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Monday, May 1, 2017





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We have so many questions to ask, and now that we have the opportunity to ask, it looks like they're coming out ... rs. I have lived many wonderful things over the course of my experience. I have seen many miracles in my life and in the lives of those around me, but I have also had unpleasant experiences. I always had faith and the absolute certainty that with time everything would work out and I would achieve my goals. However, much I reached and quite simply disappeared from my hands. This has somewhat shaken my faith, intuition and inner guidance and I would like to understand what actually happened. Another thing is my difficulty in establishing a relationship, whenever someone appears I flee, but when I am alone, I am dreaming of someone next to me. Another issue is in my profession, I would like to return to work with what I like and in quieter conditions of day to day and I do not know for sure what better attitude to follow in this case. All guidance is very welcome and from now on I thank you for the willingness and the affection to make contact with you. Hugs to the Lords and the Channel, and a kiss in the hearts of all.


My brother. You enter into the illusion. In the illusion of wanting with the mind and forgetting to feel, to let go. If something your intuition said that would work, it was not because it was confused when listening to the heart and gave rise to the voice of the mind. He needs to be silent, to stop wanting, and to trust in providence. That's what you need to do. In the same way, he runs away from relationships, because he is afraid of being hurt. Again it is the fear of the mind to tell you. He gives a lot of voice to his mental process and forgets to look for himself in these experiences, relying on his self-love. The profession you want is the happiness you seek, where you think you will be happy. Just like when you are, you just believe that you will be happy to meet a person and then hide from that relationship for fear of being hurt. Need to understand that all this is an illusion, you can have a relationship that if not matched will only be a learning. What was designed and did not reach the desired goal was another learning experience. All this son, are attempts to get you out of this mental process of controlling life, not to take a chance. You need to face these fears, absorbing the lesson, even when the plans do not go the way you dreamed. For in life there are no certainties, there is only experience that presents itself so that you can understand the lesson. Instead of distrusting his intuition, he could see it as a learning process to get rid of all this illusion, where he believes that it is possible to project life without going through fears. I know that much of what we speak is not always simple to absorb, but I believe that the path will lead you to an understanding of your process, which, like all, is to untie the restrictions of life and face the deepest fears for soul liberation . Be in this confidence that the best is not what we project, but what ennobles the soul.

I am Master Confucius



Masters, thank you for this opportunity. I would like a new orientation. Sometimes I feel discouraged and it seems like things do not make sense. From my love relationship to my place of work. I feel like I'm alone and I'm not part of any place. I ask for guidance on what to do. I'm on the right track and how could I improve this situation. Once more, my eternal gratitude!


Masters, thank you for this opportunity. I would like a new orientation. Sometimes I feel discouraged and it seems like things do not make sense. From my love relationship to my place of work. I feel like I'm alone and I'm not part of any place. I ask for guidance on what to do. I'm on the right track and how could I improve this situation. Once more, my eternal gratitude!

I am Lady Master Mirian



Masters! How can I overcome what has happened to me in recent years? How can I overcome my suicide attempt and spiritual obsession to start over and sustain my light? Everything is so confusing in my divine purpose and my mediumship, song of healing and Reiki, my singing, my connection with nature, crystals, white fraternity and violet flame. Am I a lightworker? Or just a selfish and lazy handler trick? How to eliminate recurring negative patterns in my life? How can I definitely stop being so vulnerable to the negative spiritual energies of others or the collective consciousness? I feel that everything is always in the Divine Order, even my impatience and my arrogance is all learning. I know I am responsible for my reality and only I can change it, but I need help. Can you give me the most insightful guidance possible? Gratitude.


Beloved daughter. I come here as the representation of your Divine I Am Presence. You have been searching for dark and bright paths throughout your history. And when I tell your daughter story, it's not just in that incarnation, and you know it. But what I am bringing is that in this search for so many paths you have left aside your true identity. You have failed to seek the divine connection with yourself. I come to remind you that you have within you the balance and the light to move on. But by focusing on external searches, it loses its purpose. The masters and beings of light, as well as all who passed through their path, even the obsessors as they say, have contributed to awakening to their inner strength. Realize the processes that occurred as opportunities for learning, to build a light worker yes. Strong and harmonious in his own identity with his I Am. You daughter, you have the strength of love, balance and peace, to bring to so many in need. And through his humility and resilience, he will bring the opportunity of healing to so many. But for this you must seek to unite in balance your divine I Am presence. There are so many daughter paths. But all are only roads that come to show your true purpose, that is, the union and fusion of your incarnated Being with your divine I Am presence. So, leave behind all the experiences, methods and teachers that have gone through your life. Absorb learning and move forward, bringing what was good for your evolution and that will culminate in your release of the human personality and union your Higher Self. Stay in peace. We are one.

