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Sunday, April 23, 2017





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Gratitude for this opportunity. I have some records from the past, which come back all the time and bother me a lot. Things I've spent and also exhausting situations I've lived. As much as I try to ignore it, I can not get rid of it, and it causes me enormous discomfort. What can and should I do?


Beloved daughter. Realize that the more you try to drive away those memories, the more they become present and repeated in your life. You are constantly being reminded of what you should look at and what you should work on yourself. By looking at what has gone, and seeking to understand the reasons why this past awakens the discomfort in you, will begin to clear this record. But looking back to the feeling of getting rid of experience, allowing the feeling of fear of the experience to return, take hold of your heart, will make you unable to clear it. Realize my dear, that the experiences that are presented in your life are all so that you have the opportunity to work the healing of your soul, offering the possibility to look at the discomfort you feel, and to seek within you the root of that feeling. Therefore, my dear, whenever the feelings and memories appear, explore the cause more deeply, as if you were searching for the reason for each discomfort. If it brings back memories of pain, ask yourself, writing or out loud, why it causes you pain. And then respond to yourself in your intuition. Go exploring until you get to the point where you find out there is not one why. And then you will have reached your truth, which will show that there is no reason to suffer. That this memory, which was a beast to terrify him, was no more than a sweet little thing. To caress her. You will only discover that the beast was not a beast, my dear, if you search deeply for the cause of the sensations and ask why. In this way you will allow the experience to continue to be part of your story, but it will no longer frighten you because you have discovered the truth. Be at peace, my dear.

I am Lady Master Pórtia



Hello my Masters. Lately I've been wondering about my mission in this life. I have had some spiritual experiences in various sororities. I have now turned to my interior, there is a time. And that sometimes makes me distant from other people. I can not find myself in a group anymore. I feel like walking alone. I have the feeling of having already lived in a reclusive way, and analyzing my astral map tells me that I have to learn how to expose myself in this life, but I no longer want to stand out. I have already wondered if I am a Lightworker, and this leads me to understand that if this is my mission, I have my peers. Professionally I have set my path in theater, but sometimes I feel insecure on this path. Could you help me with these questions, do I have a spiritual mission as a lightworker? Will my work lead me to something higher in my mission or is it an ego need? Thank you, dear ones.


Save son. Save the strength of the fellowship. Save the workers laid by our Lord Jesus Christ. Save the faith and hope that permeate the hearts lost and lost in the journey. Save the strength of the caboclos, save the brotherhood of the old blacks, save the gypsy people, save the brotherhood of the Exu, save the union of the one to God. Save son. The child is bringing all these insecurities, because forgetting that there is no separation is not a child. You still see yourself on this walk. But how so alone son, if the separation is an illusion. He has no separation, but in his heart. So say aloud: Save the strength of unity in Christ from the fellowship of creation, and the son will feel the strength of unity reverberate in his heart. But know son, that in the material world the separation is so strong that you are left with these questions of finding your people. But his people are God the Son, his people are humanity, stellar brethren, ascended masters, elohins and all creation. You do not need to seek your people, not only do you integrate in love with everything that is, to the planet, to devote oneself with devotion to our Father. The greatest function of a soul on the planet, my son, is the possibility of helping others Brothers to wake up, and you can do that, but do not need to stand out, just follow the heart, go dropping a seed here, another there, that in the end will have a pretty orchard. Do you understand son, that from the feeling of unity, from the understanding of unity in love, do you sow and plant with your love? It is like this, and then everything the child looks for is fitting, forming and becoming very beautiful, without much concern. So before you think of meeting your people, put yourself in the unity of love, looking with compassion on the brothers and all that is arranged in the time of God in faith and trust. So save your son, save the strength of the greater unity of Christ anchored on earth by our brother Jesus.

