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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The manifestations of Envy - Father José from Aruanda

Hail, children! Save the people of Aruanda! Save Peace and Transformation and also the Star Seeds! Hihihi

The children must be thinking: Ah! But this old man is nosy! Or rather: Oh !!!!!


The children have forgotten what life is like ... they have forgotten that life is the union of the whole, Unity.

The children receive so many messages from ascended masters, but when it comes to putting them into practice, have come the old black here to remind the children that life is the Oneness.

Then, once two friends, who loved each other very much, separated themselves so that each one could follow the life of light and love. Each one follow their soul purpose. Then each one blesses his long walk friend and says: Go in faith and in peace, son!

But that little bit of nostalgia stays, right, children? That longing that only children who have had real friends know what it feels like. But the children did not take care that life is made of experiences. And that separation is only temporary, is not it, children.

Envy, children, comes only from the manifestation of the ego, and for this, children, it is necessary to have attachment.

The old father has come here to show you the seven sins, have not you come, children? Did you study the lesson?

The children say that they do not envy, but they do not have children. What the children have is longing. Children are gossiping about the life of the friend behind, to know what he is doing, whether he is well, or whether he needs help. Is that tightness in the chest, right sons? You put your guard down thinking you are protected. But in these comings and goings of emotion of sadness, you just let the ego manifest, children.

It's at that moment, children, that envy knocks, right? The envy that you think is that negative thing, of badness, but that in fact it is only the observation of the life of the other and wanting to be part of it. Wanting to be part of the other's life should not be a manifestation of love and unity, children?

So you just have to look at the experiences that present themselves before you, children, and always perceive as an opportunity for unity, learning and evolution.

For, children, nothing is left alone in this life. You are all one. You are the planet.

And envy, children, is only the manifestation of the ego, which tries to deceive you, who think you are following the path of unity. But you can put that thought away with the straw broom. Out over there!

The son who sees the one who has gone, to follow the path of light to which he came in this life, becomes sad and lonely, remembering the longing. But forget that there is no separation, no children. It is like a father and a mother who sees the child marry and leave the house, right, children? This father and mother see this and think: Oh how I wanted to be with this son in this new journey of life!

And the son goes there and visits the father and the mother, brings them together, to close, to participate in this new life. But always keeping the freedom that each one has to follow his own walk, does not he, children?

The father wants to see the thread go walking through life, bless, and love. And that son who is gone, so often sees that father who stayed there alone at home with his mother, or just lonely. And bless also. He's gossiping about that father's life to see if he's okay.

And that's the exchange of love, is not it, children? Just the exchange of love.

And when does it become envy, children? It turns out it's not envious, children. For envy is the manifestation of the ego, born of attachment, of wanting what the other has in children. And how does the son who drops everything and leaves behind can have some attachment, eh children?

He has no attachment, and therefore he is not envious. You only have the homesickness. The longing for that father who was there behind, and that the son wanted to carry together in his lap for all eternity, with much love. But that the son has to leave behind, respecting and accepting that each one has its road to tread of learning and wisdom. And that an hour comes that each one goes his way.

The father and mother who remained behind, and the son did not carry, were not taken to their son's new home. But they lived in his son's heart forever.

So, children. Let there be envy, for this word does not exist between father and son. The father and the son love each other. And envy has no abode there in the heart.

Hail, children!

Father José from Aruanda

Messenger: Michele Martini - March 14, 2017