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Saturday, April 15, 2017





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Dear Masters. I woke up in 2012 to what I feel like a great mission. I am very grateful to what I have achieved within today. I have made this my way and with this I went through great financial difficulties, but I did not give up. I deeply believe in my mission and value. I ask you for guidance if I am on the path of my mission and truth. I have believed, but I still do not support myself financially. Is there something you're not seeing, or is it just respecting the flow of life? What can I do most to reach the full potential that I feel in me. Why do I feel so much the music, the singing, the dance in me? How is it related to my mission? May the mission that I have with my husband still be possible to me? Eternally grateful to Your teachings.


The true mission is in the inner awakening to its truth. The truth will lead you to your liberation and understanding of yourself. Realize that you are not living this experience to find your mission, but rather to find yourself. When the quest is externally, fueling the expectation of seeing what materializes in your life what you feel and considers to be your mission, you lose the focus of your true search that is for your truth. What you feel about your husband is correct. Notice in between the lines of life how everything is heading for a purpose. Notice with attention, but always relating to what takes place within yourself. In this way you will manifest what you desire and that is not the materialization of your mission, but rather to live in peace knowing what your truth is. Stay in peace.

Master Usui



Dear Masters. I would very much appreciate your guidance. After all these last years of spiritual study, practice of decrees, cleansing, affirmations, seeking to rescue my physical and emotional health and currently working intensely the Ho'ponopono, I have these energy shortages and a lot of tension, I would like Help me to understand, what I can do differently. One therapist told me that I needed to continue with spiritual cleansing and she gave me a 21-day decree to work with Archangel Michael. How can I find my inner peace? Masters, I want to take the Transpersonal Therapist course, because I believe that it will bring me this evolution. Lead me also in this choice and why the same question lingers in my life? What can I do? Eternally grateful.


Greetings son. You have searched for a lot that is external to your being, for therapies, courses, learning, but all this if it is not used in what causes you pain, it becomes another instrument to divert you from yourself. All of these techniques that are made available to humankind are useful only from the moment we set out from the heart to come out of the victim's consciousness, to look deeply into ourselves, and anchor the purpose of spiritual upliftment by illuminating our restraints. What the child needs is to seek the truth of the source of this pain that feels and look into you and see what the moments that this pain increases and reaches your heart. What are the triggers of the external world that lead you to this pain. It is a wakeful exercise that only those who anchor the real purpose of upliftment and quest within oneself accomplish. Otherwise child, these healing methods can become another mental process where we end up straying from our purpose. They need to understand a premise. All available energy healing methods consist of anchoring the physical plane to more subtle realities through energy irradiation, but they only have actual effectiveness if they are applied as a help to unlock the inner restraint points, cleansing the akashic, unlocking the chakras . But this only happens if we work together on the emotional points that lead us to these blocks. Otherwise son, they will turn into yet another method of aid, but that will not attack the real root of restraint. So before looking for new courses, new anchorages, we ask you to look honestly at yourself, without judgment, and see where the points are that you believe you are already able to accept the need for improvement, and then use the methods you have already Knows and others that will come to know to illuminate this aspect that needs to transcend. This will be the path that will lead to your overcoming, and progressively bring you relief in your feelings and emotions through transmutation and purification. Be in Peace.

I am Pórtia



Dear Masters. It is with humility and open heart that I come to ask for guidance on my marriage. I have been having frequent disagreements in my marriage for some time. I feel that I am no longer attracted to him as a man, but I do not know if I am prepared to separate, because I have two small children and the gratitude and affection for still exist. I do not know what to do, because he loves me and admires me a lot, but I can no longer correspond to him in the sexual part. What do I do, dear Masters? Gratitude!


Beloved daughter. You are going through a troubled phase where you have to look at yourself and see how the relationships you are involved in interfere with your own happiness. For a long time, daughter, puts the lives of others to the detriment of yours. And his love and dedication to his family is commendable. It happens dear, that time is of new air, time to change, to move on to new challenges that will open to you. These can only manifest in your life as long as you remain in your truth. If you live a life that is not your truth, but you have taken on a character to live a happy story, you will no longer follow your learning purpose in this incarnation. Seek within yourself what pleases you. Seek out what makes you happy and simply live that reality. Go light and peaceful just living the way you like it, and you will see how, gradually, your life will open up to new possibilities. New opportunities will arise, but only from the moment you decide to live what you are in essence. Realize daughter, how you are letting go of yourself and then start looking at yourself and loving yourself too. Be at peace my dear sister.

