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Friday, April 7, 2017

The universal connection will heal you - Universal Mother

Irradiated in the cloak of protection that envelops them at this moment, surrender to the energy of the Universal Mother. The energy of love that unites you in the inner immensity of yourselves, which leads you to be the pacifist guides of the new times to come. Times that only those who seek by their inner light will have the necessary balance to conduct their days.

In these times, it will be necessary for them to withdraw from the mental drive, which traces the already known material path, which will lead them to fear and struggle, to maintain that which will dissolve before their eyes. As they radiate the heart, they will let a soft voice tell them the path they will be following. There is a new and soft connection that radiates in these times. By silencing the mental process, they may hear this light voice, which will tell them the way by which they will be led. It will point you to the way of the heart, but it will only be heard by those who silence the mental process in the conduct of their days.

Establishing the working contacts between the forces of light and love, all of you, at that moment, remain connected together, forming a luminous current, which will provide the generation of light energy to promote healing and cleansing during the process that Occurs at the moment. You will feel this connection as a slight physical manifestation, in which you will experience energy passing through your bodies, a subtle shiver that will lead you to hear a soft voice saying, "Trust, this is the way. Smile, be at peace. "That voice will shine, not let them enter the mental path of matter again.

All of you, beloved servants of the light, remain inserted in your routine activities, but connected in consciousness with the Universal Mother, who promotes this connection between all of you, forming an energetic network that will lead you to the path of love, the universal energy connection , Which will point the inner path to making you confident in love, respecting the free will of all, but pointing the way through your own attitudes, so that you stand before what will be presented to you.

You will feel a strong energy enveloping them, but this energy will be something to cause calmness, lightness and meekness. It is my energy that is engaging them, they will be small sensations in the skin, in their points of energy, they are the signs of unification, which passes through you at that moment.

You establish these connections unconsciously, inserted in environments populated by people, you will realize how these days will be marked by situations where you will be taken to these environments, without even planning. This does not happen by chance. Everything was calculated and programmed, in the perfect space-time, so that it was possible to establish this connection, in order to cover as many points of light as possible.

You form a network that unifies my heart. This network is the voice I say here, that will lead everyone in perfect harmony, in the way of being the headlights to bring peace, love and stillness to those who do not understand what is happening before their eyes.

You are now representing the light, the labor of love, which have long been preparing you for this moment. It is time to radiate from love, light and healing for all, promoting liberation. This will be done through each of you, in the larger connection as a beautiful network of peace and love to interconnect the planet. They will be in all the most populous regions of the world, shining, expanding their energy fields, which will promote the irradiation of my energy.

All the planning, the preoccupations, the mental creations, which you establish to try to understand what is happening in the present moment, where you saw only the chaos to establish itself more and more intensely, but in return, so many new focuses of light to shine, And so many new initiatives of light to anchor more beneficial energies to the detriment of helping the population. All this movement was necessary so that there were prepared workers for the moment that begins now.

The new one starts today. From that moment you will see great changes occurring in your world. These changes will bring people to seek for spiritual works, where they will be directed to look within themselves, and where they will be supported and healed by you. But they do not need to do anything, just listen to the soft voice that will be radiating from now on, listen to what will come as an intuition, to warm the heart. Trust in these feelings, which will lead you to this deeper connection, transforming them into what they came to be in that moment.

You spent so much time in a reality of suffering, in your own lives, and actively participating in the illusory material reality of humanity, so that you were prepared for that moment. It's time for change! All that passed was the preparation for them to come free at that moment, confident and at peace, knowing the greater truth of life.

Establish connections of light, remain centered on your own truths, open to receive with open hearts and arms all who seek for help, for so many will come. They will approach you just to feel their energy, often need nothing to say, just remain silent in their daily chores. That is why it is also important that you be prepared not to judge, to respect the free will of all, for this will maintain the greater connection that I speak at that moment.

The certainties that much of the population has about what is right or wrong, about what is real or unreal, will be overturned with the new events to come. And that you will observe in a natural and balanced way, the transformation occurring on the planet as a whole, causing doubts, imbalances and concerns in those who were deeply involved in the matter. They will not have to show or say, but only to silence, to hear the soft voice that radiates in that moment, that speaks within you, and that will manifest in the form of a stronger intuition, more confident in the greater truth.

Remain in your own inner truths, connected to the I Am, for you have been intensely prepared for that moment, which now begins the great planetary transformation. Remain in peace and radiated in my love.

At the end I leave you with a request: Whenever you feel yourself re-entering the energy of fear, control and imbalance, you conceive a Buddha image to raise your thinking in meditation. They do not have to withdraw from where they are, only rise to that Buddha that is above their Aura, and so they will reconnect to the I AM energy, to keep them interconnected and connected to each other, to maintain the luminous current that will provide the Generation of light energy necessary for the balance of all.

Be at peace, children.

Universal Mother

Messengers: Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson - April 06, 2017.