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Tuesday, April 18, 2017





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Beloved Masters, very grateful for your answer to my question. You guide me to live in peace with my truth. I believe that I do, insofar as I believe that I experience some level of inner peace, not because outwardly everything is as desire, but because internally I understand and accept that everything is as it should be to move on to the next phase. But this is where I ask for guidance and light. Since 2012 I have awakened to a very strong desire to contribute to profound changes, I really want to do so, but sometimes I do not know what the next step is. I have always felt uncomfortable in the system and nowadays I do not see myself in any job and I really want my message to flow, but I also need to flow financially. Masters, I identify myself as an indigo adult, am I correct? That is why I feel different and with this unconditional will to transform the world. I know the way is transforming us, what I feel I have been doing too, and I look with great gratitude for all that I have already reached within. Masters are I on the right path? What else can I do to flow financially now? I continue to believe the message I wrote and that sharing is my truth. Lead me to my Masters. Gratitude and Love.


Beloved daughter. Understand that you are inserted in this experience to transmute all the restrictions you have added to yourself in ancient incarnations. The transmutation of these experiences will contribute to the building of wisdom, which will carry as luggage to your eternity off this planet. For this, it is necessary for you to live the experiences of matter as they are presented to you, and then transmute the constraints that are presented to you gradually. All the contrary feeling you have before the experiences of matter, linked to the current system, are restrictions that you observe at these moments, because in this way they are presented to you. Imagine daughter, you have a sleeping dragon inside you. This dragon is unknown to you until it is awakened by some experience that lives. If you choose to flee from the experiences that are part of this planetary system, and live in the midst of fullness (which you will not find in the way you imagine), the dragon will remain dormant. You came here to wake him up. But if you keep singing lullabies to him, he will not wake up. You need to realize dear daughter, that is the discord, the discomfort perceived before the situations, that the dragon begins to awaken, and that is when it becomes available to be worked. You will not do it again lullaby. But it will make him calm down and clean himself. Transmuting all those restrictions that cause the feeling of revolt and indignation. Experiments linked to the planet's current system are necessary so that the clearing of akashic records occurs. Without the acceptance of experience as it presents itself, there would be no purpose in the incarnation. Therefore, the sleeping dragon must rather be awakened through experience, and controlled by forgiveness and love, which can only be done when you accept life as it presents itself. Be at peace my dear.

I am Kuan Yin 



Peace and Gratitude Masters. I have some problems in my relationship. And facing the fact that I am going through a very intense process of change of vision, I realize that she feels like knowing what I am researching, but the lack of synchronism in the relationship is notorious. There are veiled pressures from her on a daily basis and I perceive them. What do I need to do to make this relationship better? Is it prudent for me to stay in this relationship? I want to know whether or not I should pursue this relationship. PEACE AND LOVE to everyone.


My beloved brother. Everything in life must flow with harmony. So do not worry so much about the curiosity of others, about what you want to know about what you do. He must go his way, with righteousness, with confidence in good and in love. Life is a wheel, where we often just reach out and hold it for as long as it takes, until the walking brother or sister decides to stand up with the strength of their own legs. You do not need to worry about how this will happen, just keep your path with confidence and leave your hand out to help those who stand up. But you should never feel responsible for raising anyone. Each one owns his destiny, just as you are. Whether or not you should continue in the relationship is not your response, but your partner. You just have to go forward with confidence. Be in peace.

I am Kuthumi



Masters, thank you very much for the guidance and blessings that have sent us with your words. I have always been a person with a huge emptiness, both personal and spiritual, but always a seeker. About six years ago, I walked a path that I believe has brought me closer to the supreme power. However, I still question a lot and follow my heart. This meant breaking some dogmas and rules of religiosity. Going against everything that was taught, still causes me discomfort, even though I believe that the way to God is individual. This crisis is also revealed in my relationships. Despite being married for almost two decades, I still miss someone I did not know and it bothers me a lot. I wonder what my mission is and why I feel like this?


Hail, daughter! Save the people of Aruanda and mother Iemanja! Daughter, the old dad's here to get you some words. The daughter will realize that from now on, life will begin to change. The daughter has already dropped her old beliefs about religion and life. Already realizing how the search is individual and no one can be equal to anyone. Daughter is walking the road of truth. And this truth will lead the daughter to find inner peace. The inner peace, daughter, is nothing more than the acceptance of reality itself, which is already present in the life of the daughter. And this truth will show itself more and more present in the life of the daughter, as examples for the daughter to gain confidence. So, daughter, it's going to be this new period that your daughter is starting. This period will be to overturn her old beliefs about life. And to receive what is the truth, which is the emptiness to receive the voice of God. The daughter will receive the voice of God yes. Look at her daughter. After so many searches, so much suffering and doubt, the daughter will receive the voice and the words of God. The daughter will hear that voice in the unconscious as if it were her daughter's consciousness speaking. And the daughter will learn to listen. But it's coming back, daughter. Every thing in its time. First the daughter releases the old beliefs, to then receive the truth of God. So, daughter the boy who stayed in the past will no longer matter, just as so much in the life of the daughter will no longer matter. But now, daughter, focus only on emptying the mind and letting the flow happen. Stay in peace daughter. Hail!

