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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Transcending the negative within us – Lord Melchizedek

My beloved brethren, I am Lord Melchizedek and receive you in the arms of love.

I radiate them in that moment with the flame of forgiveness, of anchoring in Christlike love, which loves unconditionally not only all, but the planet, the cosmos, all dimensions. For this is a love that places them in unity, in integration with everything that is and that therefore accepts and flows on the wings of trust.

But I want to tell you about the lower feelings anchored in the planetary mesh, the feelings of contempt, envy, pride, vanity, avarice and everything that holds them to material life, which puts them struggling for survival when it would be so little So they could be really happy.

Therefore, my beloved, I come to tell you precisely about the fact that you understand that such feelings are inferior, bad, not correct and therefore should be denied. But, children, they are anchored in your conscience so that you receive it and understand why you are still being carried with you because you carry it in your day. They are human feelings that precisely demonstrate the need to disconnect from the mesh that drags them to lack, to difficulty, to doubt, to suffering.

But when they understand why they still carry such lower feelings they are capable of transcending them into a higher thing. But see, not that there is any problem, moral inferiority, in carrying these restrictions in your hearts, but it is precisely these that can lead you to something higher, to another vision, to a feeling of love with everything and everyone, to transcendence Of matter.

The greatest difficulty you have is precisely to understand that there is a common nucleus in each of these feelings, there is a sphere of equality that can lead you into yourself so that you can look at yourself, see that which still generates such feelings in you . If you feel envy, seek the source of this competition you carry within you, if laziness makes you realize why you do not feel the will to anchor that purpose.

All of these, my children, are a blessing that shows you what you keep in your records that needs to be transcended and never denied, blocked. With every drop of suffering you gain a stream of light. Not that suffering is necessary for growth, but it is a blessing in life to illuminate its restraints and thus needs to be lived.

You suffer because you attach yourself to these lower aspects, denying them within yourself as if they were impurities that carry. And that's what causes them pain. But when you release these feelings, trusting that you live a material experience and that everything is transient and nothing will be able to take away your sustenance, what God reserves for your growth, you begin to understand what the material world is made of, challenges, Of proofs, which imply these inferior feelings precisely so that they can demonstrate the capacity to transcend this something, but not externally, but in its interior. This must be done with love, with acceptance, without guilt, only with receiving.

Therefore, children, divine wisdom is born from their own experiences in situations which they can now observe as suffering, as sadness, or manifestations of hatred, rancor, envy, and all the characteristics that are linked to the planetary mesh, but which Which can be seen as balms to show them something else.

From the moment you direct the thought of gratitude toward these sensations, which you now treat with repulsion and denial, you will begin the process of transforming that into wisdom.

The cradle of wisdom in experience as embodied on Earth is in these aspects denied and treated with repulsion. You do not accept that these aspects exist, for they know that they generate suffering, and then they express fear in dealing with these matters. Fear is born as a defense shield that supposedly would protect them from the manifestation of these aspects in their own lives and personalities.

But you must remove the veil of illusion and realize that all of you, children, as incarnated on the planet, manifest all seven aspects that you know as seven deadly sins. You are here inserted in this experience precisely so that you absorb this learning and transform it into wisdom.

And you can only learn by living that aspect by accepting that it exists within you and allowing it to manifest in your consciousness. By allowing them to manifest themselves, letting go of fear and judgment for yourselves, which we call guilt, you begin to incorporate wisdom. For the experience of transcending the aspects when they present themselves, is what will bring wisdom, not the denial of those feelings.

All the experiences that live as embodied will present to you the manifestation of some of these aspects, so that you can live it and transcend it.

Thus they are disconnected from the cycle of incarnations, precisely because the purpose of earthly incarnations is to transcend these aspects in order to acquire the wisdom they came here to seek. It would not be possible to disconnect from the energy grid and the need for reincarnations if you deny those feelings within yourself.

You, children, can from now on observe themselves in this view, which is that of a Being of Light, who is born of the Source of All That Is, which manifests here on this planet a fractal that will represent for its I am the experience of earthly life. Therefore, children, you are unfolded in many fractals, for you know that in order to transcend the aspects of the energetic network, several incarnations are necessary, and often this wisdom can be elevated to the I Am through several of its ramifications, which are the fractals.

Each of you, children, from the moment you begin to perceive what you truly are, begin to observe to treat all subjects during incarnation experiences, in a manner that should be treated lightly, and with attention to the Aspects that are manifested in their personalities, so that they can act and transcend them, and no longer deny them.

Denial will only cause you to go through innumerable incarnations denying your own truths and repeating experiences unceasingly until you accept who you are and accept your negative aspects related to the energetic mesh.

You are in the process of transmuting these aspects into light, for so you are. You are light and you must realize that you are here simply to live those experiences that can only be lived here on Earth, and then to return to your true homes.

Both those on mission, and those who will remain on Earth to live the manifestation of the New Age, are working the aspects linked to energetic mesh.

Those who are inserted here to bring the transformation to humanity, but who also live the suffering generated by the manifestation of the seven aspects, must realize that they also came to learn, which is their first purpose even before the mission. After all, without the transmutation of the seven aspects, the missions that they came to perform will not materialize.

And those who will remain on the planet, who transcend their own inferior aspects linked to the mesh so that they can live in peace and free on this planet, will be able to manifest the New Age only when they are freed from those aspects, which today try to deny, but which need to be accepted And welcomed to be treated.

When you perceive the manifestation of one of the aspects related to the seven deadly sins in your personalities, silence, listen to your I AM, which will guide you from what has to be done. Try to disconnect from the lower drive generated by capital sin, and allow your I Am to direct your actions. This can only be achieved through meditation, concentration, and self-encounter. For you can only find the answers to your pains and your problems, within yourself.

Each of you, children, perceives the lower aspects differently, and each of you has a soul story, of the experiences in previous incarnations. Therefore, children, let go of the judgment both of the judgment to others that you observe pass through the experiences of the inferior aspects, and of the judgment to yourselves, which is the guilt, and which blocks you through the denial of the manifestation of the aspect of sin Capital in you. Realize how much you are acting to judge others and yourselves, and allow cleansing to occur from the moment you accept that you have something to transcend, seeking the answer to how to act, with your I Am. And also to respect the processes that others are passing, to tread their own roads in search of their own releases.

Realize that you are no different from those whom you consider to be wrong, for you also act wrong. All of you are pursuing the same goal, but you are treading different roads to achieve the same end.

Therefore, children, accept their inferior aspects, work them through the answers received from your I Am, and realize that there is only one truth for you, which is received from your I Am. His truth is not the truth of the other, for each one must seek for himself.

I am Lord Melchizedek

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Mar 05, 2017

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