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Tuesday, April 4, 2017





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Dear Masters, thank you for this opportunity. My financial / professional life is locked, does not walk and has long. I am almost 40 years old and I do not know my real vocation, my true talents. My husband is very creative and inventive, but he also suffers financially and our lives are very complicated. We are in a lot of debt and going through a very difficult situation. I always try to contact you, beloved Masters, but my head is full of fears and worries that I can not hear your answers. Please help us to overcome this moment, we do not know what else to do. Since forever, gratitude.


Daughter. Look around you, see how many pass through something like you? In life we have to walk together in the ocean because there are collective issues that impact our lives. You will never be lonely and helpless, but understand that you live a collective reality of cleanliness and purification that ends up reaching everyone. Do you understand? No problem with you or your partner. There is only one collective purge suit of which they are a part. Look at life in a spiritual rather than material way. See the illusion of this collective. Anchor your test wisely and transcend material reality by bringing God into your heart. You will see that as you elevate your gaze your life will shine, not in the physical, but in the light of your inner peace. Be in that peace.




Good morning, Mestre, my 12-year-old son, was diagnosed with attention deficit. It's not going well in school. I wonder if Saint Germain flower remedies, or crystals of oz resolves, and whether it has even deficit or is something else. I wanted help and what is needed to help him get better, because I have a lot of concern about him in the future, college life, being a happy and successful person. Thank you, I await an answer.


My beloved sister. Your child is healthy but has his own interests. What their teaching calls attention deficit is only a misunderstanding of the teaching method itself that forces everyone to have a common pattern. Instead of challenging his son and doubting his existing one, it would be much more helpful if he challenged the method of teaching, not only the school he attended, but the method that is applied to children in general. In your world everyone must behave in patterns, including what he calls success. For what would be my sister's success? How many were those who succeeded in the most diverse areas without ever having attended a university? Instead of challenging your child's learning ability, try to find what catches your attention, what gives you pleasure, and then encourage you to seek those things, whatever they are. From there, ask him to find out how the lessons he has in school can help him realize his gifts with greater knowledge. You will see daughter, that something internally will bring his attention. Always encourage your children to seek the heart, but consider challenging the teaching methods that are applied to children by encouraging them to pursue what interests them. Stay in peace.

I am Hilarion



Gratitude dear Masters, Mentors and Guides for this opportunity. My dear ones, I need your help, and I would like to understand why I feel suffocated many times, and however much I try, I can not put out, I feel trapped, suffocated, alone, and even willing to give up, Of throwing everything up, and running off far away. On the other hand, I try to keep myself balanced, open to understand what maybe life wants to teach me. But I do not know, the pain is great, and it seems to be different with me. I feel confused, aimless. Thank you my dear ones for this opportunity.


Son. What you feel is the pain of restraints you brought with you just to get over it. They are pains of other existences, accumulated in their registers. It will be through selfless work in favor of the light, the most humble, the personal gift that will find the relief you seek. Every drop of light you give will receive two into your being. For in the universe all energy is returned to us with love. And I tell you, try to bring that light to you, because by accumulating light in your being you will be allowing your inner expansion, which from inside out will purge this pain that brings. Anchor light to your being my brother, through the charity of the soul, the good coexistence, the compassionate look, reaching out to those who need it. You will see that your inner light will be your healing, for it will open the way to the manifestation of the purification of your records. In time you will feel the relief of what you describe as a difficulty, but it will become a great blessing in your life. Be in peace.

I am Serapis Bey



Thanks for the attention. No matter how hard I try, I do not know what my talent is, my gift to serve GOD, and thereby elevate myself. The Earth is a planet where financial power, and having money is determinant, and the evil thus far has responded quick, easy. My life is destroyed by dramatic situations, tragedies and rejections of an absolute lack of love. I am in the human state and in precarious financial situation. What mission is mine besides acting with the truth and blindly trying to find out the reason for my existence? Thank you.


