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Monday, April 3, 2017

The Hope at Every Corner - Thiago Strapasson

There is always hope in us. Who does not wait for better days? In seeing the manifestation of good, peace, love in the world, or perhaps one day to be richer, more loved. Hope is always moving, it is what keeps us going, for if we do not have hope for something better, perhaps we will come to an end.

Even those who do not believe in the best yet still wait, persist in waiting for something, and continue to move in search of their happiness. Although they do not recognize true happiness, since they have not yet discovered it, they seek it incessantly for life, without understanding very well what it is, and always letting it slip between their fingers.

But in each one there is this energy of getting up the next morning, and starting a new journey in search of experiences, in search of learning, in the hope of achieving something better then making it full and happy.

I know that happiness is found in the good moments, in the joys, in the occasions in which we become full. But then that feeling fades away, because we go back to the rules, the social imposition, and everything that restricts us in life. We wait again in search of those moments of happiness, pursuing something that we do not even know very well what it is, we just wait and we continue the search.

Maybe this happens because we idealize happiness and close it in a box, as if only that were happiness. Happiness itself becomes a "canned" rule in life, another burden we seek to bring into our day of hope.

But I come to the conclusion that perhaps the error is there, in search for a happiness already packed, wrapped and ready. As a beautiful gift to our day that we wait for.

So I wonder if happiness is not found on the day we simply realize that life is an aggregation of experiences, that we do not have to overcome, to have, to be, to entrust ourselves to nothing, just to experience and add wisdom and joy in our lives. We set aside the pursuit of happiness, and we learn to live by taking the best of every experience of our day.

For one day, a sage told me that in debates he never sought victory in his arguments, by showing that his point of view was better. But he saw it as a game in which he had a lot of fun, where his only purpose was to draw a lesson for himself and perhaps in the end to expose what he had learned. He told me that it was an almost infallible method because he did not close himself to the ego, but kept himself only for learning. That was the biggest commitment, to learn from the perspective of the debate, what he could add to his life, seeking the perspective of the one who was telling him. And so he always got good arguments, and in the end, he almost always took good lessons, so he loved the debate of ideas.

Perhaps life is this, a mere debate of ideas, of perspectives, where each tries to demonstrate his point of view, when building his life. But the mistake we make in this game is to want to win and stop learning, we are looking for something where the greatest victory is our happiness, which is already packed in a rigid frame, because we have a preconception of what it is.

It is like a debate where we want to show that our lives are better, we try to get right in choosing our arguments, but we forget to learn the lessons, getting good arguments for our happiness at that moment.

Perhaps it is a way of looking at life, as a debate where, deep down, we look for arguments, to convince ourselves that we have done what we could to bring happiness to our lives. But how much easier would it be if, instead of simply looking for that happiness framed in our minds, we had the sole purpose of taking lessons, adding wisdom and experience and having fun with it. Life would become softer, lighter, because we would strip ourselves of being right, and learn something wonderful: Listening. But do not listen to what they tell us, but our own heart.

For the learning that I am talking about here is not the philosophical one that is written in the books, but the one where we would be at all times letting our heart tell us what that experience is teaching us. We would be seeking answers, not to our unhappiness, but to the fact that we are alive. And that would become a habit, listening to our heart every minute.

And then maybe we would give up hope, because we would no longer be concerned with the outcome of the debate, but only in listening, in aggregate, in bringing answers to our heart so that it becomes softer, lighter. This is perhaps our great question: How can we be happy without looking for better ones?

Perhaps we could search for hope with each smile, with each look, with each friend who crosses our path, and instead of discussing our happiness, we seek to extract the best from this encounter, trusting, accepting, but always seeking the most perfect each second. Then this would become our greatest goal, to have renewed hope several times a day, to each new experience, to each encounter. Hope would return, not for the pursuit of happiness, but for the certainty that we could get away from here better than we have come, wiser, more loving, and conniving with the truths of life. The arguments would lose their meaning, and would not even exist, for they would be found at every corner.

Thiago Strapasson - Apr 02, 2017.