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Wednesday, April 5, 2017





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Dear Masters. Very grateful for this opportunity, I love you and I feel more and more connected with you. I ask you why my life does not advance. I have had some work, but I do not feel well anywhere, despite making good friends and being able to adapt after a lot of effort. This last job I had was too harsh in every way, I know that you've always been with me, but I seem to be missing something. So far I have not found anything that makes me happy, I ask the Masters to help me, to guide my steps to where I feel more attuned and more useful. With regard to love, I have never had anyone, sometimes I think: is the problem in me? Am I not entitled to love and be loved or does not correspond to my destiny in this life? I am too anxious and I am struggling against it, following your teachings and living in full self-love that maybe that is what I am missing. Thank you very much my Masters for always being with me and with mine. I love you so much.


Daughter. You are experiencing repeated experiences in which you start something without paying attention to the process that occurs in each stage of transition. Watch for the transitional periods, for they are the ones that are repeating themselves in your life. These periods, where you are going from one experience to another, are necessary for you to learn something. They will keep repeating themselves until they look at the present at these times, not at the uncertain future that will open up. What is missing for you, daughter, is to look at the present. Realize that all the experiences that are presented to you are not punishments or wrong paths taken by you, but are experiences necessary for their evolution and learning. Focusing only on the future and the mentalization of what it would be like when things change in your life is skipping the experience of the present, which makes it repeat itself. This anchorage in the present must be observed by you, only you can find the points that most bother you in these transitional periods, and it is precisely these that must be worked out. If it bothers you, it's because they have to be worked on, daughter. This is the learning from which you must no longer escape. Observe your present, meditate, accept and absorb the teaching that is contained in your own life experience. This will open you up to find yourself and manifest new realities in your life in the professional and relationships area. Stay in peace, beloved daughter.

I am Lady Master Pórtia



Good afternoon. My husband and I are together on the spiritual walk. In the past, we had been orienting ourselves about the elevation of the sexual chakra by the point where we find ourselves on our way. Through elevation and / or consciential opening this has been happening, our relationships are increasingly spaced out and are very different for both of us. The orgasm has been extremely gentle to both. The only thing that bothers us is the fact that sometimes this energy tries to dominate us and it is almost impossible to resist. But what made me look for you was because (even if I channeled, I want an answer that does not come for me, so that there is no possibility of this energy trying to manipulate my mind), today I saw a text where it speaks of this elevation, openness through sex, Of the frequencies that can be reached with it. I would like both the response of the Masters and their particular opinion, if that is possible, of course. I was confused, if the '' method '' that my husband and I are following is the most appropriate for the point we are in and if what this text suggests is 'outdated' for us or if this can be used, And to what extent it can be used. Great thankfulness.


Beloved daughter. By uplifting the connection of kundalini, which is worked out when you activate the sexual chakra and work on it, it is bringing new experience to your life and that of your partner. You will be living a new reality where it no longer suits the social standards of humanity or what is understood as right or wrong. The physical sensation and the information you have learned about sexuality cease to exist from that moment, and a new energy begins to manifest itself in you, which is nothing more than the electromagnetic charge of the creator that flows through you and your partner . This sensation can be observed at different times. Only in a kiss or in an innocent physical approach can you reach the climax. But without the dense energy of sexuality known to so many on the planet, it is linked to the physical. You will understand that you have discovered a new way of relating and yes, that is the goal. You are reaching the goal and working the energies in the right way. Just do not let your mind, or the patterns known to you about sexuality, disrupt the connection, which flows through your coronary chakras but is often blocked by mental restraints that you have created from popular beliefs to Subject. Get rid of pre-established concepts and achieve higher levels of connection. 

I am Parvati



Masters. I come again to ask you for guidance, a light in my life. I have suffered a very great amorous disappointment in my life in a past relationship. But today I am fully aware that everything that happened was for my sake, so that I would awaken to my own self-love and appreciation of my being. I am very grateful for all this experience, because it took me a long time to see myself and believe in my personal power. Today I ask with a lot of humility a word of support and encouragement, because I feel that I am not being able to open myself to a new relationship in my life. I try to make affirmations and trust, but I feel that I can not align my thoughts in order to achieve a vibration that draws a partner into my life. I notice that when I go out with friends the men seem to be indifferent, because today there are many women available. It seems that everything is easier for them. Are there still limiting beliefs in me that are holding me back from seeing the possibilities? What beliefs would these be? What can I do in practice to transmute these beliefs? Thank you in advance for all the blessings in my life. Love you.


