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Wednesday, April 26, 2017





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Beloved Masters. When I separated, eleven years ago, we had two companies, both with state and federal tax debts. The companies went bankrupt, we closed the doors of commerce, but we could not get down on the firms because of the debts. The property that we had remained pending because it is in the name of one of the debtor companies. Twelve years have passed, and I still carry this bond of the past, which makes me restless and insecure. We've already had money stuck in the bank account, it's a lot of hassles over that time. And as much as I want to solve and close this cycle has not yet been possible, because the values are high and we can not take them. Or at least I do not see how to take them off. And since then my life seems stagnant. I feel that I will only be able to move forward when I close this cycle of the past. I would like to understand why these moorings. Give me a light Masters. Gratitude.


Greetings my sister, I am Serapis Bey. I come today to bring you a little relief to the heart. To end this cycle, you just have to finalize it in your heart. He chose to live in this way so that he learns that in physical life there will never be security, for as long as he walks to matter, seeking material conditions for his happiness, this cycle will perpetuate. It came to learn that happiness can exist regardless of the material situation that is. Enjoy to remove the ego from being, to have, to want and to take on tasks. I know daughter, that from the point of view that is found are hard words that I tell you, that even upset you. But understand that you are unlinking your consciousness, as a spiritual being, from the planet's holographic network. That is why he accepted this experience in his life, even before he was born. They are hard experiences like these that open us to a greater confidence in life, because the physical life becomes so hard that we seek something more, because we no longer find in that plan that which brings us happiness. And this something else is the purity of your heart, love, trust and your spiritual development. You can live with this fear, but understand that the situation has already resolved that it is gone. So much so that after so many years you are alive and your life continues. Hard confrontations have come, but life is eternal and we are here passing through to magnify ourselves in the eyes of God. Use this lesson, daughter, to detach yourself from matter, to follow an ego-free life of being and having, knowing that every day there will be a new lesson. And I assure you that when anchoring this lesson the problem will solve itself. But for this you need to know that you will not be able to solve anything but in your heart. Be in peace.

I am Serapis Bey



Gratitude for answering my question and for the messages that so cherish my nights. Masters I would very much like to know if the decision I made of the separation and choice of new path was the right one, I still feel a lot of anguish and I feel lost without knowing where to go, which course to take. I would love to know what my purpose in life is and if I'm on the right track.


Daughter. The right decision is the one that makes you feel good. It's the one that brings you softness. There is no wrong decision, but there are decisions that are made by feelings less noble and others that are to follow what makes us good. To identify whether a decision caters to your heart or not, only you can say. To do this bring the situation to your heart, breathe and calm down. Keep the situation in your heart with all love, vibrating good and love to all involved. Now, bring the first decision you made to your heart and see how you feel. Then bring some or other decisions that were possible and your body will tell you. When doing this notice your abdomen if it is loose or stiff if your forehead is stiff or relaxed. Your heart will tell you. You can also imagine yourself face to face with the person who ended the relationship, imagining a bond joining both solar plexuses (stomach region). Ask yourself how you feel in front of this person, loose, soft, or prey. You are able to answer that question daughter.

I am Lady Master Lis (Isis)



Beloved Master, gratitude to be able to serve me. I wonder if my soul has implants and why I can not go into a state of stillness to hear my inner self? Since my adolescence I always sought meditation, in the 90's I awoke and had the privilege of self-knowledge and I was able to help many people. However, after some traumas I had, I ended up losing the connection with the source of my being, and forgetting the lessons that were passed to me and my divine truth. When I began to seek spirituality again, I was blessed with the Letters of Christ. After much study of the letters, I remembered who I was in the 90s. Since then I have sought the quiet to be able to observe my being, but I am not able to enter into a state of silence, to connect with my source. This is what I want most in this life because I know that if I have in connection with the God that exists in me I will have everything. Also, I have problems in all areas of my life, I left a job in November / 2015, for not being able to take a job that I was not doing anymore, this has been happening for the last ten years. I sold all the furniture and went back to my hometown, home to a sister who is living in another country, hoping to rebuild my life with the support of my family. However, this support never existed and now my savings are over and I'm totally out of money. I tried twice to live with my mother to reduce expenses, but in less than a week I always return to my sister's house for not being able to get along with my mother, our relationship has always been very difficult, I suffer a lot for this, I pray for strength and patience to endure, but it is very difficult to face reality without the connection with my inner self. I also know that this is in accordance with the divine will, I would like to know what I am doing wrong, because I can not? Please help me! Gratitude.


Greetings. I am your brother of love, Jesus. The heart is a room my sister, which has doors and windows to allow the light to enter and ventilate the environment. One side of the door is called love and another is fear. There are windows that open or close with the wind from the door. These windows are called ego or inner peace. At one point in your life my sister, you were in an environment of comfort to your level of awareness, then the doors opened. But as his consciousness rose, his life no longer resonated with his heart, you needed more love, more peace to keep doors and windows well ventilated, with plenty of light. But as you walked away from the comfort you had, for that period you closed yourself in fear of the future, in the insecurity of life. And then the doors and windows are half-open, which is where you feel this decrease in connection. But daughter, this is an illusion, you are always connected to the energy I am guarded in your heart. But when you anchored fear, fear, and doubt in the change of your life, you walked down a path that did not bring you happiness, and so built the life that lies. We are constantly building tomorrow from the feelings of the now. It needs to rescue this unity, this love that will be given from faith in life. Maybe not in physical life, but in the spiritual life, in the unity of the heart's intentions with creation. But know that you did nothing wrong, because it was a necessary way to ask yourself, and then you could anchor love again and open the windows and doors of your heart. You have had to tread this path so that you can build an unshakable faith, devoid of everything external to you. This path will bring the anchoring of love, trust in life, for you will know that whatever comes the door of your heart will always be open. There was no mistake, but only a path of wisdom and learning. Be at peace, my sister.

