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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bringing relationships inside the heart - Michele Martini

When I was a child, I enjoyed being in the company of several people, who were moving the environment with diverse energies.

These energies generated a sense of welcome, well-being, protection.

It was the family feeling. That feeling that you're part of something, that you're not alone. Even if for a moment she was alone, but still she was in a circle, in a family.

I think today of what it would be like if there had not been this phase in my life, which was so satisfying, to fill my heart. But today I bring in the form of words, the memory of what is a family circle.

The family circle is the feeling of welcoming, of being part, of the energy exchange that warms the heart. That's when we know we belong to something. It is the cradle in which we arrived and began our experience on this planet.

For so long, we carry this sensation in our hearts, this search for acceptance, this lack and emotion, without even understanding where it comes from. But we just feel.

We get carried away by the routine of our lives, as adults, we forget for a moment that we belong to a family circle. Because we are living and interacting with people from various family circles.

Our range of friendships, of relationships, expands. And that is why we have finally moved away from the need to receive the welcome, which we have experienced during adolescence.

Adolescence comes to be understood as the phase of conflict, where we are inserted in the family nucleus, feeling the need to be welcomed and loved, understood. But we are also inserted in the external life, establishing new relations, which arouse our interest, like a rabbit that leaves the hole to explore the external.

We allow our hearts to be filled with new friendships, emotions, adventures, sensations. We thirst for knowledge, to go to new places, we begin to cultivate dreams of going places, of doing things. Thus is understood the phase of adolescence. Where we get into family conflicts, because sometimes we are not understood, since a minute ago we were just part of the family circle. Our thirst for adventure, of playing in life, struggles with the need to receive love from the family.

The conflict in the mind is perceived at this stage, so that nothing that is offered by the family nucleus is accepted, but the adolescent ventures into life to embrace new challenges to himself. The thirst for change arrives. The yearning for a new life, for a new beginning. But there is still family conflict, which pulls in close, while the teenager wants to throw himself away, no longer feeling understood, and thus generating family conflicts.

Then begins the phase of understanding, where the moods are calming down, as we learn to measure the trials with the need to stay within the family nucleus. We feel alone, misunderstood, abandoned. And then that feeling of being inserted in the family nucleus that I felt as a child ends up returning. We feel liberated inside and thirsty for adventures as we know we are only allowing our mind to travel while we are just inside our homes with our families.

Let's put family issues aside. These are surpassed according to each individual story. Each one experiences within the family nucleus what is necessary for evolution itself. In this phase of coexistence between family members, understood through adolescence, childhood and part of youth, is when we have the opportunity to experience and learn the basics to play in life. Leaving aside judgments and traumas, all experiences are necessary for our evolution and everything happens in the perfect way.

So we go through this turbulent stage of our lives, which will open up to that in which we will experience the possibilities of starting our lives outside the family nucleus.

This phase brings us the thirst for change, but in a more rational way, more balanced than before, although we often play in relationships or opportunities to leave the house alone, without much expectation of how it will be, but only fed the thirst of the Change within us.

This phase begins another where we will acquire responsibilities, now with ourselves. And we often try to share those responsibilities with others, simply out of fear. But there's nothing wrong with that. We just are not prepared to play in life the way we dreamed it would be. When we reach a stage of more understanding, we realize that with help it will be easier. So often we establish partnerships, or even relationships, that will enable our desire to leave home only.

We are entering a new stage, where again we live in a new environment, a new family circle, but where the characters have changed. They are friends or love relationships, but they are just new characters, occupying our new family circle. And then they start new learning. These new learning comes to complement what is necessary for our evolution, and therefore will not be perfect, but will be learning opportunities only.

We are placed again in situations where we see ourselves as when we were children. Inserted in an environment, with other people, where even if we are alone to live our lives and with our thoughts, we still feel protected, supported, cherished, and most important, we feel part of something.

Then comes the need to bring that feeling ever stronger into our lives, to rescue the warmth of the home, the warmth of the family, love and energy exchange. We set goals, marry, have children. We fill our lives, bring that feeling, the same as we had when we were kids. And that we are again looking for.

When, for a few moments or days, we distance ourselves from the new family nucleus, which often is not yet a family, but only the relations of friendship or love that we establish within the same home, when we distance ourselves for a few days from that routine, We felt that same sensation of when we were children, to observe ourselves again in the warmth of the home, in the energetic exchange of the family.

This sensation is the opportunity to heal this lack, this need.

For love, the company of others around us, should bring us pleasurable sensations, provided that, failing that, it does not harm us. For we do not establish relations with the aim of suffering with the lack, of becoming dependent, but of being happy, detached from the need of the presence of the other.

I see so many questions that come to the Masters, and I have learned so much from the answers, for the vast majority of questions deal with such matters as family, friends, and love relationships. People are never prepared to be alone with themselves.

They seek the company, the family nucleus, in order to bring happiness and satisfaction. But they do not realize in what moment of life, they end up leaving aside their own individuality, to the detriment of simply being part of something, of feeling inserted and cherished. In the end, they put the foundation of their equilibrium there. And we forget that all human beings have free will. So, when a child leaves home to start his own life, or when a loving couple decides to follow another path in life, or even when there is a disincarnation, we are never prepared, and we allow these facts, which are part of the Life, simply as it is, affect us, cause us deep depressions, take away the reason to live, the joy of living.

We suffer because we place expectations on the outside, and sometimes even on the inner side. We set aside the inner gaze to rely on external facts, external routines, the lives of the people with whom we relate. We become dependent on material life. We forget that we came here just to live an experience, and that we came alone, and so we will also leave after the lesson learned.

We establish relationships, just so that there is a mutual exchange of learning, and that provides opportunity for growth for both, and nothing more. Such is the experience on Earth. It is temporary in matter, but eternal in heart. For the established relations, whatever they may be, will leave us here with our hearts. But they are not part of our lives to get us out of our own equilibria or our discoveries of ourselves. It is something that we will carry with us always, in a light and joyful way, free from all suffering, if we allow ourselves to simply accept the natural flow of life. Understanding the rules of the game, of experience in matter as something temporary because here on the planet needs to be transformed into matter for the experience. But that will be eternal in our hearts that are immortal.

And so it is.

Michele Martini - April 05, 2017.