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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The true path of the liberation of the soul - Mother Mary

Music to listen while reading: Schubert - Ave Maria

May the blessings of love bring peace to their bodies, minds and hearts.

You know, my children, the pains that afflict you on the way. But you also know that he who works for the light finds in himself the strength of walking, finds in the affection that he distributes, in the smile that opens, the very air that breathes and makes it the greatest blessing of his life.

And on the way to liberation they arrive at a time of their own evolution in which matter becomes harsh, rough, rude. At that moment you look to the side and no longer dazzle with everything that offers them. They start to look for something beyond what they have been taught and the greater reality begins to open up.

They think on that day that they have found the real purpose of life, which is no longer understood as something that will result in building that which magnifies them and begin to search for their own liberation, trying to bring this to all those around them. They open themselves to the purpose of helping those who have not yet opened themselves to the true function of matter in their lives, trying to teach them the way of love, trying to show them the path they have traced and discovered with their own suffering, their sweat and tears of loneliness. They believe they have something to pass on in an attempt to show everyone the path of enlightenment.

For how many are those who find in matter the only way to go, who seek for physical wealth, for well-being, believe that matter will bring them love, happiness, and everything they have always sought to become full. They are those who see no hope of their lives improving if it is not for the seduction of material life. You discover that these are mistaken, my children, for you already know that the path of the search for material fulfillment will always lead you to the emptiness of the soul.

And at that moment they would like to share this knowledge with everyone. And they do this by creating a new purpose for life: to divide, to help, to donate what they do not have to help those in need of the greatest wealth they possess, for they think they have opened themselves to the greater truth of life and that their purpose will become apprentice to Masters of life itself.

I know that many of you still have a blurred vision of true happiness. They carry the belief that happiness can only be achieved when life becomes the purpose of help, where it no longer interests the way that matter will lead them, but the hearts that were capable of reaching and uplifting in the material environment.

You make it the highest purpose of your life and you begin to realize that there is still something to be learned. That even before the purpose of bringing wisdom and love in charity to others, there is the very road they are building so that it can be trafficked by so many thousands of people.

This discovery is their own liberation, that heavy burden they carry and that is the consequence of a past lived with so many mistakes, that makes them think that they are indebted to the planet, with their brothers. But they only let go of this commitment from the moment they incorporate into their lives the realization that what matters most is the walk and the road they leave on the way after passing through it, to be trodden by those who decide to seek themselves .

At this point, children no longer have the commitment to the planet, with their brothers and sisters, and make their journey a greater commitment to God and to all unity. This feeling causes you to become full on this path. You come to understand the value of spiritual wealth, of your own elevation to the detriment of everything you see around you.

That is why I tell you, my beloved, that you will only find true happiness, which is eternal, when you let go of everything that restricts you and keeps you bound to the material world. The matter I am referring to is not only the thought that happiness is obtained in the journey of material prosperity, but also to all those commitments that carry in their hearts with their brothers, with the planet, with everything that they believe.

Freedom is full, free, free, no longer carries commitment but with the love that radiates from the chest and overflows with the lightness of life. Realize, children, that it is you who are attached to this reality, as you incorporate all the values ​​that have been transmitted to you, as if this were the greatest truth of life.

I tell you with all my heart, my beloved ones, because I have been among you, that in the material world, true happiness is found when we let go of everything.

And the only thing that is able to feed our hearts is the donation of our energies to those who seek us, leaving the road built to be trodden to the measure of our free will.

This is the great task of each one, that of obtaining the freedom to the point of the only truth being the very search that will bring about the liberation of all.

You become free of everything in such a way that nothing else will matter but the happiness and union of those who seek you in a loose and light way, to walk the same road, that of light that you left by the walk of that life.

This is eternal happiness, which replaces absolutely nothing that matter can give us, for this is the freedom of the soul, to walk simply with the purpose of leaving the trail of light, the example of life carried light and intense , But in the measure of the balance that is only obtained with the total detachment from the expectation of the result and of the material return.

The act of serving and giving oneself to those who cross the path without even straying from their own path of evolution. This is the way that liberates them and leads them to the unity of love.

So I await you, my children, free, loose, devoid of any commitment even with this Mother who speaks to them at that moment to cover them under the golden cloak of protection and love.

For my protection is simply of love, it requires nothing from each of you, it respects you to follow the path that takes you the lessons of life. And so they must treat all their brethren with freedom so that they may be what their hearts ask for, for in so doing they will truly be free from the bonds of matter, returning joyfully in my arms, which has always been to support them with love , But above all with freedom.

I bless you at this moment, my children, because I am Mary your mother.

Messengers: Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson - April 04, 2017.