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Tuesday, April 11, 2017





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Beloved Masters. Today I am aware that I am where I am, because I have chosen my lessons. I have wondered if healing the relationship with my mother needs to be so difficult. What else do I need to do to get this forgiveness released with all my cells? My dream today is to be able to have my own home with my beloved son. But I feel that I must live this healing completely with her, remaining in the same environment as her. Help me, beloved Masters.


Beloved daughter. You have reached the full state of acceptance and forgiveness. On his part there is no healing work to take place. You have learned to radiate love in all situations of conflict. If you remain involved in this daughter environment, you may regress in your evolution, for you are carrying on something that has already transcended and repeated the lessons already learned. It's like choosing to live in pain, daughter. Do not expect from your mother the change you imagine. You only have power over your own mind and heart and do your part in radiating love. But she must only accept and surrender to God this relationship and her life, so that she may go her own way on this journey of life, learning the lessons in the perfect time for her, which is not the same as yours. My dear relationships are established for mutual learning, but not necessarily, the two learn the lesson at the same time. So you are free to follow. That's how the separations happen, my dear. But you must break with the barrier of fear that holds you close to her. The illusion that you need it to live in material life is just an illusion, fed by this connivance that ends up being harmful to you at the present time. The time has come for separation so that each one can go one's own way and learn new lessons. Your mission is now with your son, my dear. Empower yourself as a woman and as a mother and follow your free and peaceful life. Repeat: "I surrender this relationship to the transmutation of the Violet Flame and move on to the new that manifests in my life from the purity of my interior." Mentalize the relationship being transmuted into the Violet Flame and the thread that unites you being illuminated by the Crystal Violet light. Then cultivate and allow the powerful white flame to grow within you to radiate purity for you and your life and relationships. You are your inner purity surrounded by the Violet Flame that transmutes any ancient energy that does not allow the white flame to manifest. Stay in peace my dear, and repeat these words daily and whenever you feel sad and hopeless for this relationship, until the ultimate transformation takes place.

I am Lady Master Pórtia 



Beloved Masters, good morning! I have been through difficult times in my life since 2013. Today I recognize that I am the only responsible for what happened. I lost a job, a relationship, friendships. As much as I try to change the reality in which I find myself, it seems that everything is back to the initial state - I can not get a job, all the projects I try to start do not go forward, my relationship with my three year old son is getting more and more difficult. I feel like I'm losing energy and mental balance. I need to find myself to be able to overcome the bitterness of the past and move on, but I do not know how to start. I'm not a bad person and I would like to understand why all of these happenings. For many moments I feel like I'm living at the wrong time. I need help. Gratitude.


Beloved daughter. You are living these moments of profound transformation in your life precisely because you are special. You are being graced by the wind of change, which is in your life to insist that internal change occur. What you observe to manifest in a whirlwind of changes in your external material life is only the consequence of what you carry within you. It is the cleansing occurring so that you look within yourself and no longer allow it to be part of your ancient Self. Allow the inner gaze to occur. As you carry the thoughts you carry within you, the life around you will continue to manifest deep challenges to cause you to look inwardly. If you decide to look inside and treat those emotions that bother you, everything will fit in and life will enter a period of calm and peace. But for this you need to look inside and accept whatever comes, daughter. This is part of the true inner transformation that you set out to accomplish in this life. Thank the beautiful opportunity for inner change and openness to the full happiness that will manifest in your life from that healing, from where it will radiate its pure inner light that is trapped hidden by your fears. Allow the white light of ascension to manifest through the changes that work in your life. Stay in peace.

Lady Master Lis (Isis)



Beloved Masters! Gratitude for this moment. I would like to understand better in practice, which means unconditional love. I have doubts and effort to understand and practice. Exemplify: do I act with unconditional love while trying to like my coarse neighbor? Do I have to work hard to like people who do not do me good? How to act with unconditional love even in my day to day? Should we try to love all our brothers even those who do not like us and do us harm? Gratitude Masters for helping me on this journey.


