joy, and to love myself. I try to meditate every day, I feel many messages reaching my heart, I feel that I am moving towards inner peace, but most of the time (and for years in a row) a heavy pain presses my chest, suffocates me. There is a lot of pessimism on my part about life, a regret, a great fear of the future and interpersonal relationships even though my life is made of blessings. I feel that there is a lot of repressed in me (I only assumed homosexuality after 26 years), I know I need to let go and have faith. Things seem resolved in the mental field, but the fact remains that pain persists and joy and inner peace do not arrive. Am I on the right path spiritually or do I need external therapies and cures? Oasca and family constellation are options (touched me a lot)? Immeasurably grateful for so much compassion and mercy.


Son. You create possibilities in your mind of how things should happen in your life, and the feeling that hurts in your heart is just frustration at not being able to see it through. By not being able to draw a route, a plan for what it creates as possibilities. It is all the time nurturing realities created by your mind and creating hope that they will come true. It so happens that the true hope that if we feed will bring happiness and a light life, is that we allow to be born of the heart and not of the mind. The mind creates possibilities of walking based on guilt, fear, the illusion of matter, does not reach horizons that have never been seen by you. But the hope that comes from the heart, that yes creates realities that will bring full happiness, because they were not planned based on what you see of matter, but on what channels of your I Am through the heart. This is the true road to be trodden, and it will bring the life of joy that came here to experience. Joy is in the state of your consciousness, of your mind as you understand in matter. But you can not observe it yet, simply because you try all the time to create your reality through what you see as possibilities of matter. Let go of these thoughts and surrender to the connection with the heart, allowing the natural flow of joy and abundance in your life.

I am Archeia Hope

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - April 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.