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Thursday, April 13, 2017





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I need to know, I have 4 children, I am unemployed and without parental help. What should I do with my children in my life, where should I go? My eldest son is more than disgusted and the others are much younger. There is a possibility of moving to a place I have lived in before. What should I do?


Save, daughter, save love, save the light, save the hope and humility of those who suffer in this world of God, but still want the good of all. Hail your light, daughter, who is great, and in this greatness bears the hardest but heaviest burden, for the sake of teaching your children the way of love and the heart. You, daughter, came to this world to teach something to those four beautiful beings who are by your side, came to teach humility, love, the way of the heart. But in today's world, in the big city, there is so much that looks away. So, daughter, God is giving you the opportunity to start again not in an easier place, because it is not, but in a place that will be able to teach, day by day, the way of love to your children. In that place that appears in your life may be the example that came to them. You will show the value of decent and humble work to your children, and come out victorious in your purpose, which is only to set the example so that they choose their way. Remember that, daughter, your job is to set an example of love for them, that's all. Is that clear, daughter? The father here thanks you for the opportunity to serve and promises you, saw daughter, that wherever you go, we will be together to protect you. Be in peace.

Pai Bendito de Angola



Thank you in advance for the opportunity to communicate. I am in a dilemma and you could help me with a light advice. I got in touch with a guy from work and everything was fine until I got pregnant. At first he even helped me, but then disappeared, cut off contact with me and did not support me at all. I never wanted to know about the son who is 5 months old today. I know he returned with his ex-wife and had a son who was born now in January. The dilemma is between letting go and waiting for life to set things up or forcing me and the family to recognize my son. I've heard that he's hiding this situation and so far I've been quiet because I do not want to attract bad energies to myself or the baby.


My sister, I am Rowena. It goes through an existential dilemma, between doing what must be done and depriving oneself of facing life. The dilemma that passes is the question, whether to put it first, whatever the consequences. I say yes, I do. How many times have we told you that love does not exist without self-love? But for this you need to face the fear of criticism, of judgment, of thinking that you have done something wrong. You have had an experience that has had consequences for a small life. Now daughter, one must put oneself at the head of the situation, seeking what is right for all those who receive a life under their responsibility in materiality. The dilemma you face is not about what the right decision is, but whether you must face your deepest fears of judgment and exposure. The daughter's response will be anchored in her inner strength to remain centered in the midst of the storm, not to be carried away by the vicissitudes of life. Anchor in your act, love, and follow life.

I am Rowena 



Dear Masters, thank you for the opportunity. I would like you to guide me which way I should go, for I am stagnant, aimless. I am married, I have two teenage daughters, I do not want to live with my husband anymore because I have suffered a lot with him, but I am dependent on him financially, because I have been leaving my job for six years to take care of my daughters. Now more than ever I feel the need to have my financial independence. I do not know whether I study for competitions or go to the field of digital entrepreneurship, both require time and dedication. Is it worth spending time on this or is it none of that and my mission is on another path? Lead me, please. Thank you!


My sister. He wants us to be able to deliver you a life that is ready, safe, and destined. But I assure you, no Master has that power. It is time for a daughter, to understand themselves as creators of their reality, to assume the life they have created. The decision on the next course is yours, daughter. For the lesson you need to learn is not that of your material sustenance, but of your empowerment, your mastery, of believing in yourself. As long as you have doubts about what you are capable of accomplishing, you will be in that indecision. Anchor your truth, search deep within your soul, abandoning all expectations and wants. Do not blame your decisions on anyone, not even your children. They were yours and you know that's the truth. If you want to follow a different path know that none of them will be born ready, all will require preparation dedication, strength and perseverance in the result. Now, knowing this, ask which of them meets your longings, and thus persevere in the search with faith and trust in what your heart asks of you, but do not stray from difficulties, for not always the shortest path is the easiest. Be in peace.

