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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Phoenix that reborns through fear - Master Saint Germain

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Dear brothers and sisters,

From the heart departs the understanding that only love brings. There is no understanding of absolutely nothing in creation without love.

For many times we try to bring them the extension of something so simple. But the understanding of this expression is given only by those who are able to look around with the feelings of the heart. It is from love that we have the greater understanding of the beauty that is around us, we are able to see a mother caring for her child, the abundant nature of the wonderful planet we live in, we can see a smile, a hug. They are acts so simple, but that devoid of love, we do not observe.

When we leave the feeling of the heart we see corruption, greed, which is seen as a social rule, we enter the competition for being better, for success and for everything that nourishes the ego. We forget love and fall into the matrix of social behavior that leads us to moral vices, which bind us to our own selfishness and that will once again lead to suffering.

But in love, we have a compassionate look, we are anchored in our heart, which shows us the truth. And the greater truth is not the evil of the human being, the egoism, the greed, but the search for the inner fulfillment that only the love brings, the charity of the soul. It is a filling that comes from the essence, from the soul, that radiates when we leave the model of life imposed by society and anchor the love of our heart. Then we understand that what we see are acts caused by fear, by the suffering of lives, that makes us mental beings that move away from the love of God. For the search of every human being is for the fulfillment of love.

How many masters were on earth and were only able to anchor their purpose from love, leaving a legacy to the planet, to humanity. No master, beloved ones, who used a physical body, returned to the original state if not working to the collective. Analyze the life of Jesus, Mary, John the Baptist, Confucius, El Morya, Francis Xavier, among many others, and realize that everyone left a legacy of love. This shows them something, beloved ones: there is no lifting out of love and compassion, without leaving something to the planet that represents an act of love.

All the knowledge of the universe does not replace love, for it opens us to the heart, and from that feeling, which represents God in all his work, we are able to have a softer, lighter life, where we cease to focus on the vices of Humanity and we are able to observe the beauty of the planet. And it is this feeling, this state of soul, to simply thank what is good in life, that opens our heart, that connects us to the subtler states of consciousness and takes us out of the collective matter of suffering.

For, beloved, all mankind was conceived upon this matrix, and when we fight it by focusing on what we do not accept and do not like, we are actually feeding that matrix, and making it even stronger. But otherwise, when we simply take focus by opening ourselves to the love of our heart, it vanishes like dust in the air. The old matrix is ​​not based on love, so she fears this feeling so sublime. And for fear of love, humanity leads to fear, to revenge, to competition, because it is these feelings that feed it. But if we learn to love from the heart, we detach ourselves from all this and connect ourselves to something bigger, much greater: The love of God.

The door to feeling the love of God is our own love, and it is he who frees us and allows us to teach how to be on the planet without feeding what keeps humanity in a state of servitude. As we love, we teach the force of love, we leave a legacy to the planet, and that's what the masters did, they learned to love and then they freed themselves leaving the trail of light for others to do.

These Great Masters, whom you magnify in order to worship them as superior, were as small as a grain of sand. To show you that all are great before the oneness that is God.

They came, all manifested in a small way, to show you what it is to live in a free and true way, radiating the love that is nourished by faith and trust in God.

They showed the way to be followed. And this way, is the road that you yourselves will continue to build, from the love that you cultivate in your hearts.

Every seed planted, every cherished pain, every tear transformed into a smile, you build the road of mastery in your history, and that will bring the planetary ascent.

Ascension, beloved children, is not something impossible to achieve as you think. But it is only a state of acceptance of their own lives, when they put aside that incessant search to try to be what they are not. Accepting the experiences in the way they are presented and then realizing that it must be so that the lives of each one of you are perfectly constructed.

By accepting lives as they are, and radiating love as gratitude, you will see the focus of light shine within your hearts, which will illuminate the ways of all around you. You are the ones who will bring the stones to build the road of light that is the planetary ascent, children.

The Great Masters, who come to you as Avatars to manifest charity and love, are only representations of yourself. Come to show you your true essences.

Only one avatar will not be enough to transform the planet, but rather an avatar can show you how the road must be trod so that you can be the saviors themselves.

Therefore, children, the thought they cultivate of worship, of waiting for the savior, is illusory. The only reality, children, is to accept that you are the saviors. You are the saviors of the planet and the materializers of the New Age. Through so many who have come to show the way, you have learned how the road to the light must be trod.

Do not fear, do not remain cultivating the feeling that everything will be solved by someone other than yourselves. Well you are the protagonists of this story.

Children, as a sign of thanks to the masters, who do not seek praises and donations, only seek to follow in their footsteps, towards individual and planetary ascension. For after all, you are capable, as you have been shown in so many episodes of history.

You are the transformers of the New Age. This New Age will not be governed by masters who will come to save you, but by yourselves, who have conquered the state of mastery with gratitude and peace, with love and faith. Overcoming the fear and barriers of the ego.

Unite in one nation. Unite in the name of love and the planet. Be the protagonists of your own stories. Vibrem the banner of peace and brotherhood. Vibrem the flag of love and light. Vibrem the banner of truth and courage. Vibrem the flag of the Union, for you as One, shine so intensely and so powerfully that you would be able to radiate love to so many other planets. You, children, are the principal agents of planetary transformation. And they are here to recover what belongs to you, to reclaim your own truths through surrender to love and charity.

You will win every battle against your own fear.

What you can observe as suffering, as punishment, is really just yourself, your true identities, imprisoned within the ego and fear, seeking to manifest in every way and outward to yourself. You are struggling only with fear, which you have created out of a life of restraint and control. But that can only be removed by each of you, from the inner gaze and acceptance of the truth.

This truth, children, is individual, each one finds himself in the perfect moment, in the perfect hour, after having lived all the experiences of matter, plunged in suffering and pain, when the Inner Self no longer supports being masked by the ego and for fear. In this way he shines through his own mental barriers, like a phoenix to be reborn from the ashes of illusion they have created. The resplendent Being is reborn as a Phoenix to be a powerful transforming agent of life itself and also the lives of so many others who are part of their journey, to be one more who will plant seeds of the New Age.

The truth will set you free, and love will keep you in unity with God.

Follow my children in peace.

Saint Germain

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini – Mar 20, 2017.