Higher Self



I would like to know about the hug I received during my yoga practice. Was it really a master's embrace or was it imagination? And also if I can continue using the portal for communication that I have used lately.


Greetings son. May Christ Peace be in your heart. The embrace you are referring to are energies that surround you. Not just you, but all those you set out to seek. It is not a physical embrace, as you know it, but of energies that are working all over your auric field. They feel the love of this embrace, because it is a charitable energy that surrounds them to shine in light. That light, my brother, bless you, open yourself, and put you in energetic communication with higher energies, anchoring the I Am on earth. Continue on the path, anchoring and opening to these energies. They will always be at your disposal and will lead you to your own elevation.

I am Maitreya



I was connected to a person with all my being, but in such a short time, why was I rejected? I feel physically and mentally unable to cope with the loss I feel. What lesson did I learn from this pain?


My beloved. If only you could see how much that experience adds to you. For when you pass from the stage of suffering, the sense of loss will turn into strength. You will be able to recognize self-sufficiency within yourself. From this loss you will discover that you do not need anything to be alive, that you can be happy from yourself. And this will bring you great inner strength preparing you for the moment you will find a person with whom you can share your days, but without that feeling of dependence. Just be yourself and live your days gently. Trust that this is an enriching process, in which you will find everything you need within yourself. Stay in peace.

I am Rowena



Dear Masters. All that we have been going through in recent years: the spiritual expansion, the hard material trials we are living in, the inner challenges, the messages we receive, the energetic preparations of recent times, the blog changes, the family. For example, for days I have felt a strong energy irradiation of very hot energy, mainly in the front and left of the head. But what is this process leading us to? I know we should let it flow without thinking about where we are going because I am showing anxiety about the future. On the other hand, from our perspective, it is not simple to be here, to have forgotten who we are and to live this whole process, this emptying that we feel and still be exposed. Because to some extent Michele and I, we are at the forefront of this process, exposing our path so that others can see each other in us. Whether we want to or not we end up being more exposed in everything, so I come to ask what all this will lead us and if the time comes that we will be able to integrate into a new life, which is linked to a new purpose? And what do we still have to face to get there?


Beloved son. Do not think that the search is yours alone or that you are going through a process different from the others. By thinking that way, child puts expectations into something to come. But like all his brothers incarnated on this planet, their quest is for their encounter with their truth, with the I Am, and the release of suffering. Realize son, that your walk is not different from the others, because everyone is here for the same purpose. Some decide to tread on longer roads, and others, shorter. But the ultimate goal is always the aggregation of experiences, just as we brought you, through the teachings of the 5 higher chakras, of agglutination. This process shows how the whole system works. Just look at everything that happens around you and in your own life, but only with the viewer's view. When you put yourself in the viewer's position, you do not put the interests of the self-personality into the situations, but rather place yourself as part of that just as an apprentice student. This is how you can start looking at your life and all your experiences. The fact that you think it is necessary to take the facts before them to materialize in your life is precisely what holds you to material life. Liberation takes place in the way you see life itself. Everything that binds you to experiences that are no longer necessary to your evolution in other ways, is only present in your life even for the simple fact that you still remain embedded in that energy in thought form. That thought of being the main character of a story. If you put it in a way that you think is your story, but when you want to fly higher, you have to knock down this wall, let it become just the whole. Without carrying on that self that wants to be someone. I'm not saying here that you want to be someone important. But only the search to be someone, to position oneself in an identity or a personality, already makes it stay away from the harmony of the union with the whole. Letting go of all possibilities, releasing the reins of that imagination that makes an hour, one hour is another, where dreams of being able to live specific experiences of each character, start new experiences, shut old. This is what causes you to end a blog, start another, and end something to start something. Realize that the important thing is just to let it go, but there is no need for a new one to begin. Emptiness is necessary, and through this emptiness is that the detached future of the personality is being built. Without even imagining, without even planning, but different from all the possibilities that materialized in your mind, the future opens to you, lightly, and in line with its essence. Stay in peace, my beloved son.

Divine Mother

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - March 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.