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Thursday, April 27, 2017

All places abound in light - Divine Mother

Dear children, you are going through periods of intense personal transformation, where you come in contact with new energies, never before experienced, and your bodies gradually adapt to this new reality. You have physical symptoms that you do not understand, you feel in your bodies the energetic variations that briefly lead you to the old ways of being. They no longer understand these symptoms or the return of the old feelings in their day.

The first impression may seem to be inserted in the midst of realities which they can not understand. The impression is that matter returns with more force in their lives, that the days become even more material. But in the midst of all this you are more anchored with the I Am.

Old feelings and doubts reappear. They no longer feel the different energies of light, for all have become one and anchored in their ninth chakra, the agglutination. The days seem the same, but inwardly there is an inexplicable lightness, which manifests itself alongside a lack of interest in matter.

It is a mental paradox, beloved, for new material experiences are drawn into their lives, even if it does not matter so much anymore. Old dreams manifest easily, no search. They arise in their lives. Material dreams that lead them to wonder if they are still in the way of the heart. For as the energies blend, matter manifests itself more easily.

But this, my children, is because you no longer perceive the reality around you as something to be overcome, but accept with love and gratitude all that is offered to you, all the energies that make contact, and which are Lifted up in love in their hearts. Reality manifests itself and you look at it, it passes and you stand there and watch it. It is no longer the manifested desire of the ego, but simply of attracting to itself a desire of the heart.

You have reached a level of balance, above the energetic network that plagues humanity with the manifestation of inferiorities to be overcome. At this level they no longer understand some physical symptoms, which are nothing more than the adaptation of their bodies to the new reality. They question themselves as to the manifestations of material desires they sought but encountered barriers and now, it flows naturally. The mind does not understand this new way of being. It questions itself, but you simply observe these inquiries, without fighting against it, leaving them and allowing them to pass through you naturally.

By accepting reality, they remain in the same place, but it is only the physical body to experience the learning of matter. There is no longer any difference between all the possible paths to their lives. There are no longer any ways to feel discontent with life, or even more contented, for all moments are filled with much love and gratitude, regardless of what conditions you are in. The experiences of matter no longer bring deep sorrows, nor great joys, for it is only material experience.

You have rescued, in the midst of turbulent material experience, the connection with the I Am. They have discovered that in order to keep this connection active, it is enough to forgive, to be grateful, to love with humility everything that is placed for you. Life manifests itself in this sense naturally, the same life, without physical change, but now with new experiences. Not new in the sense that they are different from previous ones, but new from the point of view of life that becomes softer. The experiences are new in the heart, for the I Am brings a new vision, lighter and softer to life.

This stage, when achieved, is marked by abundance, abundance of love, peace, joy and also material abundance. You no longer seek the best, you vibrate the best, and therefore attract the best for your lives. But there is something else, because they understand the best as necessary, which no longer brings joy also, for it is as it is. They understand that life is to be lived by rescuing the feeling of love, gratitude, acceptance, unwillingly, but allowing it to be given as it should be. And that state brings them joy. It is no longer the achievements that make them happy, but the way of seeing life itself. This is the state of the I AM, of inner peace and wisdom.

Approaching new energies, those that vibrate with the tune of gratitude, those who, just as you, in the face of all adversities, will overcome all barriers to reach you, abundantly manifested to bring all that is necessary for you Their lives are complete, they cling to their superior chakras. The inner vibration of acceptance draws energies that vibrate with gratitude, with opportunities, with health, with wisdom. It is these energies that are brought to you, because that is the vibration of the I Am.

You, children, stood firm in the support of love, even in the face of all the provocations of the ego, before all the attacks of your Lower Self, and yet they set out to transform their own lives, thus transforming the whole environment in which they live. And thus they have paved the way for the I am coupling in the physical environment, which helps them to have that look at life. And then you look at life and say I'm grateful, forgive me, I'm sorry, I love you. The experiences come to you and again you say, I am grateful, forgive me, I am sorry because I love you. Whether they are experiences that are joyful or not, the manifestation of the Self is always the same, the gaze does not change.

You have become pockets of light to manifest the example of hope and faith. Of unconditional love for all forms of life. And that look reflects on their lives, that view softens their experiences. And this vibration is what attracts new material experiences that the mind does not understand and questions them if they are not regressing in the will of the Ego. But no, it is only the manifestation of the I Am in their lives, that does not judge and that looks with love, gratitude and forgiveness to everything and everybody.

In that moment, just allow the flow of life, let everything that is part of the energy that vibrates like you, can come to you and manifest in your lives. Let the energy become one. Do not fall into the mental questioning of doubt. Allow without judgment the material manifestation in your life, letting life flow naturally.

Realize that some unconscious manifestations of the ego no longer command their lives and are therefore dissolved in love, gratitude and forgiveness. For this is the manifestation of the I Am in matter. He understands life and accepts adversity as well as joys.

Hooponopono, this is the energetic command, it is the breaking of patterns of suffering, which are the only ones that still unite you to the Lower Self manifested. It is the code of pattern-breaking and ego-powered mental conditioning. That is the breaking is the key to attracting many new experiences that will come in unexpected ways in their lives, without the mind understanding the ease of manifestation.

You allow all manifestations of the Lower Self to be dissolved and no longer feed the ego to allow mental conditioning to occur. The I Am, in his love and wisdom, becomes the attractor and director of life. He becomes life.

You remain in your means, remain at peace and disconnected from the Lower Self, which no longer resonates with your energies of peace, gratitude and love. This is the vibration of the I Am, it is the manifestation that he understands and connects. And so he directs life.

All leaks are manifestations of the ego; they are manifestations of the Lower Self, which chooses not to look at its own restraints, which still struggles, with the last forces, to keep you connected to the feeling that feeds the mental conditioning. The questions go away with Hooponopono, which is the tool that will keep you connected to love, gratitude and forgiveness in all your experiences.

The energies of the elementals come to aid in the process, where you begin to gradually accept the reality itself, begin to receive energy support so that you can remain in the midst of different energies, and sustain love and peace in the heart. They give you the support so that you, for the first time, can look at mental conditioning as something disconnected from you as something external, and still thank you for the experience and strength and learning gained from this experience.

Let the I Am be guarded in my heart. May he become the energetic and vibrational commander of my life. May it become life, peace and love. May experiences be seen with gratitude, love, forgiveness, but above all with humility.

From the moment they accept their own realities, not realizing the suffering in them, but opportunities to be love, are prepared to, through the Hooponopono, to break definitively the command that comes from the Lower Self, and causes suffering in the Their lives, which does not allow them to get rid of Mental Conditioning. They allow more, the pure manifestation of love, of the I Am in my heart.

The conditioning is broken, and then maintained through the therapy of the 21 days, where you begin to use this technique, the repetition of Hooponopono, so that a new programming, that of love, gratitude and forgiveness, is recorded in you. The connection therapy of the I Am through Hooponopono.

This is your liberation, this is the manifestation of the Higher Self in your physical bodies, to live coupled in you in the experience of matter. In this vibration life will manifest.

Go in peace.

I am Divine Mother

Messengers: Michele Martini and Thiago Strapasson - April 26, 2017.