From your brother Jesus



Dear Masters, thank you for your attention. I have been married for 16 years, I have two daughters, 12 and 14 years. At the beginning of the marriage I was very disappointed in the rough way I was treated and suffered, but I very much wanted to keep my family. Today I see my marriage totally meaningless, I feel even uncomfortable with his presence. I want to separate myself, to raise my daughters, to be authentic and free, but I am afraid of breaking a cycle, or interrupting my karma of having to stay with it, or going against what is said: "What God has joined man does not separate" . Would I be breaking the promises I made before incarnating? With love to all the Masters. Thank you!


Hail, daughter! Save the Union in God! The force of love and anchoring in the unity of Christ's greatest force. Does the daughter realize how constrained she is? You do not understand, do you, daughter? Because they are seeing life from the human view, from the restrictions of the planet. The daughter is in the common grave, full of beliefs in her heart. But let the father here show you the other side. If the daughter come to see you and all, as brothers, as children of one father, then your husband, your children are all your brothers. Even those whom the daughter does not even know and crosses the street. They are all equal in the unity of God. You understand, daughter, that union or separation only exists in the human mind that binds itself to so many constraints without any sense. The daughter can separate from her husband, according to human laws, can go to live in another house, but he will remain his brother, whether you want or not. Now, that does not mean that to be a brother they must live in the same house. Each can have his home and continue to be a brother. This is the daughter who decides according to her well-being. But there is nothing that holds you back, except the restrictions you put on your head. Hail, daughter.

Father Benedito from Angola



Good morning beloved Masters! Gratitude for the love they send us and the light of the clarifications that make us go further. Dear brothers, I have material and spiritual projects. In the material projects I am preparing to be promoted in the place where I work, but it is taking a lot, I feel even excluded by the management of the company. I have my dream of abundance both material and spiritual and I would like to help people with financial issues. In my marriage sometimes everything is fine and sometimes it does not go well at all, even with restrictions that it puts on certain aspects. I have my son that I love very much and would like to give a safe future. At last, beloved ones, I would like a word of love, because you know me. Gratitude and deep love!


Greetings my brother, I am Serapis Bey. I come today to try to show you a scenario. How many times do you get caught up in the restrictions of matter? Dreaming of material happiness? And then seek for spiritual happiness as if they were different things, two sides of a coin. You see my brother, there is nothing wrong with dreaming of material comfort, but when we turn it into a condition for our happiness, we once again fall into the wants of the ego that can not recognize what we have in the now. We live thus awaiting a promotion, a perfect marriage and with that we always postpone our happiness. More than that, we hamper our spiritual progress. If we could start from what is good in the now, trusting that there will be good days, where everything will flow, and others where the universe will test our patience, everything would be simpler. For such is life in matter, it is made of ebb and flow, where it is up to each one to understand that this is life. Life is made of it, of that peace that only trust in God brings us. Know son, that you have what you need in your life and when you begin to have gratitude for your life, maybe the direction of the company feel this your energy, your wife also and your son. But when you carry these fears, these unnecessary baggage, they turn into deep regret to your heart. Seek my brother, for the happiness in that now, anchor your gratitude for the abundance you already have, for you have everything you need for your own overcoming and then you will find happiness in your heart. Together with this feeling will come to spiritual transcendence in love, which only gratitude brings us. Be at peace my brother.

I am Serapis Bey



Sometimes I go to meditation meetings or even places where there is an ongoing event, and I automatically begin to channel energies that manifest through movements and sounds. When I feel it, it feels good to me. It's as natural as breathing. It makes me feel good, in peace and with the feeling of fulfilling my role. The problem is that the next day or sometimes in the own, a few hours later, I begin to feel horribly bad. A torpor in the head. A lack of vitality. It's so unpleasant that I just want to sleep to see what happens. And then it goes by. But this makes me sad and unmotivated, and also worried, because it is exhausting and takes away the joy and will to live. So I ask what's going on? Are these energies, which I think channel something not positive? What do I do when I feel these energies wanting to manifest? Why do I feel so bad afterwards? What energies are these that I channel and then feel bad? I have not questioned so far, I have always been intuitive and trusted, but at this moment, considering the malaise that is causing me (which is immense), I begin to need more understanding. I ask your help Masters, Father Joseph, please explain. Thank you!


Beloved daughter. Every time you enter a place to perform a spiritual work, or when there is a spiritual egrégora acting, ask for permission to enter. Then ask also for the presence of your mentor guides and spiritual protectors, and ask permission for them to come with you. Silence for a moment and feel the message they give you. You ask permission to enter and ask your guides to show you if you should go to this place. You will feel whether to proceed. All spiritual works without anchoring leave an open channel to absorb all the energies of the environment. It is a satisfying job that brings joy to you for a moment yes, but then you will feel the pains of unretained work. So, my dear, tune in with your guides before you go places, feel like you should go. If you feel you should, go forward, but always asking permission to enter for you and your spiritual team to enter with you. It might be the time for change, daughter. Observe yourself and follow your intuition. The more you follow in the path of spirituality and discovery of the inner self, the more you will be guided to your purpose and may no longer fit into certain places you used to. But let everything happen naturally. Stay in peace.

I am Pórtia

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - March 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.