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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Seven Crossroads of Life - Indian of Seven Crossroads

Hail! Sons of light! I am here to talk with you to bring some important information at this stage of the new journey that begins now.

You are people embodied within specific personalities, who have decided to take over to understand how your own interior works.

You, as you begin this journey, are put in place, in the hour, and in the energy that is needed to follow the path of this discovery.

You come here without knowing for sure what you have come, but gradually the veil is removed from your forehead and begin to absorb your true identities.

That is why I have come to explain to you what are the seven crossroads of life, which you have already heard speak in my name, children!

The crossroads of life are those times when you are placed in situations that you consider as true crossroads, how you use that word in the informal sense, and which would mean the moment of breaking a cycle, of breaking paradigms. To tear down that whole structure they built to sustain an image about yourself.

You are assuming different postures during your life, and it is at the moment of the crossroads that you pass through these moments and understand why you are in those situations.

You are living your lives, linked to the sensations of the ego that awakens each of the reflexes known as seven deadly sins, just as Father Joseph has already explained to you.

But what they do not understand, children, is that the seven crossroads are specifically the seven opportunities for detachment with the matrix of the seven deadly sins. Do you understand, children ?! Hai!

The Indian is here to explain this to you, children! I have come to connect the points, so that you understand that moments are coming in your life where you are facing the crossroads, and then you have to choose which path to follow.

You can choose to live a lifetime by taking the wrong path, the one that will make you continue to live in the midst of this matrix, to manifest some specific aspect more intensely, just the one who decided not to work on yourselves, and who made them Stop at the crossroads. Hai!

The Indian is explaining to you that from the moment of birth you are placed in situations that are the crossroads. And they repeatedly appear in their lives until they decide to follow that path that will transcend one of the seven aspects that are contained therein in that experience.

Do you understand !? Ah, the daughter here tells me to give you an example. The Indian gives example yes!

That woman, who was a young girl, and who was invited to occupy a position of employment in a large company, but at the same time wanted to set up the company itself. She is placed at a crossroads, is it not children?

The girl in this example is working the liberation of the gluttonous aspect. Do you know why gluttony, children? Because she likes to live on excesses. She enjoys receiving too much financial resources to spend without worrying about missing. So she looks at the job at a large company as something guaranteed, where she will have the right income at the end of the month. While she also looks at that road that leads her to set up her own company, which will be a challenging road, and who knows for a time that she can not live the exuberant way she lived, and therefore she is placed at a crossroads.

The decision that she makes before this crossroads, children, is the one that will determine whether or not she will release this aspect of the matrix of suffering, which is gluttony, excesses.

If she chooses to continue to work for a large company, she will keep her life comfortable and happy. But she will always be hostage to this feeling of non-satiation before life, which makes her feel empty, and to feed more and more the feeling that she needs more and more to be fulfilled. But we know here that this girl will never have the cup completely filled, for the true search is for the call of the heart.

I do not say here, kids, that having a job at a big company is bad. No! What I say is that this girl feels empty inside, and seeks through the excesses of life, a way to fill, but her search is wrong, because she will never feel fulfilled. What she misses is filled with something else, it is love and abundance. And the feeling that is awakened in her that makes her miss, would disappear if she took the different path before this crossroads.

So this girl is still working in a big company. He wondered how he could have been happy if he had set up his own company, and then fills the void with excessive spending that will not be enough to fill that empty life.

What if that daughter had gone the other way, children? She would have a period of restraint, where she would learn to live without feeding the feeling of gluttony, of excess. She would learn to live in peace with the essentials of life. And so this experience would free her from this aspect that linked her to the matrix of suffering.

This daughter, after going through the cleansing period, where she would live a period of restriction and control of excesses, would enter into a new phase of abundance. But abundance would come so intensely that she could never imagine being bestowed with so much wealth in her life. But even so, he no longer cares for this, and he satisfies himself with the essentials of life, dedicating abundance to help others, and thus filling his own life with all the excesses of love, charity, and satisfaction. She would find happiness and fulfillment.

And so are the crossroads of life, children. They are here to show you that it is possible to be released from the matrix of suffering. Therefore, facing the crossroads of life, observe the options that are presented and always choose the path that is not fueled by fear. The choice of a path based on the fear of following the other is always that of restraint and attachment to the old matrix.

The Indian is here to help you disconnect from this matrix. Do you know the seven herbs, children? Have you ever wondered why there are seven herbs?

The Indian helps you, children. When you are at a crossroads of life, silence your mind, let your heart listen to the breath of my words, when I will indicate which herbs or elements you can use to work this moment of indecision. And that will make it possible for me to act on you by cleansing what prevents you from seeing the right path. The herbs and the elements cleanse the fear. And they take the veil of illusion. And for a brief moment, children, you can see the truth. And choose freely, without influence of the lower energy of fear to act upon you. The indicated elements will act in you, but call for my name, silence and establish the connection. Trust your intuition. We will work through energetic portals to remove external influences that do not allow you to perceive what is happening within yourself.

I'll intuit you kids, and you can put the herbs on the side of the bed, or wherever I point to you. And I will help, as will the whole spiritual hierarchy of the seven crossroads.

Listen to the silence of the mind and give voice to the heart, for it is through him that I am going to blow you children.

Stay in peace.


Indian of Seven Crossroads

Messenger: Michele Martini - Mar 22, 2017.