Father Benedito from Angola



Beloved Masters, I reverence you with all my love and gratitude for this opportunity to open my heart to you and to have my questions answered with such wisdom and love. As you know, from a year ago here, my awakening and connection have advanced significantly, I have had the opportunity to meet many of my stellar brothers here on Earth, I am very grateful for this, I do not feel alone in this mission of light. I also had the great opportunity, through channeling by image, to know my spiritual mentor and my essence of soul, sublime moments which I only have to thank! Within the channeling of my dear Mentor are being offered to me, six crystals representing each one a blessing of the heavens that will be granted to me. My linear mind cost me to believe in such blessings for me, but when I heard my heart I felt that somehow at some point in my existence I did something to deserve, but I'm still having trouble assimilating it all, I feel that if I Were given is why I would not make the requests if it was not based on the purest love. I would like a word on these six blessings, if possible. What is the reason I have received, if the requests have any restrictions, finally words that help me. Well, I want to take advantage of this beautiful opportunity in the best and most correct way possible. My other question is with regard to the anxiety I have felt for a long time, I know I have some internal restlessness, Master Serapis Bey spoke about it when I questioned my father's problems, as they know it affects me mainly in food. I have difficulties to accept food, I feel it is something internal, but I can not identify, I already did psychological treatment that helped me a lot, but I still have traces. I am very sleepy too, especially after work, because I come home with almost no energy and I only think about sleeping, my life in this linear time has been a wait for every change I have been wanting, city, work, lifestyle, I am Living a transition in both earthly and spiritual life, and this waiting for everything I crave for my life here has left me really distressed and sometimes even more anxious, making me feel unsafe to stop taking the antidepressant I already drink A few years ago and I wish very much not to take more. What has helped me is the ever stronger connection with the truth, what I really am, and all the discoveries and wonders that are coming, and are yet to come, I believe that if it were not all my evolution in the spiritual realm all this restlessness Would be "in full steam", would like a help to transcend this and be free indeed! Gratitude!


Beloved daughter. I'm a master Hilarion. Today you have all the tools in your hands, which you have received from your spiritual mentor, to work on yourself, all your restraints. Your first questioning about this work that has been taught to you must be applied in a way to treat yourself. You will realize daughter, that all mentors bring the information to benefit you at first, so that they can treat themselves and heal their restraints. Therefore, dear daughter, you must trust the intuition you receive from your mentor, for she will continue to show the way and teach you to work with what she has shown you. But you must apply to yourself. This will make you heal all your restrictions at first. Little by little you will feel safer to leave your medications, and in the future you will open up your connection with your mentor, who can act more on you, also contributing to your healing. In relation to food, the work you will do with yourself and that will be intuited by your mentor will cure this restriction you have brought from past records. You will see how all this will make sense there in the future. But this is not the time to understand. Just focus first on establishing a closer connection with your mentor, with the first goal of balancing yourself to stop the medication. Then you will be guided to the next steps step by step. You're in the way, my daughter. Follow in peace.




I would like to know what I have to learn from my marriage of 22 years. For I have not been happy for a long time! We are together because he says he "likes" me and I can not get financial independence. I know that happiness is not in the other, I can be happy alone. But I think it's my fate to stay with him, I'm confused. Gratitude.


Beloved daughter. The expectation you put on your spouse to bring happiness to you is illusory. There is only one way to find happiness, which is by listening to yourself. This relationship has come to show you that loving someone is not enough to make you feel loved. For the true love that nourishes your heart is one that you have not learned to cultivate for yourself. This love, my dear, is born only from your heart. And what you feel is the emptiness of separation, but it is also an illusion. The separation I say my dear is the one that thinks it exists between you and God. Between you and your essence I Am. But that in reality the separation does not exist and only the connection that will make the connection is never awakened. This connection, my dear, is only achieved when you begin to look within yourself, accepting what you are in reality and leaving aside the masks you have acquired in life. Masks may have been important at moments, and created false images about yourself, which are the identities you have assumed. The identity of a married woman, as well as so many identities she assumed, but that were only non-real images that distanced her from the real view of herself. That feeling of unhappiness in marriage, my dear, is really only dissatisfaction with yourself. She does not feel loved despite receiving this love. Because it did not open your heart to receive. Search within yourself, it is time to find yourself, my dear.

