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Friday, April 28, 2017





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I would like to thank again the opportunity and love of all beings of light. Masters, I am in a phase of change in my life, as you should know. This gives me a lot of doubts and a little fear, but at the same time a lot of spirit and joy, because there is a lot of longing for positive changes. You know of my struggle to get a job in the area where I graduated, and now has opened a contest for this new city where I will change and I would like you to guide me. Besides studying, how can I prepare to get a place in this contest. It is a job that I would like very much. I believe that things happen when it should happen, the Universe never fails, and that nothing is by chance. Can you give me some instructions to prepare better? I really want to change, to improve, but how can I trust myself more and overcome my fears? Thank you!


Daughter. What he needs is to free himself from doubt and anxiety for something to happen. You need to take the situation with confidence that the best will happen. If you enter into the situation with doubt this will lead you to a state that will carry unnecessary burdens on your path. Just trust, continue to study, but unobtrusive results. He will come if he gets rid of all the pressure he puts on you. For this you should not accept outside charges from other people. Only flow in the confidence that the best will be given, performing your part which is the study necessary to obtain the result. Be in Peace.

I am Lady Master Lis (Isis)



Hello Masters. Gratitude for opportunity. I'm trying to get to know myself and improve, I've been trying hard to achieve this. I've done a few courses in quantum healing, I do frequency of brightness, patchwork and others, now I'm going to a psychologist who is a hypnologist, I've accessed a lot, things related to past lives and a life in a non-humanoid way, and in that I was A loving being. I was not bad. I refrained from going through the experience of the flesh. I have worked many things in myself, but I am afraid that all this is crazy and the fruit of a fertile imagination, there are many people with psychiatric problems in my family. Are the things I've been feeling real? I also can no longer stay in the social environments I used to go to before, nor can I stay close to my family, especially my sister. Is there something wrong with me? can you help me? What's happening to me? If I'm doing something wrong or wrong, I ask for guidance. I am open to your guidance. Gratitude! Much love and light for all of us.


Sat Nam. Greetings, sister of the light. I am Kryon and I come especially to bring your answer. For you are important to us all. It is living the process that so many others are simultaneously, of liberation from material experience, of cleansing of records that were obtained during incarnations here on Earth. You, like so many others, came here to bring light and a mission of peace. But when faced with a dense reality, as is the experience of matter, they eventually lose their real purpose. And so there are many who are lost on this planet, in search of a reunion with their true identities. You, like so many, came in search of personal evolution, but not the one that was taught to you here on this planet, but the evolution to higher levels, which experience in matter brings, not to materialize here during the incarnation, but In your Real Self in higher dimensions. It is not ego feeding, or thinking of being superior to others. But it is only the search for their true identity, which is everyone's on this planet, but some have not yet decided to work intensely. The process by which it passes is natural and part of its release. The real purpose of all this is to make you realize that this is not what you see through the mirror, but you are the inner light that is hidden within you, but you can not see with the eyes of the flesh, but you can find out when Begin to understand how life is in its totality and reality. You will realize that this is just an experience and nothing more, and you will live your days completely free from the need to understand this or that, but only absorbing what comes to you with gratitude and love. Knowing that you will take from here the best memories and lessons for your real identity. Your family is temporary, just as your body is temporary, everything is present at that time just so you have the opportunity to experience it. And thus thinking, it will free itself from guilt, from self-judgment, that binds it to living by trying to fit into what society understands as right or wrong, as sanity or madness, but will find its truth and live immersed in it, Experiences that are part of your story. And so it is.

I am Kryon



Masters, thank you so much for so much light and love. About two years ago, my husband wanted to move to the interior of São Paulo, but I did not agree, because I did not want to stay away from my family, and I really liked where we lived. Then came the opportunity for him to join a company in a nearby town. Only the company was (are) in a lot of problems and debts and we had to change of city, because he is currently dedicated much to this business, trying to improve it. So we ended up moving to a city that neither he nor I wanted, and the company is not doing well and he accuses me of being in this situation because I was afraid to go where he wanted to go. Being Masters, is it because with my reluctance to change I delay our mission of life? Is there any chance this company will become profitable? What should I learn from all this? Please help me, I feel guilty and sad for being in this situation. Thanks. Namastê!


Hail, daughter of the light! Father José is here to show you that you should not take the pains and lessons of others, daughter. The daughter did make the right decision back there when she decided to stay in her town, as her heart said, daughter. There is nothing wrong in doing what your heart says. What happens, daughter, is that your husband does not need to follow the heart of his wife to guide his life. He must learn to listen to his own inner voice. As long as he does not learn to be the owner of his own life and destiny, he will be guided by the will of others. You daughter, you are free to be where you want and live in the way that brings you more happiness. And so all of you must do in this life. But daughter fear, the fear that some feel in having to take the lead of their own lives, causes them to outsource their decisions to their immediate family, which is what happens to their husbands. It is easier to lead one's life by following what others have to do than to look into oneself and discover one's own truth, one's own will. When we put the decisions of our lives in the hands of others, it is no use blaming us for having done right or wrong, daughter. Just learning is enough so that next time do what the heart says. And for the daughter, let her go. The daughter can do whatever she wants from this life, and let her husband do it too, so he also has the chance to learn to follow with his own legs, making his own decisions and being responsible for the results. Right, daughter? Be at peace, daughter. Hail!

