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Thursday, April 6, 2017





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Beloved Masters. I always felt different and despite growing up with five brothers, I always felt alone. My brothers slept in the same room, and I, the only girl, slept alone in a separate room. Sometimes I had telepathic contacts, I heard, I saw things, I smelled, I had intuition, and so on. Until a while ago I thought it was something imaginary, although many of these "imaginations" have terrified me to the point where I had nocturnal enuresis until 12-13 years old. For a long time I have blocked my senses, but from a few years to now I feel that I am waking up day after day, and the insecurity still persecutes me and at the same time I feel that I need to organize this information inside me, it is as if something is missing, a feeling Of not belonging or not knowing what to do, what is my objective or what is the purpose of it all and I ask myself: What must I do, so that I can organize all this within myself, and direct in a concise and positive way, to the Even my self-help? I thank you from my heart.


Daughter. What you need to do so that all this is organized within you, that begins to flow, is precisely getting out of control of the situation. You will do this by seeking your moments of silence, quieting your thoughts and letting the feelings flow within you. Of course all this will be channeled inside you, and gradually you will understand that it is only a feeling that manifests itself of union with something beyond matter and that there is nothing too much about it. Look for a daughter, by her sacred heart, by her inner altar and study these feelings and sensations for herself. Let them flow within you and become an observer of all that goes on inside you. If you feel like it, write about these feelings so that you gradually begin to understand them. And whenever you have doubts read and reread what you wrote. But it's an exercise you need to get used to. At first you may think that fear is still there, but if it persists, and daily stop to observe its sacred sanctuary, the energies that are born within you, you will see that all of this will naturally organize itself in the very flow. The lack of organization you describe is actually the struggle that brings within you against these feelings, but if you become an observer of your thoughts, just allowing them to pass you without judgment or guilt, you will see everything transforming and, Then understanding will come day by day. This understanding will not be the ones we will show you, but you will find naturally entering into your silence, letting your thoughts flow freely and allowing you to accompany them with joy and enthusiasm. Stay in peace.

I am Rowena



Beloved Masters. I am in a whirlwind of emotions and decisions. As you know I opened a Space dedicated to Holistic Therapies and at this moment I can no longer afford the expenses and the monthly payment of the loan I got for the works and support the space in the first months. At this moment I need your guidance. Should I continue with this project? If so, how to unblock my financial situation to continue to pay the expenses. I need to know how to unlock the calling of customers into space and unlock myself. For I have been told that I came into this existence with many gifts, but that I am afraid to accept them and work with you. As I do this, I feel completely disoriented, needing much of your guidance. Gratitude!


My sister. I am Maitreya. I feel your difficulty at the moment, but I want you to understand that this phase is exactly what it will be the release that you mention. As you go through and face those moments you will eventually loosen the reins of life and simply accept it as it is. It is a time of deep confrontation, yes, but it will be he who will lead you to the next step. It is that in life we ​​often have to understand the pain of our brothers through our own pain. As we go through the situation that so many have already faced, we will understand the functioning of matter, of what it is made of. For matter, my sister, is made of pain, of restraint, for that is how it was created. Your path will always lead us to difficulty, be it lesser or greater. And you, daughter, are not the only ones to go through this. Look around you and see how many have faced the same difficulty. You will know how to get out of this situation and by leading your life to the best way out, you will be releasing yourself from material wants. And in this detachment you will find your path of light, unblock your gifts because you will understand what the physical life is made of. And this deep understanding is what will lead you to something else. I know that today you do not understand what we tell you, and what you feel is insecurity, fear and even inner revolt. But daughter, soon, you will understand what we say to you, and then, stripped of the wills of matter, you can just detach yourself from all this and then go free to radiate your gifts. Matter becomes daughter, but you continue purified to shine in love. Be at peace in the certainty that we follow your process with much love.




Dear Masters. Gratitude! About 4 years ago I met a person who made my heart open in bloom. It was a meeting of souls. We look and recognize each other. I was ecstatic, but soon after I knew he was married, the one who took my floor. Well, after several internal conflicts, we found ourselves in soul and it was the most beautiful thing that happened to me. He totally filled me with love and I did the same. I had many issues with the wounded female, many open wounds, and I feel that her energetic (soul-loving) presence has been helping me a great deal in balancing these energies. Even knowing that he has a family (wife and children) I chose to allow these expansions of love, in soul. But now I am again in internal conflict wondering if it is worth continuing with this love that does not expand to the physical. Although there is a geographical distance between us, since he lives in another state and I also do not think about sharing a life with a man, due to having had a marriage of 12 years and feel devastated in this marriage, this conflict comes to me Which does not help me to be comfortable with this relationship. The questions that come to me are: Am I fooling myself? Am I hiding in this "relationship"? My question is also whether or not allowing me to have a loving physical relationship with a man is interfering in some way with my sexual energy, blocking my expansion in general. I feel an uncomfortable energy in my temple on the left side. Does this have anything to do with this block? 


Beloved daughter. You are in perfect balance with yourself. Energetically you are well resolved and there is no need for physical contact to complete. What happens is that it carries beliefs that there is a need to comply with rules imposed by society, such as a marriage or the union between a man and a woman so that it is respected and accepted by all. What holds you in this relationship with this man is precisely this fear of showing yourself to everyone, of showing who you really are, transcending the rules of society, but being yourself in your essence. Your questions about the feminine are well resolved, but what you carry is an illusion that there is still something to be filled in you, but that is really mere delusion. Carry on always leading up to your truth, your way of seeing life and bringing this knowledge forth. Be yourself in an authentic way, without the need for something to fill what is already complete. The relationships that will come to you from this acceptance will be received by you in a light manner. You will take relationships knowing that there is nothing to be completed, and therefore you will only accept if it will actually bring some benefit to you, without feeding your fears and doubts or fearing that you need someone. Be at peace, my dear.

