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Tuesday, April 25, 2017





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Beloved Masters, Gratitude! I am very distressed without knowing how to help my 13-year-old son for three years he has changed, and from time to time have aggressive breakers having repeatedly beaten me, please tell me what is happening to my son, the problem Is it spiritual? Or does he have any psychiatric disorder? Another question that troubles me a lot is if he has dyslexia or attention deficit, because they have difficulty concentrating and memorizing in the studies, is this why the discouragement for the studies? Please, I need to clarify these doubts, advise me what I should do, if I need to take in any medical specialty and what the specialty is. If this is required guide me to the professional who will be able to really assist you. Greetings, Peace, Love.


Greetings my sister. We speak here of the strength of family union, of the strength to want the good of those who are close to us, especially those who in the womb we lead and lead in life. But my sister, you need to weigh your feelings, leading your child to something that brings you pleasure, that draws your attention, that leads you to have application on the tasks of life. The life we ​​think of our children is not always the right one for them, so the role of parents is to help them find their way. But this must be done without revolt, without imposition, with abandoning our beliefs, our wants, letting them discover their way, by themselves. Imagine daughter, a stream that descends the mountain. He will bump into the rocks, the falls and so many obstacles, but he continues on his way. You daughter, it's the creek way, but you will not be able to stop the obstacles. Your child must have contact with the obstacles because you will be there to help him or her on the way. Do not impose anything on him, do not demand, just allow daughter, that he develops that he finds the obstacles of life, for that will bring him back to the flow of life. His son has grown and is typical of his age, the explosion of the inner revolt, the search for himself, so that he can then go through life as an adult who will anchor his soul purpose. Your role, my daughter, is of instruction, but this must be done only by accompanying you, watching for the path to be maintained, but always letting it discover for itself the intricacies of life. One of the guidelines is to help you discover activities that touch his heart through good conversation, and then encourage him to look for it. But daughter, touch his heart and not yours. Help him to discover what he does well that naturally this revolt will cease, he will fill himself through these activities. Be at peace, in the confidence that God is the helm of life. 

Serapis Bey



A few years ago I changed my job, my life, and I believe I am now more aligned with my purpose. I feel happy though, I would like to have a companion to share this journey, this is an old quest. My relationships gave me great learning, but all ended up very painfully for me. Will I be able to have a companion for this life, based on mutual love and admiration? What do I need to do to make this happen? Or should I give up that desire and focus only on my work? Gratitude, Masters! Gratitude to the Messenger!


Beloved sister. You will be involved in the peace of your own presence, and it will be in that moment that you will receive with all grace the company of the one who will bring this completeness to you. But realize that you first need to be involved in your own peace. And happy with your presence. Without that, my dear, finding someone will be just to fill something you did not find in you. But this fulfillment would be illusory, since your journey of soul evolution is only for you, it is individual. You, through this experience will realize that those who will be your companies will involve you in completeness, will only come to add to your mission. But for this, my dear, you must have your heart open to receive. Today it remains closed by the fear of solitude, and like everything in nature, when a force is exerted it ends up attracting that opposite force. So my dear, I was inserted in experiences during my incarnation as Clara, where I stayed away from Francisco. But still our hearts were united in love. And each one sought inner completeness in his own experience which, as I have said, is individual. So there's no reason to worry. He who has the energy to add to his experience of evolution will naturally be attracted to you at the right time if you allow yourself to remain only in your inner quest. After all, my beloved sister, you would not feel complete in a relationship where one becomes emotionally dependent on the other, and therefore time is needed for you to be prepared to energetically attract the one who completes it. Be at peace my sister.

I am Clara



Dear Masters, thank you for the feedback I have and that has greatly helped me in my walk. I feel like I need to resolve my issues. I have many doubts about my marriage. I do not know which way to go. What I feel is a tremendous discomfort sometimes with my husband, which opens up a deep detachment. What is my mission with him?