Beloved daughter. You are involved in the pains and suffering that you have created for yourself. This suffering is multiplied by your thinking that has created an illusion loop around yourself. The world around you, and your own life are abounding with love about to manifest, but you can not see, for you have created this illusory mesh from your thought of sadness and discouragement with life. You know my darling, that state of mind is the only reality. When it disincarnates, a spirit dwells in the state of the mind, which is capable of manifesting reality before it, even after it has been disincarnated. So it is with you, incarnate, daughter. But they do not realize why they deceive themselves with the manifestation of matter created by you. From the moment you disconnect from this illusion, you can see how you have an abundant life and full of light. Meditate in love, meditate with the feeling of gratitude. Pray for the least favored and for the good of the planet, pray for the hospitalized, day care centers and nursing homes. This will cause you to promote an energy exchange that will promote cleansing in you, where it receives light and gives in loving energy through prayer dedicated to others. This will make you become a channel of love. And cleansing will take place in you so that you are free to see your life as it is. Stay in peace. With love.




Masters. I'm working to evolve during the planetary transition, but I feel like my partner is holding me back at some points when I try to accomplish some things. I understand that we can not separate at the moment because I feel we have to fulfill a mission together with our daughter. How should I proceed to keep evolution going, and solve this question with my companion who often disturbs me in my evolution work? Gratitude.


My beautiful child. You do not need authorization or even take anyone to your side. Just follow your path, of course, humility and love. See what a beautiful opportunity you have to assert your faith, to follow your path without worrying about what others think. Just following what your heart asks for. Your companion does not disturb you, but the doubt carries within you. For if unrestricted faith was anchored, even that question would not exist. Follow your path my sister, keeping the faith and the certainty of your enlightenment, without worrying about those who have not yet opened up to this truth. In that certainty keep your peace.

Lady Master Nada



Dear Masters and Masters. I ask the generosity to provide me with advice for my emigration with my family (husband and two children, boy of 5 and girl of 7) at the end of 2017. I am a public servant and this was the only link that remained with Brazil, Since my family of origin has no more relationship with me, since they did not accept our family nucleus, because I am married to an Argentine, a man I love and who is authentic and with very sensitive energies, we marry for love, but in this decade we realize So much prejudice and xenophobia that he received after 2015, the most difficult year of my life, when he became ill and questioned everything, we decided, like a light at the end of the tunnel, to emigrate from the country to another more suited to our energy. We want so much to integrate into society, serve, have friends and take care of our children in a more evolved society. In this process, we are deciding on Barcelona-Spain, to the detriment of Copenhagen, Denmark, where we have sisters and nephews living. Much depending on the language and the best adaptability of all. But much because we want to be happy, within a 5D concept, serving, loving, expanding, giving and receiving and giving our children proximity to the sport (tennis) and especially that my husband can get work in his area (mastercoach tennis , Ericksonian hypnosis, positive psychology). I will be doing teleworking, and I hope to get it, from the premise that if my husband continues here dies, in the sense of disgusting to live. I would like advice to make this emigration flow and how we should focus on this change, because we do not want illusions, but rather the possibility of a new, normal life, seeking and giving happiness. Thank you for your support, I always accompany you, and may the force be with all of LUZ.


My sister. I'm sorry to tell you that wherever you go, you'll always be going through something that displeases you. The life we ​​live in will bring us challenges whether in Brazil or in any other corner of the planet. Do not believe my sister that you will have unrestricted happiness with the change, for there challenges will also be presented to you and your whole family. These, my sister, are lessons that need to be anchored by all of you. We can not postpone our learning cycles or escape our confrontations. Wherever you are, what you need to do is to transcend prejudices, to live in spite of them, showing that nothing is external and capable of taking you from its center. This is the lesson you need to understand, but only a humble and servile heart will be able to anchor. Wherever you are, you have come with the mission of transcending this reality, there is no more time for procrastination. Always follow your heart, go wherever it tells you to, but know that the lesson you have come to incorporate will need to be lived. And so it is.

Serapis Bey

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - Feb/2017.

Text revision: Ilza Barreto.