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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The strenuous struggle of life and the road of light - Father José from Aruanda

Save Mother Oxum's daughter, who comes here to bring more light and love showing her path of learning for all, daughter.

The fight is hard, yes, daughter. You are feeling the energies, you are identifying a learning here and there, it is adjusting and seeking to find something to do with love.

But the old father comes to remind you of something, daughter. Come and remember that you are light wherever you are. You shine and carry with your smile and your words, light everywhere, daughter.

So do not worry not what you're going to do, child, just remember that the light is brought to everyone always in every environment. And look at her daughter's great responsibility. Take a smile on a day of sadness of someone, take a word of love to heal a pain, bring hope, lead a new way of living, and show that it is possible to be true with oneself and also with others.

Father here brings many examples, daughter. The father is with you and always spouting this smoke, I will show you how simple life is. Like she is to have fun and not to suffer and get confused, daughter.

The Pai José comes with the energy of the old blacks, who also passed a road of light, but when seen with the eyes of matter, only pain and suffering were perceived.

The father came to show that it is possible to bring love, to bring healing, even in the midst of slavery, as well as all the old blacks.

And you, my daughter, you are all walking the same path of learning, to get a space in this whole material mess, to bring a smile of love, to lead the light life showing the road of hope and faith. Bring the healing of those diseases of the soul, which do not allow children to walk in peace in this life. That causes them to plunge into suffering, thinking that life is a battle against time, which is a battle between suffering and pleasure. Great illusion, children.

You realize that life is only a road of light, when you disconnect from matter, in thought, and bringing the opportunity to live some of the peace that you seek for yourself.

This peace, children, already exists within you, only you do not find.

Life is simple, children.

It is only accepting of the facts as they are put to you. It is if they respect and give themselves their own peace. Release the thought of charging themselves, let it flow. Stop wanting to plan and create expectations based on fear or the flight of some experience, for it will come again, differently but it will come, until you finally accept to live that lesson, which must be lived and not skipped children.

Black comes here to show you how life is simple to be lived, and spouting this smoke here, I show that I am not even calling for all the suffering, just as I was not calling when I was incarcerated as a slave, when I did not know if The next day I would be alive, or if I would be arrested, or if I would be suffering from punishments, but I only knew one thing, my children: I knew that it would do me no good to worry, since I do not know about tomorrow, I was going to live today, puffing on my smoke, laughing, laughing at the jokes and healing the other blacks of the senzala, who had not yet learned to look at life that way and who were suffering with a lot of physical and soul pain, Intense form. And so I showed you how not to worry no. For the father showed the example, and in addition to showing he still helped the brothers.

Even the whites came looking for the old man to be healed! Do you believe, children?

Even the whites surrendered to love. And this black man continued to show love, showing how it is possible to love and heal even his oppressor, not seeing him as an enemy, but rather as someone who is there to show those gifts that you have and that, if that oppressor causes Of suffering did not have in your life, children, you would be accommodated in the easy life, and would not seek in themselves these gifts, which are the same ones that our beloved brother friend Jesus showed that it is possible.

For he who does not believe that he can cure and that only Jesus can, ah children! This one is lazy! He prefers dinner ready than having to cook, right! Hihihi! The old man is bold right!

Saravá, children!

Saravá, my mother, Iemanja! Odoiá!

Have a week blessed by the old father here, and full of opportunities to bring love, healing and light to all, even to their oppressors. Thank them for the opportunity to learn, children! Or else you would die thinking that you can not heal like Jesus.


Father José from Aruanda

Messenger: Michele Martini - April 17, 2017.