Dear sister. You can only understand what is happening in your heart, when you stop looking at the other and create expectations and conditions for you to be happy. Realize that only you are responsible for your own happiness, and your husband is following his life for what brings happiness to him. The fact that he expects him to follow his trajectory, not his, ends up frustrating his heart and creates more and more the false illusion that is in a problematic relationship. In fact my dear, your husband is not the cause of his discomfort, but the fact of placing the burden on him of responsibility over his own happiness. After all, my sister, how could he be responsible for your happiness? So seek in yourself what makes you happy. Follow your path in peace and allow him to follow his path. Staying together to add experiences. The divergence of opinions and desires is due to the fact that you together add knowledge to each other. But each respecting the space and the life of the other. If you begin to observe your life and your relationship in this way, you will realize that there is nothing to worry about. Just start living your life the way you love and feel happy, without charge. Be at peace my sister.

I am Clara



Beloved Masters, would you like to receive a direction from the moment when the Spiritist center that I have frequented is going to be a moment of change? How should I situate myself within the group? One part of the spiritist group is another universalist, but I do not see success in spreading the issue of spiritism, but an opening of minds. We want to act more in the practice of spirituality to develop energy mediators and help people more. I believe that mentors have much to guide us as a group. What could I hear of spirituality that could help me understand the moment we live in?


Hello my sister, I am Bezerra de Menezes, a brother who has been among you, as you know. What is happening is that you are still closing in on my sister's dogmas, beliefs, conjectures and possibilities. The group has not yet put itself in the stream, but anchored in the mind where some truths stand out as greater than others. And there is no truth but that which departs from the heart. What the group needs to understand is the value of acceptance among each other, to accept that each one follow what his heart asks for and thus to live with the differences, be they in any way. For my sister, these details are so small when what matters is the love of Jesus, it is the lesson that the Master has left us. The answer to you is simple, my sister, do you conceive of Jesus entering into these discussions? Or he would go there simply to be the example and reach out to those in need. Let each one be in his own way the greater example of Jesus, the children whom he left to propagate his lessons just by reaching out to all who seek them. This is the function of the group, and for this, make use of all the tools that are available, since everything else is illusion and restraint of the mind. Be in peace, my Sister.

Dr. Bezerra de Menezes



Hello, beloved Masters! First, gratitude for the response received. I feel like I'm in the process of waking up, but I want to know why I feel my heart pounding, especially at night. This happened even more intensely when I went to the Spiritist Center. From now on I thank you, beloved ones and the workers who make this possible.


Daughter. The palpitations you feel are only the symptoms of your expansion, so that you will heed the calls of your body and begin to observe it. The body is a valuable instrument of interiorization, being connected to the source is able to send us signals that our conscience does not observe. Each of these symptoms is a sign of the energies that pass over you and expand your energy field. Be attentive to feeling, for it will lead you to a higher and more authentic expression of yourself. Be in peace.

I am Hilarion



Masters, grateful for all the help and guidance I have received. I come to ask for help from my mother, for I have difficulty understanding her. She is depressed and feels many pains in the body, feels weak and has a difficult temperament, being demanding and very critical, for that reason it seems that I am always owed something to her. I do not know how to act, sometimes I feel I could do more, it comes to guilt, I have great gratitude for it, but the charges make me in conflict, if I do not feel selfish and ungrateful, if I do what she expects, It is against my will. I would like an orientation so that I can understand it better, not feeling bad for saying no, and thus living in harmony. My eternal gratitude to all and the Light.


My beloved sister. I am your brother of love, Jesus. I know that you feel for your mother the will to help, but understand that not always those who are close to us can be helped. The main help does not depend on us, but rather on the willpower and recovery of those who face the misfortunes of the mind. Before you think of your mother, you must think of yourself, of seeking your happiness, of disconnecting yourself from this emotional scheme that you have inserted yourself into. You have created an energetic bond of control and emotional attachment between the two. Where one holds the other, because in trying to give all the help your mother needs you helps her to continue in this state and ends up harming. The best form of help you can give is to detach yourself from this emotional scheme, to break it, to detach, to abandon it emotionally, to stop feeling guilty, grateful, or whatever feelings you feel toward it. In the end there will be only a fraternal affection among like souls. But you are not responsible for it, as a divine being your mother has mentors, angels and all spirituality to help her. What it must do is have the strength to break with that bond in which emotional blackmail is on both sides. He must follow his path, because in so doing his mother will feel the helplessness and that feeling will be from where she will take the strength to reestablish. It is an arduous path of pain that you must face, but faith in God will keep you on the path of heart and truth. Be in peace.


Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - March 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.