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Monday, March 27, 2017

Today is the day that everything is transformed - Archeia Hope

Read to the sound of Hallelujah

May the love of God enlighten you, my beloved children, for today is a special day, where everything changes in your life.

Only today can be that day, never tomorrow. And this special day that we live does not depend on anything to be like this. He is special because it is from him that we will build a new life of love.

I know, my beloved, that from now on everything will change, but not because your lives have become better, but simply because you have come to observe life.

From that day forward, I know that you will be enveloped in bonds of light, which adorn you like beautiful beings to shine what they bring into your hearts. And from these drops of light, rays will emerge to illuminate their lives. And these rays, day by day, will make a curve in the path of their lives, where they will become lighter and softer. You will be peace.

But it's today, I repeat. Today, now, everything changes, because as you read these words you will know the greatest beauty you have. Today, the complete Being in the now, with all the gratitude that they can have.

I know, my children, that you will look on the side and say that everything is the same. But I also know that this will be a brief thought that will vanish, because at that moment I see the hope that radiates from their foreheads, the glitter of their eyes and a slight sigh to say: "Yes, everything changes because I believe in those innocent words of hope. "

But the hope I say is not the one that waits for a better life, which imposes conditions, but the one that recognizes that the day has come, because you are able to feel good about your lives. And when they feel that way, they are sure that all is well.

You see, my children, I bring you an allegory of well-being, of feeling good. You look to the side, and look for what you have to thank, and no longer for what you fear, you deny. You seek beautiful well-being, and this becomes the focus of the now. So I ask them what is in their lives now, to thank?

Come with me, let's make a prayer of gratitude together, say something simple like:

"Yes I have something or a lot to thank, and so I do now. At that moment the focus of my life is the shadow of reading this text and life, for a brief moment, becomes soft, light, just because I saw something to thank, and I realize there is a lot of good in my life. "

"At that moment, I become One with my presence I Am, because nothing matters, only the fact that there is much to thank for now. Only that. And I surrender to that feeling that causes me a deep love, a joy that ends in a breath of well-being. "

Yes, children, you are capable of creating your lives, from that feeling, which I convey to you, and tomorrow will be even better, because today is well. And so it is because, as you rise up each day, you will say,

"I go out to life to seek, with balance, what is good."

And at the end of your day, thank and visualize everything you have had. And this focus on well-being will generate in you, more of that feeling, to make your lives truly a quest for gratitude, peace, and transformation.

From the peace of the now, from the gratitude of your hearts, you transform your lives. And that's all you need: Peace and Transformation. From peace you transform and fill yourself with well-being and joy.

So let's celebrate the special day we are living, we will thank all that we have in our lives for good, and stay focused on what is good in that minute. For from that minute, everything will change, and you will be building the life of joy, anchoring the I AM presence on the planet, and thus helping all of humanity with the example of faith and love.

And so it is.

Archeia Hope

Messenger: Thiago Strapasson - March 26, 2017.