Beloved daughter. What we observe in you is that there is something to transcend in the part of sexuality. She is at all times condemning herself for seeking a relationship that satisfies her on the emotional and sexual side. And he is afraid of hurting his feelings by giving himself to someone that way. We know that people perceive each other's presence first through the visual, the skin, the body. But that the real connection will only occur when there is the spiritual connection. You seek a spiritual connection, but note that everything around you is based on connections from the body, from the physical. Realize, but you still have a distorted view of what you see. What happens in reality, and which does not yet see daughter are the energetic connections occur, which are not shown in your eyes, but if you could observe would understand why in the places that has frequented, no man looks at you. As much as, before his eyes it seems to him only men feeling attracted to women, in fact there is the vibration. Their vibration is resonating with their vibration, they seek the same goal or resonate in similar energy. You resonate in different energy than most people in the places you go to, so you will not find the person who is compatible with you in those places. What you need to do is to meditate and seek to find what pleases you. Go to places that please you and stay in the presence of people who resonate with your energy. Or even alone, but rather being in your own company in places that resonate with your energy. By changing the way you act and following your life, you will see other people with energy similar to yours, you will be attracted to the same places as you, and then you will be surrounded by possibilities of friendship and this is where you can find what you are looking for. You just need to look within yourself and follow your intuition, go places you like, make you feel good. And so you will find yourself and the one you seek. Stay in peace.

I am Lady Master Lis 



Masters. I come to ask you about the relationships in my life. I've been alone for a long time, and I have not been in love for a long time. Opportunities arise, but I do not get involved with men that I realize they will not bring me the kind of life I want, whether they are still attached to the other person, or because they are not compatible with me and the lifestyle I am Will make the relationship happy. In fact, I'm fine with myself, with my professional life, family life has been improving. But I feel like I've been waiting for the right person for a long time, and on the other hand, I'm exhausted from getting involved with men I know are wrong. I've been married, I've had other boyfriends too, but I have not yet been full of love. And this is the greatest desire of my soul, it has always been to be married and happy with a man who loves me and whom I love, and who is also compatible with me and with my desires for life. I know I'm ready for it, even because I do not accept anything less than that and that's why I'm alone, but being alone does not satisfy me. Please clarify me about these aspects of my life. Thank you.


Dear daughter. Peace is your true search. The illusion you have built in your mind, of a perfect and happy family and a perfect marriage with the perfect man, is only the materialization of the thought of insecurity with itself. When you put your happiness in a future idea, stop looking at the present. And so it ends up not living the current experiences. But what you do not understand daughter, is that the future will only open when you accept the present as it is. Experiences come up one by one. Each moment of the present must be seen as an apprenticeship, a lesson. And as long as the lesson of the present is not absorbed and transformed into wisdom, the next will not open. This is the school of life. You will go through the next year of the school calendar only when you learn the lessons of the school year. The most beautiful manifestations of your dreams are already a reality in your life, but they are somewhat distorted, because you still cultivate thoughts of fear and insecurity about your self-love. As for your ability to love yourself and be happy as you are. Material attachments also extend to relationships. All those based on attachment will not be complete in experience of elevation of the spirit, will be temporary only so that one of the two perceives that it is only a form of encounter with itself, then to occur to the separation. That true relationship will only begin when you find yourself. For it is not possible to live something true if you are not sincere with yourself and can not manifest the full truth of who you are to the other. True love comes first for yourself, where you find your own truth and your peace. Then the loving relationship can come up with a person who will resonate with that energy, accepting who you are. Since from that moment you have already discovered who you are. Then there is a relationship based on truth, constructive exchange, and freedom. But for this, it is necessary that each one find in himself the peace, the balance and the own identity, that will make that accept the life as it is, in the present moment, finding in this way the true peace. Stay in peace.

