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Sunday, April 9, 2017

JAY, To Love - Lord Hanuman

Music to listen while reading Krishna Das - Baba Hanuman

Jay! Warriors of light and love.

I come to bring to you the expansion of love, of unconditional love. I come to teach you to bring this feeling into yourself. That is his nature, to love, to expand, to be, and all this with the balance of one who has the eyes of compassion and tenderness in his path.

Children, you walk on the stony road of earthly experiences to suffer in the face of all obstacles, and they are leaving on the way pieces of what would be their essence of light and love. They are cloaks that dress to dim the love that they garnish in their hearts. Covers that build with attachments, beliefs, self limiting, hating, hurting and forgiving. They are blocks that build whose only function is to hide them from the love they are and always have been.

They allow the shadow to take place of the light within you, to form an impediment of you to access the feeling of unconditional love. You wrap your own hearts in a dense cloud of worry and fear. They close themselves in the radiance of unconditional love, which is their nature. But they are illusions that do not allow their hearts to shine, that obfuscate the love of fear and the competition that they think the system imposes.

Come on! Look at the flowers, the woods, the streams, the birds that visit you in your looks, connect to that energy of peace and abundance that is before you now and see the beauty of the place where they live. There is a lot of beauty the sight of your eyes! Bring this energy now until you expand it with everything to feel one with the love of Mother Nature. This love will bring the Universal Mother to you so that you may feel the light of creation and make you expand your heart in unity and love.

It turns out, children, that Hanuman comes to bring to you the release of that heart radiated from love, so that it expands to the outer and then activates all connections to bring the sensation to you of feeling loved, supported and cared for by the Universal Mother. That is now! Allow the connection with Hanuman that brings you joy, well-being, compassion. All of this is Hanuman who has fun dancing with you now. Expand next to Hanuman.

Acting multidimensionally, Hanuman's energy brings back the ransom of that love, lost in the turbulent experiences of the incarnations, but is now redeemed through the energy I bring to you. I bring the energy to brighten your days so that you look at life and together with it bring the peace and purity of nature and the planet to your hearts.

I went through experiences where I lost the feeling of love, and I rescued him in contact with Krishna, the energy of love, and of Christ's elevation. For this, I allowed this energy to enter my heart, bringing the joy that I had transformed into pain. That I no longer knew how to exist. I discovered in the credo of my being, from the depths of my darkness, a flash of love, which I came to discover was my truth. There I was kept in that spark of light that now flashes them to expand them together with everything, from their hearts. Jay, I'm Hanuman!

Krishna went into the depths of my heart, acting multidimensionally in all layers and connections established for the feeling to be working in me, and then brought the focus of light to shine and radiate again in unconditional love. This focus of light, a match, became over the years a lighthouse that brought me peace, love, compassion, that no longer allowed energies that were not allowed to enter my being. Only love from Krishna brought me to me and thus I made my way. Hanuman's path, unique, just like yours!

I have become a disciple of unconditional love, to show all of you how it is to rescue that feeling and the joy of the depths of the shadows that you created in yourself. But it was not a beacon, I saw myself as an already used match, which was of no avail except to keep the darkness, behold Krishna showed me a small ember to dazzle my heart of love from the depths of my soul.

We know, children, that experiences as incarnates may lead you to think that it is no longer possible to feel unconditional love, that it is no longer possible to feel completely loved and fulfilled. But this is only an illusion, a temporary illusion, an experience that was necessary to pass to feel what true love is. This illusion that I come to show you now. So they feel and then see themselves in the light they are.

True love is born from the depths of the shadows of their hearts, tired of suffering and seeking to feel loved and to expand unconditional love. It is necessary that from this emptiness of light we can perceive that it does not go out within us, ever, for the simple fact that in our heart is the light of God, the light of love. That's the truth! Jay!

You watch the stories of so many teachers, of humanitarian leaders, who expand unconditional love for all and are happy. And they think that this state of fullness is impossible to attain. Already they have lost the map of the road that leads to the rescue of this love. They are deceived! Hanuman is here to show them that it is possible!

For I come to bring you the possibility of effecting this rescue, where you will have the opportunity to feel what is unconditional love, what is full happiness, and to rescue in you the strength of the warrior of love. That I learned to be with my experiences and I came to bring to you the formula, the opening to access that love.

I enfold you now with the energy of Hanuman. I will redeem you in unconditional love so that you focus on your heart chakra, and watch the expansion in an infinite energetic form, radiate and act, bringing unconditional love to all your Multidimensional Selves and all that envelops them. Joy! Jay


Continue repeating and concentrating on your heart chakra, realize the expansion, and the feeling of love invade your Being. Let go and laugh! Give a hoot! For that will be the feeling that will take care of you. Laugh! They smiled! Repeat JAYHANUMAN!

Allow yourself to engage in this energy and indulge in unconditional love.

Expand this love throughout the auric field, bathe in the unconditional love that comes out in the abundance of his heart. See us expand to cover all your bodies. This energy now takes care of you. Close your eyes and repeat JAYHANUMAN! Repeat daily, and whenever you feel disconnected from love and joy, JAYHANUMAN. Hanuman will be there to bring you this joy.

JAY! I am Hanuman

Messengers: Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson - Apr 08, 2017.