Father José from Aruanda 



Beloved Masters and channelers, grateful for all teaching that has provided us. I have learned a lot and today I would like guidance on relationships with elderly parents. Old age is a delicate phase for everyone involved. My parents are elderly, sick, and I have had difficulties with daily living with them. I would like guidance on how to deal in a positive and harmonious way for the highest good of all. Gratitude!


Daughter. The thought and intention to bring a more dignified life to her parents are praiseworthy and pure, radiated with love. But notice my daughter, that everyone has the right to free will, and just like a child they need care, but they are no longer those innocent beings. They have added wisdom throughout life and today understand the world and their lives differently from a child. That is why my darling, offering love and care freely, without requiring acceptance and allowing each of them to choose to live as they wish, is the nature of the human being. They no longer know how to live the way children understand as right or wrong, have acquired wisdom and have a new way of seeing the world. Therefore my dear, your help will be very well taken advantage of and received with love for them, if you are detached from the expectation of a return, thanksgiving or praise. Let them have life as they wish, without impositions. Just choose to live lightly enjoying the coexistence. Be at peace my sister.

I am Lady Master Mary Magdalene



Beloved Masters. Thank you for being with me! I have always had a lot of faith, with the time I have distanced myself and now I feel my renewed faith, it fills my heart. I wonder if I have any problem in the area of love, love. For I have never dated, nor fallen madly in love with anyone, and I see no one interested in me. I love me, I feel good alone, I do not want any kind of relationship, but I miss it, sometimes to talk, to go out to have fun, to eat, to dance. I would like to hear what the Masters have to tell me about it. Because sometimes I think this area of my life might be blocked. And also in the sexual area, because even though I have never had sex, I have always had the will and today the will is almost zero. If I am blocked what can I do to improve? Thank you very much for listening to me.


Beloved daughter. Everything has the right moment to occur. You are still new to such relationships, have a lot to live and discover about life and about yourself. As for having fun, why not? You are here to enjoy the experience of life. The way she presents herself. It does not require anyone or any kind of loving relationship to do what you feel like, my beloved. You are free to go out, dance, have fun alone or with whom you wish the company, without the need for it to have a loving commitment to someone. Each phase of life is marked with certain experiences so that it is prepared for the next. Therefore, my dear, taste what life offers you in the present moment. Follow what your heart says as you have learned to do. There is no right or wrong, there is only what is right and resonates with your heart. Stay in peace.

I am Lady Master Clara



Beloved Masters. I am a medium, I work helping people, to solve their problems, but I feel lost trying to guide my boyfriend. He has a difficult time, is unemployed, has been in a similar situation several times during his life, but all attempts to find a job end up failing. He dreams of being called in a contest that has been approved, but the situation has been dragging on for months and he does not have a prediction of when he will start working. He feels anguished and sad, nervous about not working, but unmotivated to look for something. I do not know what to do to help you, beloved Masters. I advise him, and my intuition says that he would go through this period of unemployment, and that it would be a necessary period for him to be prepared for the future profession. But he can not figure out what the learning of this phase is. He gets immersed in the problem, but does not see where the lesson is. I find it difficult to guide him, even because I'm involved in the situation, for being the girlfriend, and I'm afraid I'll end up influencing the answer. For love, help me Masters.


Daughter. Listen to something. The first thing you need to do is not get involved with his situation. You should observe, but keep your peace. For he thinks the lesson is his, but is it really a daughter? If you share a life with him, is it just him who needs to learn his lesson? The big question for you is that you get caught up in his anguish, and you can not keep away. And even when you think you should guide him, you push him away from the purpose for him to discover the truth of himself. There is a lesson for you, which is to trust in the divinity of every human being. That each one is able to find their own answers. It is not only a lesson for him, but for the couple's coexistence, for the division of all that they possess, so that they can get away from the anguish of matter, even though they bring grief to those you love. What I can say is that this is something that must go together, because it does not concern his profession or any situation, but rather you. You are the one who will release you from this situation by simply giving up your anguish, leaving your wants aside, believing that everything will happen at the most appropriate time, not to him, but to both. As for him daughter, he is in his process, anchoring the lessons he has decided to transcend, and so he will do, at the most appropriate time of his development. It's up to you to silence. Accompany and trust the mastery that it brings within itself. This is the lesson you need to learn. Being by the side, just watching, not getting involved, trusting that everything is perfect. In doing so, you will free him to find his way. Be in peace daughter.

I am Lis (Isis)

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - March 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.