My heart sister. I am Rowena and anchor in this plan the pink ray that represents the unconditional love, the love without measure, without expectations, that waits for nothing. But you must understand that from the human point of view you will not so easily feel the unconditional love we experience in the finer realms, for your consciousness is still attached to the lower aspects of the planetary grid. So my sister, in these meetings, in these relationships, you are still taken by the judgment that comes from pride, vanity, envy, lust and even the apparent separation in which your days live. For in unconditional love my sister, you would not see a sullen neighbor, a brother who offends you, but you would see him as one body, the same consciousness. And so you would see in these acts an opportunity to show your love, to extend your hand, understanding that there, in that manifestation of bad mood there is a human pain that needs to be healed. But the veil in which they live does not allow them to see themselves that way. So you see a neighbor, a co-worker, a son, a father, you see characters and believe that they are what they see, because this is the reality that they live. But from our perspective we do not see them as such, but as a beautiful consciousness of light that manifests itself unconditionally in the world, which lives its humanity, which cries that it suffers that it has such human feelings, but that it is inserted in this apparent reality that they live. Unconditional love, my sister, requires the elevation of consciousness, a panoramic view of the world where giving oneself has no eyes, no mouth, no ears, but part of the gratitude of the heart. What I tell you is that you do not worry about loving unconditionally, because that way you would be more of a character in this human tangle. Be concerned about being true to your feelings, to what you see and understand, for that is what your consciousness allows at that moment. Accept yourself as you are, for it is a beautiful manifestation of the divine in the world, with its imperfections, with your feelings, with everything you want to deny within yourself with that question. But she is still unconditionally loved the way she is, even though she does not want to show her real feelings to her neighbor. Being true to yourself will be taking the first step to unconditional love, for by loving unconditionally you are exercising the possibility of radiating that love to the world around you. Be in the blessings of my love. 

I am Rowena



Hello Masters! Why can not I access financial abundance? They told me she's available to me. What is still holding me back? Gratitude!


Hail, daughter. Life teaches us to search for many things, we want everything from the best, does not it? We want a good life, without difficulty, having everything that matter can provide us. Does the daughter want the best? But what would it be if it were "from this to the better" (disincarnate) as they say? Would the daughter be prepared if she were to be called here today? You know it's okay to have plenty like you say, no problem. For God gives his children everything and wants to give. But before you have this all you need to get rid of the ego, that want without reason that ends up becoming rancor with life. But the father here is going to ask you another question. If today her daughter had everything she wanted, what was she going to do with it? Sit, rest and watch life go by? And the learning that came to anchor, where? For the next life? Daughter, before you worry so much about this abundance, start to see that you are already like this, full of life, of joy, of love and of everything else. You have everything, daughter, everything you need, because you are alive and happy. And what the daughter calls abundance, in fact, should be called material wealth, because abundance is much more than money. It is love, it is joy, it is faith and trust. To be abundant is to feel happy, without needing much material. Do you understand, daughter? So stay in peace.

Father Benedito from Angola



Dear Masters and Beings of Light who help us, I come today to ask a new question. When I began my spiritual journey I met a Master who initiated me into energy therapy as a way to help people's spiritual awakening. He worked for a donation and said that the energy asked for it. This to me was like it was my way too. I felt like that was my way of working, too. Many things have happened since then and during a period I stopped doing these therapies. At this moment I reconsider doing energy work in this way or others to which I am being inspired. However the question of the money to collect is not clear within me. I have seen people act in different ways and I understand that there must not be right or wrong, but rather the most adequate for the purpose of each soul. I think that putting a price is like putting a condition, and that all that is behind is unconditional. I only question this because the truth is that I also do not want to live in shortage, I want as much living with all the resources of matter as anyone else. So I would like to be more confident about what my shape is, not acting out of fear, insecurity, or blocking the energy of money in spirituality. May I really opt for the way I have committed to bring in this present life. Thank you, dear ones.


Hail, daughter! Here comes the little girl again and again and again and again and again and again and again with a little mare in her little head, is not she? Hihihi. Dad's here again, daughter. In fact the father did not leave the side of this daughter. Just like his father said he was going to do it, daughter. The daughter is awakening to what she likes to do with love. Does the daughter misconceive the doctor and therapist who charge for her service? It is a service for the good of humanity as much as what you want to do right daughter. So there's nothing wrong with charging you, daughter. The daughter has to understand that charity work is different from job of daughter profession. Charity work the daughter can do. You can make some calls, one day a week, for a single hour, a person who has no conditions, without receiving. Donating your time with love only as charity. Or the daughter, if she wants to do charity in another way, she can also become a daughter. Charity is good, daughter. It helps people to maintain balance and peace. With a clear mind, daughter. The father here knows this, for he has already done much of that, while incarnated, and now his father loves to do it with his life. The old man here understands that the daughter would like to be able to do without receiving anything from everyone, daughter. But it happens, daughter, that while incarnated the daughter has to live as everyone lives in matter, daughter. So you do not worry about getting the money in return for your work, daughter. Follow your heart, do the work with love, and always think of this old man here to bring you humility and charity that will always be on the right path. Stay in peace daughter.

Father José from Aruanda

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - March 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.