I am Master Serapis Bey



Good morning, beloved Masters. I take the space today also to thank and address the heart of the channels of these messages of light that strengthen us in love in our journey on earth. Gratitude! Beloved Ones, I would very much like to know what needs to be developed in me so that my work in the office will thrive and mine will be my main bread. I would like to know if there is something that needs to be eliminated or anchored in my life so that my commitment to spirituality becomes more consolidated. Sometimes I get confused. I listened to a spiritist center that ended up "going with them". And I always have dreams that happen in specific places, I always go back there and they seem very real. I'm confused. Are they just the dreams, or do I actually go to these places? Is it a bad thing for me? Gratitude and forgiveness for the confusion of the message, because it is something that I can not even systematize. Beloved Masters, I look forward to Monday so that I can communicate with you and get directions on my ground road. It is such a joy to have this tool at the disposal of humanity that my eyes fill with tears. And it feels so good. Love you.
Forgive me for asking another question. Since my termination and the messages I have received from you, I have deepened myself in the treatment of my self-esteem. I have worked with harmonic resonance, light assertions and behavior change. At a reading of hands with an adorable shaman, she spoke of the need to have confidence. Are the techniques I'm using really helped me, or is the work being too shallow? What else can I do to truly transmute these limiting beliefs that I manifest? Gratitude.


My dear daughter, two questions where one answers the other. What needs to work on you is the way you see yourself, as you see in life. Life is made so that we may, along the way, anchor ourselves in love, reestablish ourselves to anchor our greater purpose. And this purpose is nothing more, nothing less, than learning to love ourselves. Along the way we often give up what we feel, what makes us good, so that we can give attention, give affection to those who are close to us. And when I say close, daughter, I say in all dimensions of existence, in matter or in others. When they told you that you were going along that was what they wanted to show you. To go together is to give up on ourselves, on our purpose, on anchoring what makes us good in life, so that we can just attend and dedicate ourselves to people. Imagine a daughter, who did not know anyone on this planet, who had no bond, what would she do? Would you give up what you like only to show that you can meet the people around you, or would it be simpler to follow the purpose of your heart? When you are told that you follow people, you need to work on your self-love, your self-esteem, it is simply that you can continue to do what is good for you, which for you is not a job but one of the greatest pleasures of your life. And why give up something like that, to follow commitments you think you have made? You need, yes, daughter, to work on your self-esteem, your self-confidence, your self-love, so that on this day you will understand sometimes that the only commitment you have is with yourself and with your own evolution. Then, that day will accept that the way of the heart will always open many doors, will always bring the right people our life, without it is necessary to give up what makes us good to complete what is still lacking in our fellow travelers. Learn daughter, we do not need to be completed or complete someone, but learn to do what makes us good at the moment, without so much planning, no right days, just following the flow of the now. Always asking us, what am I willing to do now? And this is the way of the daughter's heart, which will always lead us to love. Stay in peace.

I am Pórtia



Good Morning. I have a professionally held life, married 20 years ago, two children, but I am not full, that is, happy.
I always want to get rid of this chest tightness in relation to my relationship as my husband. I do not think I like it anymore and I can not seem to get away from it. I really want to live full happiness in every way. I do not know if I'm right or wrong in wanting to be fully happy, I would like a way, I get to be at my limit. Thanks.


Beloved daughter. The love that hurts in your chest, which seems to find no dwelling place and ways to expose and expand, is the lack of connection with the high, is the knocking knocking at the door of your heart. You created a materialized form of happiness for your life, which was understood in a good marriage, stable, children and family stability. But when one perceives oneself amid the turbulent emotions of life, one lacks balance, one lacks the warmth of the heart lacks joy, excitement, excitement. This is a daughter, because you have bound your whole life in a materialized form of happiness that corresponds to good marriage and children. But you forgot yourself. Where in the middle of all the happy family were you? Where were you meeting your life purpose, your joy of living, your essence? Daughter realize that the relationships where you are inserted, which can be family and work or friends, are present in your lives just to show you the personality points of each of you that should be worked. They serve as mirrors where you look every day to manifest through the relationships, all your emotional aspects and the personality that came here to transcend. The people in your life are chosen characters so that you find your way to the light, release your negative aspects little by little, and evolve into light and love to rise in wisdom. I do not say here that you need to change your daughter relationships, but you can not leave your own life aside, for the real purpose of everything is your own evolution, and that is what you should focus on. Seek to practice activities where you can find yourself, meditations, yoga, therapies. And over time find your own answers. Observe all that you have learned in all the experiences in the media where you are inserted and you will realize that it has already been a wonderful gain to the present moment in this incarnation. And realize what points you have not yet transcended, focus on them. Find your own truth and manifest in your life. This will bring the relief in the heart that you seek, and that you will never lose. 

I am Lady Master Pórtia

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – March/2017.

Text revision: Ilza Barreto.