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Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Drops of Forgiveness and The Material Abundance - Lady Kuan Yin

Beloved ones, I come in the energy of love and divine light, to bring to you the taste of hope and joy that is only achieved through forgiveness.

Within the universe of learning possibilities of matter, it is often difficult to conceive the idea that every drop of forgiveness causes the nectar of purification to shine within their hearts.

With each drop that shines to purify your stories, it is a sigh of relief that you give to remember and feel that you are relieved of a weight that was part of your walks, which they no longer knew how to bear.

They taste the New Age flavor, this flavor is sweet as the nectar of the flower, which blossoms through forgiveness, overcoming the ego, to the detriment of the human personality.

You embrace and welcome abundance, you can no longer accept the idea that you could live involved in your own truths and wants of the ego's will. It is so much lighter to live completely surrendered to the love, the forgiveness and the chance of life.

Being connected to the energy of forgiveness, through daily practice and affirmation of forgiveness at all times, from the simplest manifestations of the ego, you are cleansing, as drops of light, every beginning of suffering.

Beloved Ones, we want to bring to you the answer to so many of your inquiries that go round and round in your lives, not knowing for sure or questioning to get the answers that are just kept in your hearts, and will be revealed the moment you Are cleansing and purifying all the stored emotional charge of pain and suffering that unconsciously inhabits their minds and manifests themselves as attitudes, often unpleasant and that bring suffering.

Free yourself from what you yourself have created to trap you within your illusory limitations held by the ego.

There is no real need to deprive themselves of abundant and joyful lives, of containing their own joy and fullness. There is rather the deprivation generated by fear, the fear caused by the trauma resulting from the record of suffering saved so many ages ago.

You liberate yourself from wanting, release yourself to accept what is delivered even more abundantly than the limit of willing could reach. The wants of the mind have limitations, children, for they are only manifestations of matter, of what they can conceive as possible or impossible, in a rational way.

But the true liberation of willing opens the door for real abundance. The abundance which is also the manifestation of the divine energy, which is flowing through their bodies in light and love. Just as the energy of God, of the Source, is abundant and infinite, so are all the resources that you can get on this journey. The lack does not exist. It exists only as a manifestation of the creative mind, which at every moment ends up creating its own limitations by not believing or accepting the possibility and deserving of God's true infinite abundance.

All the planning within the matter is limited, within the possibilities that matter offers them. But when you ask for something from the heart, without materializing or formatting that desire in the mold of matter, you allow it to be delivered to you as abundantly as you could ever conceive. They are delivered in the measure of your faith, of what is especially perfect for you.

So are all manifestations. Everything that is planned with the mind has the limitations that you created with your own mind. But as you free yourself from your restraints, from what binds you to behaviors, to repeating patterns and sufferings related to the overcoming that you have to work on, you are opening up to the new. Perfectly they do not want something so physically formatted, and they just want abundant life. They want mobility, rather than wanting a car. By wanting mobility, they will materialize the abundant means for it to occur, and that it is brought exactly in order to bring love into their lives. The wanting only of realized feeling, unformatted in the molds of matter, brings something beyond what you might think possible to be materialized, but it is what your energy attracts, for it is vibrating to suit your needs perfectly. As well as vibrate all the energies of the planet.

Put aside for a moment the wants of the mind. Just indulge in the wants of the heart, releasing yourself into the divine flow, opening yourself to receiving the infinite abundance of the Source, which will materialize in your life all forms of material abundance that are perfect for you, according to your vibration .

That is why, dear children, abundance will come, uninterruptedly, as you cleanse the records to which you are connected in suffering, and as you heal, you will forgive even those who have brought learning to you Through suffering. For you are beginning to cultivate the feeling of gratitude.

Gratitude is the definitive cleansing of a pattern of suffering, and seals that restraint and repetition of that specific pattern. Bringing in this way the opening to receive the abundant energy of life, which did not flow through their bodies perfectly, precisely because it was being impeded by the obstacles of the ego and the wants of matter. The flow of God's infinite abundance only begins and runs through the whole cycle in their bodies, and all their records, when they are clearer and brighter.

You will realize, to the extent that the records are clean and the standards eliminated, that too abundance becomes part of their lives. Embrace this divine grace and leave behind the thought of materialization of the mind, for it is no longer part of the New Age, it is no longer part of the energy that you vibrate.

With each drop shed from the nectar of forgiveness, another record is illuminated, and in this way a channel of energetic flow of the abundance of divine light opens.

And so it is.

I am Kuan Yin

Messenger: Michele Martini - April 28, 2017.