I am El Morya



Good Morning! Beloved and wonderful MASTERS. Initially I can not fail to express my immense joy and gratitude for having been led to find your orientations that have been the beacon of my current life. Thank you! Secondly, I need to ask about my preparation: It turns out that I seem to be about to reap the fruits of a seed plantation in very arid soil, but that even in the face of several years of unthinking acts, evil habits that mistreated me immensely Children not consciously programmed, physical aggressions of companions, dismissal of work unjustly among others, I have always had my actions guided by the heart. So today it finally seems that I have been able to get close to the positive return of the loving and understanding look that I have taken on these actions, to which I often have not even had the chance to defend myself. But in my life positive actions require a lot of effort and I am aware that I am a warrior of the Light, because I am always on my forehead. It turns out that now I urgently need to return to financial empowerment, as I have been unemployed for just over two years. I am a bachelor in law and I could not pass the OAB, yet. I have many years of experience, I have advocated in various actions and love the right, but with three small children it is difficult to prepare. Sometimes I feel like giving up and living away from this medium of advocacy and public service, but even if I run away from legal action, they persecute me, as well as militancy against the government, because if certain acts do not fall on me and mine Family, people in need of guidance and help, always come to me. I am also the type that can not keep silent in the face of injustice and I end up getting myself where I am not called, which I do not regret at all, because I always end up collaborating in some way. Now as I said I am on the way to return this fateful examination again, as well as having the outcome of lawsuits in which I am involved and faced with astrological factors is the time for me to resolve my situation and I can not delude myself anymore. So I want to know if I'm really on the right track and if I'm really going to be able to finish this unfinished cycle, finally getting this record to advocate, because without it everything is more difficult and discouraging. I know everything is a matter of preparation, but I have other skills and I'm tired of punching a knife. I was born on 10/02/1977 at 8:15 p.m. and Saturn seems to be charging me in capricorn (house 5), fish (house 7), aries (house 8) and bull (house 9) and do not know what attitude to take in these Fields. I'm sorry for the many words, but I'm very distressed because a lot of people depend on a correct choice that I have to make, and I can not disappoint myself and my dear walking friends who both help me. Namastê!


Sweet child greetings. Feel in your lap the warmth of my heart. It brings much suffering within you my sister, many struggles, because it brings the belief that life is a difficulty, that it needs to have an opinion about everything and to defend it, that there are people that depend on you. How many illusions my sister. It would be so much easier if she only accepted that she is loved, that she is not a warrior, but a sweet and gentle sister who seeks for love and nothing else. What he wants deep down is to show the world the love that is made and from there to let his gifts radiate his life. You may think daughter, which are soft words that do not facilitate your walking, for it is hard and difficult. But daughter understands something, it is this understanding of life that leads to this state of uncertainty. If life leads you to the service of justice because it is somehow connected to your essence, you must learn something at this point, which is that of infinite wisdom. It is a wisdom that does not need to be demonstrated, but it must be lived to be told without a preconception of life, of what it should be. What we advise you to do is to take your exam, with confidence, with love. Study, get ready, but take this burden off carrying the world on your back. Go there with the softness of life, knowing that it is your purpose to follow this path and trust the wisdom it brings within you. Do not try to answer everything with your mind, but bring your wisdom to the now and use your intuition. But for this you need to take away all that weight, this guilt for decisions that have been made and believe that you are much loved, much more than you imagine, and follow the smoothness of life without worrying about what they may say about you. Go there, do your test and follow your abdomen, it must remain loose, smooth, you should not hold it in no time, for releasing your solar plexus life will naturally flow again. Feel the lightness of letting go of your abdomen and leave it in that state. Be in peace.

I am Lord Emanuel, known to some of you as brother Jesus.



Masters, gratitude for all teachings. I feel very difficult to live in now. My mind is always with illusory thoughts, I have been meditating and doing ho'oponopono for seven weeks. I also have dreams about past lives that haunt me. What could be happening so I have not been released yet?


Hello daughter, I am Pórtia. We will always be by your side, reaching out in those moments. Daughter, you live a moment in your life where you blame yourself for past events. You are carrying the old energies that, although already released, are brought to you by your mind that insists on not changing old behaviors of fear, anxiety, fear for life. To find your way you must seek this liberation from the fears that haunt you, from what holds you and those disturbing thoughts. For a long time, daughter, avoid contact with certain feelings that now appear within you. It is time to release them, but you do not need to tread this path alone, if necessary seek help, someone who holds you in the hand to cross and river of bitterness that holds in your heart. But know daughter, it is you who will have to cross the river with sincerity in the purpose of inner healing. It is time to accept all that held within you and bring to healing and liberation in your life. Be in peace.

I am Pórtia



Good Morning. I want to know why I can not prosper. I always have good jobs, I have owned trades, but I die on the beach with more debts. What I have to learn and do to thrive. Where do I fail? Thank you!


Hail, daughter. Save the light that illuminates your day, the dish you have on the table, the family that brings in your heart. Hail, daughter, save the strength of Mary, who in her womb has brought Jesus to teach us to love. Hail, daughter! The daughter says that she dies on the beach, nothing, nothing, nothing, and dies on the beach. Do you know why, daughter? Because you try to climb the mountain with the big stone, and when you get tired it rolls downhill, and then the daughter comes back and starts to take the stone again. (laughs). What if you climbed the hill without the stone? Have you ever thought about it? But for this the daughter needs to understand that in life there is what is necessary, what we create for sustenance, because what we have of greater is not in the material goods, but in what we take of this life. And the father speaks of that which is eternal. Answer your own daughter if you have already found what is necessary for life, if something has already been missing? Then daughter, learn to climb the hill without the stone. Because in matter the stone always goes together, do you understand that? There is no material life without a stone to climb the hill. The hill without stone is only that which is turned to love, to help others, to charity, to benevolence with the brothers. Then the daughter will find an easier hill to climb. That's right? Stay in peace daughter.

Father Benedito from Angola

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - March 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.