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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

SHITIAME - The simplicity of purpose - Lady Master Rowena

Music to listen while readingLlave Tonal del Templo del Confort 

Beloved children,

The path of each one of you always leads you to new horizons of life. And I say new because there is always a way of personal transformation to all of you. This transformation is infinite, it is never interrupted, you are always changing, transforming, both on the path and in what you are. Each one in his walk, towards the infinite of the unknown of learning life. Each one walks in search of true love, the warmth of the heart, to shine in peace and comfort warmed by love.

The path will always be illuminating, and there is no path that does not lead to the light. All roads, however disloyal they may seem, will always lead you into the inner light. Often we go on this journey, repeating cycles and more cycles, until we have the wisdom to transcend this path. But it will always bring us to light, there is no other possibility. Each focus of light, which is each of you, follows the road itself, shining on the path.

Many times you look the way and do not understand the decisions that are made. But they are cycles of expansion and retraction, which will always lead them to greater understanding. Many are those who judge themselves or their brothers on the path. But what if they only had the compassion to understand that the way is always the same, that of the light, and how beautiful are their walks, towards the unknown of the discovery of love.

With each drop of darkness they accept within themselves, there is the very light to radiate. For they understand that every drop of darkness turns into a flood of light, feeding consciousness. The system is beautiful. The drops of darkness are converted into rivers of wisdom, which shine forth the consciousness towards love. This is the way. How beautiful is the shining of light in their hearts, with every drop of love that is felt within them.

You live material life, without knowing for sure, the reason you experience so many and diverse experiences. You often wonder why you have to go through the experiences, and why such contradictory decisions are made. But this is just the way, just that and nothing more. In the midst of this material life, in the midst of their daily activities, where they pierce with love every stone that is placed in the way, to overcome all the pain, the grievous losses and also the beautiful achievements. It is beautiful to watch your walks.

Around this walk there are many who serve them. You go through a cycle and we applaud the resistance and inner strength, for that is all we observe and nothing more. With every different path there will always be all the help available to radiate them, to keep the brightness of the heart, so that they may conquer wisdom to defeat them. Only this is the purpose, to overcome the inner darkness in the way, and to convert them into rivers of love. The walk of light that is treading where they do not perceive, but are always involved of beautiful elementals to extend the carpet of flowers and hope to each new corner.

For the path is also composed of darkness, which is nothing but the food of light. That is why we have so much love in serving them, for that alone interests us. This is what our joy is made of. This is simple. With each new beginning, with each new discovery, you are adding new elementals, who will be with you on the new journey. Being attached to different beliefs, but all are always involved in the most beautiful and loving elementals. These elementals that accompany your evolution, and are collaborating with your own growth and spiritual journey.

At the end of the path you will feel the light of the elementals radiating, for all that will remain in your consciousness will be the well-being of connecting with nature. On our side, we always refer to how good it is to be in contact with the natural elements, the smell of the grass, the sea, the rain, the wind hitting the body. Because, in those hours, the elementals become even more present in our walk, and we are able to feel the well-being of that contact. This contact of light and unity is the best in the matter, more palatable, and that is what remains for the spirit, the longing for these sensations, and nothing more.

Elementals help you keep your path lit. They help you shine at every new corner, because you understand that whatever decisions, even the most irregular ones with creation, will only create light, much light, and nothing else.

I have been here, enveloped in all the elements of nature, to shine as you, to shine love. Even without even realizing the light that radiated along the way, but I was just walking my road of personal overcoming. The road I walked with calmness and respect for my limitations, treating me with respect and love. Just as you who treat yourselves with this love will be opening up innumerable possibilities for spiritual growth.

If you observed how free you are on this journey, how simple to live like that, in this simplicity of choosing, because there are no mistakes, there are events that will sooner or later take you out of the immersion cycle. And as they leave this path, what will remain will be much light, wisdom and love, which will reflect in the memory of the nature of the planet. That is why they must walk with this lightness, of the one who understands the process of spiritual growth, to you and to all. Not demanding anything beyond their capabilities, and also releasing the charge they create themselves.

In this path, the more light you accumulate, the more elementals that will surround you to bring light to you. The light becomes enormous, greater than they can conceive in their minds. This light that radiates from each road, starts to illuminate the whole environment where they pass, to create a trail of light, to guide the path of those who are in the same quest.

The lesson I bring today is simple. It is the lesson of unconditional love, the recognition of the building of inner wisdom, the trail of light that will guide thousands. I come to remind you to pay attention to nature, the simplicity of nature, and to allow yourself the connection with the elementals. Your spirit will feel the reminder of the sensation of rain falling through your body, the air that enters your lungs, the wind that blows on your face. Only this will be left with wisdom and love agglutinated to the soul.

I am bringing to you the love, in the form of flower petals, to cherish your hearts. I will radiate in you the most beautiful storm of flowers, which will be coupled, one by one, in your hearts, wherever you are, involved in your daily routines, yet you are treading roads of light, and always open to receive my love . These petals will be with you in walking, enlightening your consciousness and path, even after you are no longer in that physical body you inhabit. These petals will be the remembrance of sweet contact with planetary nature that you will carry throughout your eternity in your hearts.

We reaffirm the light of decisions, often nebulous to understanding, but which you now understand. They are decisions that will only lead to a destiny: even more light and love. Because life, my children, will lead each of you to realize the illusion in which you live, to hinder whatever. It will always lead you to the path of wisdom, because that is why matter was created to make them shine in light.

I pour out upon you the storm of love, to obfuscate the illusion of matter, and to shine forth the brilliance which is the essence of each one of you, removing and dissolving all the illusion created by yourself, which you think is less luminous than the Sun .

But I come to remind you, with my torment of love and flowers, that you shine brighter than the Sun, which you love more than you can understand as meaning of love. That you have only overshadowed your gaze with the suffering of walking, but that truth is what resides within you, the light shines brighter than the sun, it is love to shine more than you can comprehend, and it is the ascension Beyond the dimensions that you have the ability to rise in thought.

For the thought, children, is the limiting of the soul. Your soul is free from thinking, it is free as air, and it is resplendent with light beyond the sun. The path is simple, it is building more light, it always is and will be like that, no matter the form.

So, my beloved children, I am bringing you, with the storm of flowers shining in your hearts, the opening of the gaze, which will make it possible to see beyond matter and suffering, beyond pain and illusion, to reach the horizon of Love, which has no limits as material thought, and which opens the door to its liberation.

Receive the storm of flowers and my love. Repeat:


Repeat three times in your environment, to anchor the storm of love, in order to create a connected network of flowers, to purify your hearts, and to dissolve the material illusion of your eyes and of everyone in the environment where they live. Feel that energy, which engages in your hearts right now.

Repeat with love ... To obscure the illusion of ego and fear, to allow the release of light and inner love.

I am Rowena

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - April 11, 2017.