Father José from Aruanda



Beloved Masters, gratitude for always helping me. My beloved Saint Germain and other Beings of Light, I want to thank again so much love, understanding, patience and company. I am. I love them deeply. Gratitude. Please, I would like to improve my relationship with my mother and assist her in this transition process. I would like her to stop carrying so much anger, rancor and hurt, because I know that she is a wonderful person and with a great heart and when you break free from it you will be a happier person. I suffer seeing her suffer and, unfortunately, sometimes irritate me with some things she does to get me, but I know it's just to gain my attention. I know that when I make modifications in myself, I change everything around me and I can positively assist people who are close. Please, what can I do to help my mother? Thank you. I love them deeply and I can feel them.


Greetings sister. I am Saint Germain and I come to tell you a few words today. I do not say they will be smooth as you expect, but they will be transformative in your life if you accept them. The truth is not always smooth, but often needs to be told. What they need to understand is that they should not take care of taking other brothers who are in different degrees of understanding on their way. Your mother is having the evolutionary experience she needs, but you can only help her when she is released from this commitment. The liberation that we say is inner, is to abandon the need to drag anyone. As you walk away and lead your life, you will see your example and you will be proud of it. Of course the ego will tell you that you are losing, but in time it will see that it is winning you for happiness. She will learn to let go of these restrictions from the moment she teaches. But for this you must free yourself from everything that restricts you, including the duty to take your mother with you in your walk. Free yourself, daughter, let go, so that you may teach those around you that it is possible to get rid of what restricts us. It is your duty to leave the path of light, to teach the way, but it will require courage and detachment. And so it is.

Saint Germain



Hello, dear Masters. Gratitude for everything they tell us. My question is about profession. Recently I discovered psychic powers of healing, especially through the hands. I would like to know how I can be more useful to my brothers, if I can make a profession of it, because I miss the true vocation, I have always found it difficult to discover it. Thank you, with much love in your heart for all of you, beings of light.


Beloved sister. All of you seeds of the light and the life that is God, possess the power of healing in the hands. The more they subtle their spirit, the more they allow them to be channels of transmission of that energy. This is the natural state of Being. Therefore, in the world of the new age, everyone in the natural state will use this gift naturally, daily for self-treatment. Therefore, my daughter, perceive that experience as incarnate is brought to you so that, through living in the material environment, transmuting the restrictions that prevent you from increasingly subtreating your spirit, and that today prevents you from being A receiving channel and a healing donor. Through experiences like incarnation, coexistence with people at work and personal relationships, you work the restrictions and will unlock your channel. That way my dear, can fit in any professional activities that are brought to you, because they are only experiences to work your evolution. Follow your heart without expectations, and allowing experiences to be brought to you as well as job opportunities and relationships. Accept what is brought with an open heart and watch the process that takes place within each experience to gradually unblock your restrictions and open the connection to your Soul. Be at peace, my dear.

I am Lady Master Pórtia



Hello, it's been a while since I've felt a mixture of feelings, like a wave of happiness about to explode, mixed with loneliness and frustration. It is quite uncomfortable when I feel this, sometimes I feel that I am not in my "tribe", I ask for a direction, thank you.


Hail, son of unity and love! Hail mother Iemanja! Save peace and transformation! Hail! The old father is here son, to bring some simple words of easy understanding to you. Son, you need to focus your thinking. Your thoughts and your mind is scattered and full of confusion. The son will not find anything like that. No answer will find. The son just needs to put everything aside a little. Forget everything, son. Let the mind empty and the truth come from the heart that comes from God. We here, we do not have the answer ready for you son. But we are here to direct the way of the son, to find his own answer. And so the father came to do today. The son must let the answer come, but he will only be able to leave his mind empty. The son is in imbalance. It does work to rebalance these chakra, son. And, moreover, it balances everything that occurs in the wire life. Drop the load, wire. It leaves the responsibilities a bit aside and the worries too. Dexa "roll" and trust. The son will see that when he empties his head there, he will begin to fill with answers that come from God, and direct the way. But this has to be emptied. Right, son? Stay in peace son! Hail! The waters of the mother Iemanjá spill over you son. To wipe all this little head full of confusion. Hail mother Iemanja!

Pai José de Aruanda

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - April 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.