I am Rowena



Beloved Masters, in recent years I have been trying to improve as a person, studying spirituality and trying to evolve, but it seems that I have not been very successful, I still stress very much with small things and feel angry, and I am aware of what is the worst, I know That I'm doing something wrong, but when I go to see it already has, I have already done and here comes a feeling of guilt. I study spirituality and I try to follow this path, but there are moments that I totally lose focus and stress, I would like to receive advice on how to eliminate this once, I do not want to have these moments of stress and anger anymore, bad person? What do I do, beloved Masters?


My sister. You go through a process of inner cleansing that will linger for a while until you find the balance of the situation and have control of your own emotions. He took important steps in this process, which is the recognition of a situation, an emotion that does not please him. This is the first step in identifying your own inner discomfort. Inner purification is a process of continual cleansing, where you begin by policing your own thoughts, your emotions. Gradually you will gain maturity to identify your emotional triggers, the situations that lead you to imbalance. And it will be life itself that will continue to bring more of these situations that lead you to imbalance, to disharmony, so that gradually you can work with these feelings with mastery. You should not try to block them, but policing so that the reaction is harmonious, consistent with the situation. You will have to train patience, in principle. In a second moment you will get to the point of identifying the inner pain that causes you stress, anger. For this is all a reflection of something within you, which at the appropriate time will be worked and purified in union with the eighth chakra, so that it binds together these feelings and gives them to purification, transforming them into harmony within itself. But this is a process, do not worry about it, just follow your feelings and emotions and let it occur naturally. Stay in peace.

I am Serapis Bey



Good Morning. I've already asked for my husband's help, he's just imagining things from me, that I'm cheating on him, I say beforehand, I've never done it, I'll never do it, it's not my nature. He has these problems with me every month, I tell you Masters that I'm tired of it, I do not deserve this, I'm tired of this situation. He was already betrayed by the first wife, and was very traumatized. What do I do to help you. I await an answer.


Hail, daughter! The old father is here to talk to you, daughter. Does the father have to come in person to tell you that you do not have to go through this, daughter? Do you really think, daughter, that your father needed to come here to tell you this? You know, beloved daughter, what should you do, right? You've waited too long for that, have you, daughter? Why do not you stop, daughter? Oh, you've got a problem too, eh, daughter. And this man supplies you with his lack of affection and attention, right? The old father knows. You can not imagine what it would be like to live without him, right, daughter. So, daughter, let's start working on your problem, right daughter, and let his problem go, right? To solve your problem, child, you have to find yourself. Find your truth, your essence. You are not bound to anyone in this life, daughter. Set yourself free for a moment and meditate, find out who you really are, do the things you care about without regard to what others will think. You need this exercise, child. When you find yourself, daughter, you will realize that your jealous man will be trapped inside a bubble. He will speak, speak, and you will not hear. You will be within your truth and nothing else matters. From there, child, life begins to change for the better. For he will have to change to have the privilege of having your ears to him, daughter. If he does not change, you will not have a problem, daughter. For you will be at peace within your truth. So, daughter, let's start working with you and forget about his problem? Dad's going to be with you, daughter. Call the old man there by your side. Hail, daughter! Save Jesus Christ! Save the Divine Father! Save love and peace! Hail.

Father Joaquim from Aruanda 



Masters. Thank you for the inspiration I received in writing for you this morning. I want help to learn to trust in the goodness of God and the Universe. I am a person who believes in my heart that he is alone and that he has to deal with everything, materially speaking. Because of this, I ended up creating a heavy life for myself, in which I do not receive help from people - my parents go through difficulties and even my husband has a job of a lot of financial instability, which places all the responsibility of our house on my Shoulders. I know it did not have to be this way, but the truth is that inside I can not release and trust. Thank you for your help.


Hail, daughter. It's the damn mind, is not it? Who first holds you to this reality and then lets you loose. This mind sucks, is not it? But how to get rid of the wills of the mind, daughter? For this the father here will pass a prescription.
The first thing is to let go of this responsibility, but it's the daughter who says she can not do it, right? For this you will go on to demand of yourself the release of these fears. You will put them aside, and you will understand that every being in this world is a child of God, and that there are many souls to take care of the way of all. It is a breath where the shoulders are relieved. In fact, daughter, it is not you who feels responsible. It was those on your side who threw you that responsibility, and you accepted. But, daughter, what are you afraid of? Missing something Then do an exercise: Imagine that you have nothing else, that you live on the street, and that you can not help people. What would happen? Do you want the father to tell you? Anything! Because your loved ones would end up being helped by other people. For they also have a plan of evolution. The daughter is not responsible for anything, nor for anyone, but for herself. What you need to do is command your thoughts to unlock this duty, that obligation, which exists only in your thoughts. To release this, you have to share, share what you have, but accept the division of responsibility as well. Put limits on people. And the limit the father says is to anchor the feminine side, the strength of the feminine, that will teach you that you do not need to attend to all, but that the daughter is here to seek her own happiness and no one else. We'll be with you, daughter, but are you willing to let it go? Do you dare? It depends on you. But that courage can begin with another question: Why do you stick to all this and carry all this weight? Be at peace, all right, daughter?

Father Benedito from Angola

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - March 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto.