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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Will the planet be healed? - Pai Joaquim de Aruanda

Music to listen to while reading: Ave Maria - Schubert

Hello Father. We listen to so many comments, we see courses, workshops and several meetings where we hear people say that there is no cure for the planet.

We hear people saying that we are here to save ourselves, seeking individual ascension, and with that to get out of that dense energetic web that surrounds the planet in suffering, leaving behind all the rest. After all, is there a cure for the planet? Is the search individual or collective?

Hail, Children!

In this question you forget, for a moment, that you came here for a reason. You have come here to elevate yourselves, regardless of so many comments, missions or goals, so many are those who seek to work to assist in some way.

Everyone is helping in planetary healing, but they do not help only by fulfilling a mission of life they think they have come to perform. Because the greatest contribution that each gives to the planet is its own inner healing, the commitment to the purging of everything that still binds them to the lower feelings of matter, such as envy, greed, avarice, and others of its derivatives Such as hatred, revenge, which comes from revenge, and everything that comes from the immersion of consciousness in the planetary network.

All contribute to the planetary ascension. Even those who are seen as the villains. You, children, forget that all were created in the same way and will return to Source. Then there is only the reminder that all states are provisional. For everyone had to go through the traumas of first contact with matter, then become villains, expose their hardest feelings to be worked through, and then, through love, seek for lives and lives, their own healing and release Of everything that restricts them.

The villain of today is the hero of tomorrow. And the hero of today was often the villain of yesterday. All of you, children, had to go through great traumas to get involved in material experience. And they revolted in many episodes against all, with feelings of vengeance, imposing all their will, controlling the people around them, pretending to be what they were not.

All this because all these feelings should be exposed, so that they could adapt to the planetary energies, and then bring healing to you. Everyone goes through this process of having contact with pain and suffering, inserting their own consciences into matter, doubting even the existence of God and love among men, then healing themselves, and one day they will be freed in ascension. But many forget that.

Many forget that everyone on the same planet, in the midst of the experiences of the seven deadly sins, is susceptible to error. You slip, yes, but you get up. It may take several incarnations, even hundreds, to understand at once what you are doing here, or to discover that you are being deceived by the experience of matter. But this is the goal of each of you: To make contact with the illusion of matter, and then to release yourself to the radiance of your inner peace, and to deep contact with the love of God.

Everything can be seen as a game. Where you enter being the essence of the Creator Father Mother. As essence, pure and brilliant, are inserted in the experiences of intense form. For, inhabiting these bodies of flesh, the sensations are all augmented, and then they enter consciousness into matter, as if this were the only available alternative, as if this were the only way. They become villains, avengers, usurpers, thieves, exploiters, immersed in holographic reality and experience experience in depth.

Until, one day, they get tired of this process, and they begin to realize that there is something more, that not everything happens as we want. And in this deep pain of not knowing where to go, they begin to seek healing, through their own elevation. They become the representation of love, of the one who already has the wisdom to understand what life is made of, and that matter will always lead to the path of suffering and pain. But it is liberation that leads to the fullness of the essence and leads to unity. This is a beautiful way to watch, saw children.

And that is why, on our part, you are beautiful, beautiful, because all you see today are blocks, characters, which, like an onion, will strip the bark, and a beautiful and bright being remains. Because life in matter is not what they think, there is much more, is not it, children? There is a lot of life out of your eyes and ears. And we only see it, that beauty that is, without any judgment, because we know who you are.

There are so many serials, movies, reports of supernatural beings, or fiction, where it is already stated that some humanoid beings would have increased physical sensations while in a nonhuman state. This is because, although distorted, you feel that there is a greater reality in the universe. And it is the opening for this that you have come to seek, by demystifying matter, and then releasing yourself to the union of love. But in your world are several distortions of what the intuition tries to warn them, try to teach them.

You spend several incarnations trying to understand. To understand life, to understand only one incarnation. And then imagine some of you trying to understand several incarnations at once ... hihihi. That is why we tell you to live in the now, not today, because you do not care about yesterday or tomorrow, but only about the healing of the now.

When you begin to look hard for your rottenness, when you try to improve those aspects of the personality that bother you, those you so often leave behind, accepting the problem in yourself, when you decide to look deep and are not content with You find out who you really are. And then, children, the shells are falling, they get in the way, and the onion begins to appear, cleaner. This is how it happens.

But often, that is, every time, what they see is not beautiful. Some may think: Ah! Mine is beautiful! Damn self ego! There are more incarnations there to understand the meaning of this phrase ... hihihihi

Ah, the Kryon does not exist! Oh, Pai Joaquim does not exist! Ah, Krishna is not blue! Hhihihihi. So many distorted opinions of a reality that is not understood even in half.

But all this, children, leads us to observe what occurs in the mind. And now we have reached the point we wanted to reach after all this speech. The mind, children, holds them, puts fear, defies, hangs, causes difficulty, generates concern. But you do not realize this because you think this is the natural state. So, how do you see this? You have to go through pain and suffering to realize that this was not the way of the heart.

The thing is simple: The mind, the ego, keeps repeating that that is the way, and then you even come to believe that it is the heart saying, and end up following that path, but it leads you back to pain and suffering. And the cycle repeats itself, until you have wisdom to transcend the ego and the mind, and understand the way of the heart.

People live their experiences, where the ultimate goal is to learn to transcend all bad inclinations, and to discover who they are, but they still make time for judgments to find this or that. To consider right or wrong some belief or some idea.

Ah! How much time lost, children, with all those thoughts, those worries, those dark ways that will always lead you to pain. Because this way of matter, children, is done precisely to teach them this, to leave them exhausted, until they learn the lesson they came to learn. It is for this, to rise, to break free, and to take off the shells, and all those charges they carry on their backs, that is what they are there for. And this is what you should not forget.

Life is just the walk in search of individual elevation and nothing else. And to rise is to seek the experiences, the wisdom, to deal with the intricacies of yourself, with your path of yourselves, and thus release those thoughts that lead you to material life.

Look good: If your life is bad, or if you have trouble because of your work ... Oops! The problem is that you think your work is a problem.

Ah! And if you think you're unhappy because the wedding is not good ... Oops! So look at yourself that you are missing you find yourself.

Nothing that comes from outside is bad, children. No taste is bitter. What is bitter is the feeling you have of what you have experienced. It is an answer, a reaction to that, and nothing more. And that's what matter is all the time showing to you, showing those thoughts that, deep down, show your inner pains, that which needs healing in you. And learn that each has its own taste, that each has its choice, but that all are in the path of their own healing, liberation and upliftment. Some are earlier, others are still in the beginning, but everyone is on that track. You need to understand that, just as there are people who like guava, there are people who do not like them. The feeling may be good, but it can be bad. Then I ask: What is bad or good? Is it really the guava?

The guava is just the poor fellow who appeared in front of you, so you can judge him to be good or bad. And he's just trying to figure out he's a guava. Just as you should also be in your individual quest, in discovering who you are, rather than looking at others and thinking that they are your problems.

No one can be anyone's problem, children. The problem is just something created in your mind. And just as you have created a problem thinking, you may look from a different perspective and see a good thing. At the same time the bad thing is good. Simple, is not it?

So let's follow the thought together with the father here.

You work and you think it's too bad because people are stressed all the time. Right, children?

But then I ask: If the Buddha were in this environment with the stressed people, what would the Buddha's reaction be like?

Ah! I got you, kids! You know that the state of wholeness and inner peace can be achieved in all physical places that are with your bodies. For the state of peace is interior. Nothing can shake the peace of a Buddha. Because he found himself. He is One with the middle, with all that is around. He is part of the Oneness, of the Whole.

Therefore, children, who for you attain Buddhahood, full elevation, Union with the I Am, must leave aside what is happening around you, in all matters, environments and situations. Nothing matters but the state of inner peace. All the rest are thoughts that will take you back to the path of matter, the cycle of pain, suffering, then to gather wisdom and transcend into liberation. Simple, is not it, children?

This peace, children, when achieved, is never lost. It is only fed. For in the state of fullness, permanence is the fuel so that it continues the fulness, and so it goes.

So, children, what is the point of complaining about experiences, noise, dense environment, stress, family, problems? Hihihi. You lost your sense, did not you, children?

It has lost its meaning because, in fact, everything that bothers you is a good thing. It is something that is bothering you, it is because it is showing that there is something in yourself that needs to be seen, worked, treated, digested, explored, until you discover where this complaint came from, that discomfort, sadness, anger, whatever . That's the warning.

Therefore, children, be attentive to yourselves, not to others, not to the external. For the external only has a function in your life: To show you who you really are.

But we spoke, spoke, and did not answer the children's question ... hihi.

Will the planet be healed?

Go, children, because you have come here to heal, and healing, they are healing the planet. Do you understand this now?

If the cycle is immersion, healing and liberation, where are you going now, after so much healing is being exposed? For liberation.

But understand: Liberation is individual, but it will leave a trail on the planet, an example of healing that will add to all, that at the right time will also be released. And then the whole planet will be healed, yes, when you heal. But it will happen in God's time, this father here guarantees that it will.

Stay in peace, children of the old man's heart.

Pai Joaquim de Aruanda.

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - March 28 and 29, 2017.