I am Rowena 



Dear Masters. Thank you for your availability and affection, which are precious to me. Thanks also to the channels M. and T. I have a particular affinity with Master Jesus and Archangel Michael. This has recently suggested that Star Seeds, road markers meet to study and support each other. I am not sure of including myself in this group, but I would like to be with soul mates who share this view of life, which is not easy in the environment in which I live. I wonder why it is that when I meditate on the heart I feel trapped, feelings do not flow, and at other times I feel intensely. My work is beginning to make no sense to me, a work more linked to spirituality is what attracts me now. I know there are several questions, but I ask for your guidance. Thank you very much.


Beloved daughter. All of you, when you are seeking your inner truth in the process of awakening, begin to look at life in matter differently and no longer understand why the world needs to be guided in the way it is. But my daughter, you feel disconnected from the world where you live as you approach your spiritual truth, but forget what is most important, which is the fact that you, as an eternal and immortal spirit, chose to be here to live This experience in matter as it is. The quest for many people to disconnect from material life and to follow a purely spiritual life still incarnate, is precisely in flight from the experience of incarnation. Realize dear, that life will bring you, the experiences necessary for your spiritual evolution. And that the real purpose of being here is to learn and evolve for yourself. So the dream you feed from being a star seed to bringing peace and love to all can only be attained when you shine like a star in your own life. What can take a whole life yes, but that it will be you living intensely what came really to look here. Realize my dear, that spiritual pursuit and the subtlety of experience can not be a burden to bear, for it is really difficult to live life in duality when you refuse to live on one side. But it was this experience you chose. Therefore my dear, just work within yourself the acceptance of your life. And see in your experiences opportunities for learning and evolution. Remember that a lifetime here is a very short time in the face of the immensity of your spiritual life, and you should enjoy every minute and be attentive to all the experiences you live for which it has been worthwhile. Just look around you with gratitude and acceptance. This will make you take life in a less heavy and full of charges with yourself. Get rid of charges and enjoy the experience of life. With love.

Lady Master Pórtia



Good morning, masters! Gratitude one more time. Today I come to you, ask for guidance on my niece. She does not understand her son Victor at all, and the situation is getting very dangerous, and she can not live in reality either, what can I do? Thank you!


Greetings my sister. Your niece moves on with her life, on the learning she has to overcome. We know that your concern is legitimate, realizes that something may not follow the natural rhythm. But daughter, no matter how much it hurts, understand something, people need to err, often need to follow the path of pain to compare with lightness, with good. The way is eternal, it is made for eternity. You see, how much time have you walked through non-gentle paths in this life? But he understands that it was these ways that brought him the necessary experience to see the path of suffering, of the pain of those who still do not understand that life can be light. His niece, daughter, must pass through her learning, which in this or another life will lead her to the path of wisdom, of softness. What we can not daughter is to take the opportunity of learning from anyone, however good we intend. Do an exercise: imagine a young woman, what decision would you have taken differently? Many. Is not that a daughter? But to come to that conclusion he had to walk the path. And today she is happier, safer, because the way has brought her to this. And so it is with all. It is no use interfering in the life of anyone, because we would be taking the opportunity of it to go through the pain that will become learning. So let her make her decisions. Accompany a daughter, with a wise eye, of one who has walked the paths of pain, but let others tread this path towards the improvement of the soul. Be in peace.

Pai João de Aruanda



I thank the Masters, guides and channels that make these fabulous light messages available. I would like to know more about messages by number sequences. I have received them this way for some time and I try to interpret them, but I still have many doubts when I try to understand them. I try to take it to my heart, I try to silence my mind to identify what they are referring to, and I think that the response time to some questioning may be different from the time of the earthly question. At the moment I have received many messages and interpret them as a transformation to the best of me and in this case I trust and deliver to the part of the Whole that can best see. Thanks in advance for the opportunity and guidance. Thank you, love you all!


Greetings daughter. Life is full of signs, not just numbers, but innumerable indicatives. All these signs can be read as an indication of the way, for we will never bring you ready answers. We would be interfering in your free will and taking from the beautiful material experience the opportunity to learn to feel. Just to avoid harming your experiences we bring indicative arrows, which can manifest as repetitive numerical sequences, a pen or a coin that we put in your way. In all of these signs read as one: "Hello my sister, feel your heart in that moment we will bring you the answer you seek." Very simple, is not it? But we are all the time bringing a reminder that we are by your side, that we support and love you. When you see such a sign simply open a smile of gratitude and tell us, "Welcome family, help me find the way of the heart, my purpose of love." In saying so give your life to God that he will guide us to help you in the best way possible. We are always reminding you of our love for you, for we love you and the way we do it is through a numeric sequence that calls your attention, a sign of the angels with a feather, or simply a person who reaches out to you in an hour Of difficulty. It is we who send these signs to you. Trust that this is my sister, for each of you has a special place in the unity that we are. Gratitude for the opportunity, because I believe it is the doubt of many who perceive these synchronicities in their lives. Be in peace.

I am El Morya 

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - March 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.