I am Lady Master Rowena



Masters. I always hear that fear and worry are not healthy for our energy, but at the moment I find myself unemployed and my partner too, it is difficult not to panic. I've already been told that the reason is because I'm not working my mediumship, but at the moment I do not have the head to help anyone. I meditate and pray. What to do? Where is my mistake?


Beloved sister. Working mediumship is a blessed opportunity to balance your spirit, your life and your body. In your case, my darling, who has the gift of helping so many people, channeling beneficial energies to donate to so many who need to work the liberation of these energies, ends up accumulating their lives in their body and in their auric field. This accumulation of energies is harmful to your health and brings imbalance to your body and your life. You see, my dear. As it would be an electronic device that, when plugged into the socket, receives high energy charges, which are beneficial, but are stored inside the device, not allowed to leave. While the energy cycle is active, that is, when your body is alive, as an incarnate being, it needs to receive and release energies, as well as an electronic device in the socket, in the way they understand. But by receiving the energies through your gift and accumulating them in yourself, you end up manifesting problems in your life, because it does not allow you to leave. Realize that the natural flow of the chakras and body is always the input and output of energy. As much as the incoming energies are beneficial, they end up accumulating at points that must be worked, and do not flow for the cleanings to be done on you. This energy accumulation in your body, life and auric field, end up attracting energies that need to receive higher energies, that are accumulated in you. Therefore, your life is always surrounded by denser energetic forms, which couple in your auric field to be benefited by the accumulated energy. For this is the natural flow of life, my dear. Just as you receive the energy, so it releases it. But liberation can be in many ways. You can learn to work the energies you receive, develop your mediumship, or remain passive in front of all the dense energetic forms that can come close to you to benefit from energy exchange. The flow of energy will always exist. What you get will be donated. But as you develop your mediumship, you learn to direct the energy you receive to something that will benefit people, and to leave your busy position today that unfortunately ends up becoming a victim involved by those who benefit from your most luminous energy. Realize my daughter, that when you develop mediumship, when you study and learn to work with the energies and direct them towards good, helping people, you also benefit. You will begin to see your life change, opportunities arise and your life will flow because you will allow the energy to regain natural movement at your command and will. Therefore, my dear, it is beneficial for you to learn to work the energies, and this you will realize as soon as you begin. Stay in peace.

I am Pórtia



Beloved Masters, thank you so much for all that helps me in life. My question is this: I have been married for 23 years, with a man who today has nothing to do with me. I want to follow a spiritual life that is not with him, but he has to be able, documents in a separation he can get me out all the property that belongs to me, and that's my fear, but at this point is in fact impossible to live with it I have done many spiritual works, (co-creation, prayers, etc ..) in order to our separation may be within the Divine will, Peace and harmony due to its very difficult and powerful spell. Would like to have your advice on how to proceed to seek separation peacefully, what is the learning that I lack that I rid myself of it, I still do not know what needs to be treated so that there is a release from my contract or According to him. I am grateful that the Masters tell me what I need to know most about this relationship and my current life. Gratitude!


Save daughter, save the peace that we anchor in the heart from the trust in God, save unconditional love, faith in the best. Do you realize that the relationship is over? But you cling to it for fear of what will come later, including material goods. Why not trust and let things work out for you. Or does the daughter prefer to be the victim of emotional blackmail for fear of getting lost in life? Not all decisions are easy daughter, and you find yourself at one of those crossroads. And what to do? The answer is simple daughter, detach, trust that what is ours by right God reserves us his fair share. This is the teaching that needs to be anchored. Decide to live this way or to follow God's way. I tell you, daughter, that this is not an easy decision, but if you release and release, I guarantee that with time and patience everything will be arranged unexpectedly. Save the trust and faith of our beloved Archangel Michael. Stay in peace daughter.

Father Benedito from Angola

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - April 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.